Monday, November 14, 2011

HMGS game at the Muzeo

   OK - I posted the last draft I had done, now onward! An Italian L3/33 tankette, found in Iraq I believe. Normally it was armed with twin 8mm MG's. What a small vehicle!!!

Some were modified as shown with a Solothrum 20mm anti-tank rifle.
   In the new Early War Flames of War book the Italians can have one of 5 in platoon modified with this anti-tank rifle. I have 5 almost finished armed with the twin 8mm MG's. The one with the ATR I need to modify as the gun that the tankette model comes with is too soft a metal and bends way too easily. A small wire should work, with the mantlet done in green stuff.

   On Saturday, November 12th, I did a demo game for HMGS at the Muzeo museum in Anaheim in conjunction with their Victorian Art and Steampunk presentation's. I ran a "The Sword and the Flame" game using a scenario I had ran before, "The Zariba" (taken from the 1939 The Four Feathers movie.)

The players split the cavalry unit (12 figures) into two 6 figure units (one with the Sergeant the other with the Lieutenant) in order to better deal with the Dervish....
   As you can see however, the Dervish doubled up on one of the units to try to crush it in melee. All the photos taken can be seen at:
   It ended up that the British and Dervish were both badly mauled but, as can be seen in the last photo on Photobucket, that the Dervish still had a unit of riflemen still relatively intact. If the game had continued and the Dervish Fire Phase was a good one, it would have been all over for the British but still a "Phyrric Victory" for the Dervish as most of their units were routing and under 50%. Also the casualty rate among the Sheik's was high and the British lost their overall Commanderas well.  Lots of people came by and checked it out, took flyers about HMGS and loved it. Many compliment's on my paint jobs and board (blush).  I might run another game next month...have to think about it.

   Also my Dervish tried to escape just before set-up....both boxes took a header and some spears and shields came off. Have to fix that up. I also need to check on the number of figures, I think a couple of the disappeared into the Muzeo after the boxes hit the floor.


It's been WAY....Tooo...Long!

Ok - it's been a while since I have put anything up.  So let's see....

Mid-War FoW Italian Light Tanks-L6/40's are done!

   So that's out of the way. The Gondorian Rangers are finished (HUZZAH!) as well as Beregond (Black Tree Figure) and Gandalf the White (GW) and Pippin in his Gondorian outfit (GW). I should post some photos I guess. I have also been adding a magnetic base to my LOTR figires in order to carry them easier in a plastic tray with a lid. I just attached a sheet of metal to the bottom of the tray for they to stick to.

   Still working on my WAB Saxon army but not a lot right now. Need to kick it into gear. Need to finish my Dervish re-basing project. Also working on Italian CV 3/33 tankettes