Friday, December 14, 2007

Entry for December 14, 2007

Quick entry...

After a quick check of things, using "A Sky Full of Ships" as opposed to "Full Thrust".

2 Reasons:
Star Trek TOS included in lists on other websites

The rules are still in some use. There is a YAHOO site and the full set of rules was just done in 2006. 80% of the "Full Thrust" sites are DOWN!

After getting the rules via download (and spending a whole $7.50) I printed them ad they are quick, easy and good to use. They are about the same as the rules set I used at one of the Cons some years ago. Then I used the Galactic Knight & DLD ship.s This time my Star trek TOS ones. And I can use more of the "GK" ships, if I get more of them to play with. Just have to read the rules, and move the ships around a bit to get the feel back.

Maybe this weekend, I can use Tim & Harold as "guinea pigs" ...errr...playtesters!


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Entry for December 11, 2007

So it appears than PLAN B, Full Thrust Star Trek TOS will be the battle plan. I have everything I need all most 100% ready to go. I have 7 Klingon D-7 's ready, many smaller frigates and 4 Federation Constitiution class ships ready, with 2 more that I could get ready very quicky. I also have 6 Federation Scout/DD ships as well. The scenario I just borrow from the one I did several years ago at a Con. Federation spacedock under attack by the Klingons. Feds defend, Klingons attack. I also found 2 Galactic Knight Terran Super-dreadnoughts and 2 Terran Attack carrier models. Need to see what else I have of other Galactic Knight races in that big blue plastic storage box....

I will order the figures for "TEMPLE" as well so as to have it ready for another Con and just general game-play. I am also going to Tim's tomorrow (hopefully with Mr. Harold) to work on my Colonials, the mass flesh painting on the Fuzzy-Wuzzies and some more priming of newly based figures.


Friday, December 7, 2007

Entry for December 07, 2007

OK - Time for battle plan!

For the Con, I'm getting what I need to "The Temple of Caltiki" and see if I can get it ready enough by the end of the year.

If not, fall back on doing "Full Thrust" Star Trek TOS and send the info to Jose. I doubt, but it is possible, I could also have enough of my Colonial stuff ready to go. So I have 2 fall back plans, one I already have enough stuff (FT-ST TOS), Plan B and a "maybe" Plan C, if Plan A, The Temple falls through, which, give the time left is highly possible. A "Plan D" could be FoW Desert as well. We all have enough stuff and the boards, if they work, will be ready by then.
I've ordered the natives from the War Web I want and just have to figure what I want from "Pulp Miniatures" and order those.

Having another desert FoW game on Saturday with Tim, Mark & Harold. This time the Axis attack and the Allies defend.


Entry for December 20, 2007

Got to use Tim & Harold as playtesters on Saturday (12/15) and did 2 quick games, one using "A Sky Full of Ships" and the 2nd with "Full Thrust". FT was declared the winning, found to be more fun to play and the ships stats were less generic than ASFoS. So FT it is. I also have sent in the write-up to Jose for the Con and have the ships sheets done. All that remains is to do up a sheet for the Space Dock and get some grease pencils. Future FT projects will use the Galactic Knight ships I currently have, with more as needed to fill out the fleets.

I have also gotten all my figs for the "Temple of Caltiki" project. They are in a box, awaiting my pleasure. My Fuzzy-Wuuzies are all standed, based, primed and have flesh painted. Next is a black wash on the skin and painting their clothes. I have to count the number of spear I need and get that underway (spear manufacturing). My British are all most all standed, but not quite. I am very disappointed in the Perry Miniatures Sudan British. Well sculpted, but not well cast. A bit more venting, flash and rough spots that I would have expected from them. They also are not sculpted for easy casting as a figure (IMHO). I may get Castaway Brits (from Australia) in the future. I have not such complaints however, on the Fuzzy-Wuzzies so far. They have been very nice.