Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Entry for April 24, 2007

3 stands more done - I have put on sticks, primed and painted the uniforms on the last of my infantry! I just need to paint the leather, canvas and guns, touch-ups, and then it's off to the washes and bases and DONE! I have laid out the artillery (figures, bases, etc.) and my heavy mortars so I can file and attach to sticks. I also removed the floats from my Zero float plane (1/144th scale by Kaiyodo) to make it as a objective marker. The floats came off easily and I took a chance and sawed open the canopy to remove the pilot figure. I believe I will have to leave the wings intact as the feel solid and breaking one off (as could happen in a crash) it wouldn't look good. I can either put the cut canopy piece off to one side or just leave it off. It's not wide enough to put on as if the canopy was opened. Should look good when I'm done. I need another objective maker for my Japanese...may be a destroyed Sherman??? And the surrendering British!

The Blacktree LOTR Fellowship figures look great and I am very happy with the paint jobs. I'll take photos when finished. Then it's on to the Games Workshop Fellowship figures!!!
One thing I need to remember is to get back on to the figures I'm paint up to have Tim sell. After the Japanese, I believe it's a 28mm project. I want to paint large figures again, even tho I still need to finish my Colonial 15mm stuff. That should be easy....


Friday, April 20, 2007

Entry for April 20, 2007

Well, three more bases almost done. And like 15 more sticks of infantry primed, base coated and the uniform painted. Some of these Old Glory tho, have serious issues. I mean, mold lines, just a general bad casting, etc. Might finish out the last of the infantry with Peter Pig if I need to, and I'm going to check and see before I got toBrookhurst.

Also getting my paints squared away. I'll use GW for everything I don't need Vallejo for, ie. military uniform colors, etc. Everything else will be GW paints, it makes it all easier to store, etc. And as a lot of the paint schemes I use/follow are based on GW paints...

Having fun painting my Blacktree "Fellowship" LOTR figures as a break from Japanese. They are getting done quickly and the fun of painting them helps me cope with what seems endless infantry figures.But that phase is coming to a close so I need to get the rest underway. Artillery first I believe, then Hv Mortars and the HMG's. After that, whatever's left. I think I'll get some tanks as well, just for fun in the near future.

After the Japanese are finished? What projects await!?! Necrom Monolith, Necron C'tan Nightbringer, wreaked shuttle....


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Entry for April 10, 2007

Tim, as they call him, says "The End is near!" For me as well, the end is in sight, at least for my infantry. 2 of the 4 Platoons are full finished and all the 2 man stands of Light Mortars for every platoon are finished. Platoons #2 & #3 are the last. Some of the stands for #2 & #3 are done, so I need 18 more stands and all the infantry is finished. Sounds like a lot but it isn't. I just need tyo get the figures on the stick, primed and get going!

Half my HMG's are done, I want to jazz up the last two stands. Then 4 stands of artillery and the AA guns and just about the whole list. I can do up the snipers and tank hunters at my leasure, but I won't. I'll keep working on that till I'm done as well, but my Japanese will be in a playable state by then.

The game on Sunday (April 8th) at Mark's with John was a blast from the past. His micro-armor game is easy to pick up on and we just played to the last tank. I'm sure he went easy on us noobs but future games should be alot of fun, like the micro-armor games of old. Darn it tho, I forgot my camera!