Monday, February 26, 2007

Entry for February 26, 2007

Back to the Japanese FoW grindstone today! I also need to take photos of the little buggers and send them to Tim, as per his request. Have to see Harold this week and get passports for our cruise. Busy week this week. I also need to to get the only supplement for Legends of the Old West I don't have. Need to get those Colonials done! I'm a busy man so it's off to bed!


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Entry for February 20, 2007

And now Orccon 2007 is over. No, I didn't get all my Japanese finished but I am still working on them and will get them finish ASAP, as well as my Colonials. Off to Tim's this Friday I believe..
Not 100% happy with the NUTS! game, but all those that played said they had a great time, so whether I liked how it went isn't that important I guess. I would have done it a little bit differently, but hey, it's Bruce's mat, figures, scenario so he gets to run it his way. Difference of gaming philosophy at work here. Both the Saturday and Sunday games ran till the cow's came home but the players (all of them Saturday and most Sunday) made it to the end. And thus was the threat of the 88mm AT gun ended!

Picked up Warhammer Historical's "Legends of the Old West" and a couple of the supplements. Great Wild West game based on the LOTR system and can be used for French & Indian, ACW, WoI, etc. I'm going to put it on the "ideas" list for future consideration. Could be used for space as well, just replace armor saves with adds to Toughness, Light Armor +1 and Heavy Armor +2, Powered Armor +3, etc .


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Entry for February 13, 2007

Still trying but I think I'm not going to get real close to finishing my entire Japanese Force by the Con. I got more medium bases from Tim to work with but life is getting in the way. Denise was off work today (some President's birthday) but she broke a tooth! Looks like an tooth with a really old filling gave up the ghost. Being a Monday (plus a holiday), the dentist wasn't in and didn't respond to a emergency page message. So maybe tomorrow she can get it taken care of.

Still, I have got to go to the grocery store tomorrow but then it's back to the garage for more figures to file & get ready for priming. Some stuff is ready to be based and so it will be done! Not slowing down on this. If not by the Con then soon thereafter. to bed

PS - Screenshot from CoD2 above.

Entry for February 13, 2007

As Tim, so he is called, said In his blog it is coming down to the wire. As he does his stuff different, he has more stuff based and I have more completed bases, as far as infantry goes. Tomorrow I will have 3 more stands spray flated and finished with two more in short order!
So it's back to them tomorrow and I have to get the wall signs ready for our NUTS! game at the Con. I need to get whatever I am going to take and sell ready to go.

Bummer yesterday as Denise broke a tooth! One of her teeth with a really old filing gave up the ghost at lunch and today she went to the dentist and got it worked on. After much muss & fuss, a temporary crown and next appointment, a root canal and a crown. I sympathize as I have had 3 such operations in my life. Still it really hurts and is not fun, the day before Valentine's Day I guess we'll make it up later...

Also need to get my completed bases in order (2x Rife + 2x Rifle/MG) per squad to see where I'm at. I might have a platoon fully finished, so STAY TUNED!


Thursday, February 8, 2007

Entry for February 08, 2007

Brookhurst doesn't have any more medium FoW bases & I'm down to my last 4! So I guess it's time to work on the Command stands and artillery when I use them up. They said maybe the middle of next week, which would be just before the Con. Currently I have 6 infantry stands and 2 Command Stands done and will have one HMG stand done by Saturday. Tomorrow I can get 1-2 more infantry stands based. I can also get more figures ready on painting sticks and primed and ready to be based. At least one good bit of news is that it's not too hard to cut the damn " good luck" flags off the rifle on some of the infantry as too many of the figures were sculpted with it. I mixed some of the Tamyia Flat Earth paint with the remains of the Vallejo basing putty and that's working very well. I was worried that the Tamyia paint, which dries REALLY quickly, would dry out even when mixed with the basing material in a sealed container. But it didn't and that idea is working to make it quicker & easier to base my Japanese.

I'm also getting more Mahdists done and then can start on the British right after and have at least that gaming project finished . Actually not finished per I just built the example list given in the rules and can still do more units that can be bought in later games. So of course I will need Madhist arty, cavalry and more Brit cavalry and Camel corps.

This Sunday it looks like DBM at Mark's with Dave and Tim. Should be fun. May rain tomorrow and as I'm going to Tim's in the afternoon, could be a problem. We'll see...


Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Entry for February 07, 2007

So the boggy banquet at Johnny Reb's has come & gone and was great as usual. Today WAS going to get more done but Karen's kids came by as they had forgotten their keys so I let them in. Ended up being their awhile, as Ian picked my brain about gaming ideas and Ciorstan wanted to show me the artwork she had done so far and ask my opinion on it. She's become as good artist in pencils and arcylics but she is trying too hard to get it right in one go. Told her it takes time to learn to get it right. She had problems she said with the skin and hair color so I told her I have had problems as well. Takes time...

So I posting this after midnight I'm now 50.....BFD. Doesn't get the figures done so I have to get on the stick so it's off to bed and be a paintin' fool tomorrow! I have ONE, count it ONE squad done so far... frakkin' infantry....


Sunday, February 4, 2007

Entry for February 04, 2007

OK - Looks like Tim (as he is called by many) is on a roll so I had best get a MOVE ON! I have to get my infantry organized in a platoon/Squad/team set up in order to get a handle on things. I have only two Command stands and ONE rifle team stand done....MUST WORK FASTER!

Denise will be out & about with Karen today (due to the time this is being written-1am) so I can paint all day till she returns in the evening. Then it's off to Johnny Reb's for beer & beef ribs!!!

So TTFN as it's ZZ's time!