Friday, March 13, 2009

Entry for March 13, 2009

All the Old Glory Ansar swordsman are finished! Taa Daa! The last 9 Perry British are almost finished. The test model I did using Buff on the straps that I used to paint white, then stain with "Flesh Wash". The "Flesh Wash" on the Buff looks better. So in the future that's how I will paint them. The 25mm OG Egyptians are all filed, attached to bases and primed (Grey). They are next, to take a break from painting Ansar. When they are finished then I'll do the OG Ansar spearmen.
My FoW Italian Demolisher platoon is almost finished. I need to give them a touch-up paint job on rifles, etc. give them a black/brown wash and a final touch-up (uniform, flesh, whatever). The it's on to basing them! AVANTI SAVOIA! Then, FoW wise, my L6/40's & Semovente 47's.
The 15mm Peter Pig Egyptian infantry are filed, mounted on sticks and primed. Next is double checking the 15mm OG Egyptians to see if I am going to use them. The bayonets on the figures and poorly cases and can bend/break off easily. But I have them (30 figures) and LOTS of them. I also need to file and attach to sticks the Command figures.
The Egyptian figures will be VERY easy, as the infantry uniforms are white, with a red fez and black belts & shoes. Officers & artillery crew are in a dark blue uniform, red fez, black belts & equipment. A nice break from white with patches...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Entry for March 03, 2009

Ansar swordsmen are 95% finished. 4-5 figures need "basing" and 4 more need some paint (patches, etc.) The rest are done (spray flat coated 10 figures today). Then it is on to doing Egyptians in 15mm & 25mm. The uniform is very simple, white with black leather and red fez, so doing both sizes at once makes sense.

15mm UPDATE....
Resumed work on my FoW Italian Demolisher Platoon. Finished webbing and rifle stocks. Then I need to paint metal on the rifles, touch-up flesh on the figures and then touch-up the uniform color. After that, they all get a wash (black or black/brown). Then it's off to basing them, spray flat coat and they are DONE!! Next on the FoW Semovente 47/32's and my L6/40 Light Tanks, which I started assembling some time earlier.

Photo from 3/1/2009 FoW game at Aero Hobbies-The AB 41 that would not die (easily!) It survived 2 Bazooka hits!