Sunday, January 23, 2011

From the Workbench

It's the new Year (2011) and things on on the move at last, after the Holiday Season! The first of my Saxon Sea Raider WarHammer Ancients Battles forces are finished. Yes, just some skirmishers but it is a start!

Skirmishers - Slingers
In a group and the bases look good!

Looking good from above as well

The first of my Gerdriht (pronounced "Yedrict") my Warlords hearthguard

3 more, almost ready for "THE DIP"!

Leader types - Standard bearers and musicians under way as well

ZOMBIES! Trying to finish another project

Just something I am doing for the heck of it, they are almost ready for "THE DIP"

15mm Dervish Camels for "Patrols in the Sudan 1885"

These figures are done, by the way
With finishing those stands of camels, I have one unit of them ready to play, if I want more I can make 4 more units, of up to 8 stands (counting the leaders stand) each. That would be if I wanted to field a Dervish "camel" force. I can use up to 2 units with an infantry force.
The Saxons I have should be done soon, but the order I place with Gripping Beast in the UK should still take a couple of weeks more, at least, to show up. These would be the rest of my skirmishers and my Geoguth (pronounced "Yoo-guth") who are the young, unarmored (except for a shield) men of my forces. I also plan to get some mounted troops to use when I play my forces as one of the Saxon Kingdoms armies, not as a Sea Raider force.
The Zombies were for the fun of it, not sure what I may do with them, keep or sell. Still, a fun little side project to try something different.
I tried to have another play test of my scenario for the Strategicon in February at the HMGS day at Aero Hobbies in January but it was a bust. Still, I had the terrain set up and some people playing "Warmachine" used it and had fun with it.
I am almost finished with a unit of British Naval Infantry for use with "The Sword and the Flame" and I should post photos soon. I have finished re-basing my Dervish Riflemen and now have a full unit (20) and one half-sized unit (10) ready. I have a unit of dervish, I believe sword armed (?) that now need to be re-based on 25mm rounds (the square bases have been removed). I also need to finish that batch of 15mm ACW figures for Dave. I am in contact now with someone who would like me to paint some Napoleonic 15mm figures for him for $$. Once I have finished Dave's, I might have a project slot free for him.