Saturday, March 31, 2007

Entry for March 31, 2007


Very lazy this week, got little done. Have to try to do better this weekend. I have several stands of light mortars almost finished, I need to get them touched-up and given their washes and then standed. Still, platoon #4 needs only one more rifle stand, a Command stand and it's three 2-man stands of light mortars and it's finished. Platoons #2 & #3 need all their stands done. But then, THE BLOODY INFANTRY IS FINISHED!! The rest is alot easier to do. I also need to light a fire and finish the Mahdist's and get the Brit's underway. They will be really easy to do in blocks, uniforms grey serge, bluff on the helmets & some straps, black shoes.
Then it's time to play!

From that gentleman, Warpainter, who does such great FoW stuff he sells on e-bay, I got a "how-to" on cutting bases. Could have gotten the info & tool cheaper I'm sure, but it does show you how and it's not that hard to cut your own bases out of plastic stock. You could even cut your own FoW bases as well. As long as they are the proper size, having the beveling on the base edge doesn't matter. And for cutting bases for something like DBA/DBM, you could cut what you need in a hour or two.


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