Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Entry for December 17, 2008

Now that Thanksgiving is over, and I've gotten over the gribblies (and the loss of my cat Sara has gotten better), I've been getting stuff done. My German PaK 38 5.0cm ATG's are almost finished. I did the basing today, and hopefully it will dry and harden by tomorrow. With the very cold & rainy weather of the last 2 days, paint, glue, etc. doesn't like to work well as the temperature's are really low, more so in the evenings. The heater just doesn't help when the night time temp gets down into the 40's.

The nest FoW project will be doing my Italian L6/40 light tanks and Semonvente 47/32's. As the paint job is the same for both, doing them together is the proper thing to do.
My 15mm Colonials are in high gear, painting more Fuzzy-Wuzzies and British Officers to get what I have in shape to play with. Hopefully I can play a game of PITS (Patrols in theSudan 1882) with Harold on Friday. Tried to have a game last Sunday but Denise was sick, so I thought it might not be good for Harold to come by.

I am working on my 28mm figs as well, a group of British Infantry right now. I also have a set of 3 mounted Amirs to do as well.


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Entry for November 13, 2008

In Memory of

Normally I talk about gaming, etc, here. Today, my wife and I had to put one of our cats, Sarah, to sleep today. We had her for 13 years, and she was 2 years old when we got her from the Animal Shelter. She was a great cat, watched the house very well and let us know if she saw something in the backyard, growled whenever someone knocked at the door or rang the doorbell. I called her "Chow Hound" as she always appeared when a can was opened, making a sandwhich, etc. to see if it was something she wanted a taste of, even if it turned out I was making a peanut butter & jelly sandwich.

She was a "daddies girl" and loved to see what I was up to. She hated it when I went out into the garage to paint and was always trying to get out there. So many memories, it's hard to write about them all. But old age caught up to her at last, and she was having kitty Alzheimer at the end, with behavior problems making her quality of life so bad that we had to do what we had to do.... This is the part of pet ownership they don't always tell you about.

She will be missed and I'll look for her everytime I use the can opener or make a ham sandwich...when the doorbell rings....or use a flashlight (she loved to chase the light)


Saturday, November 8, 2008

Entry for November 08, 2008

It's been WAY TOO LONG so here is a progress report...

The 2nd platoon of m13/41's are finished. 4 of the 5 are flat finished and need a foam tray home. The 5th, with a commander in the hatch needs it's black & brown washes, then it's flat finish and it's done. The 15mm British transport mules & handlers are almost finished. I applied the Liqutex & fine sand to the bases today and then it just needs to be painted, flat finished and they are done!

Next in line for 15mm figures are my German allies with their PAK 38 ATG's, to help buff up my Italians. In the 28mm range, more British soldiers await me, primed and ready to go. Ansar with swords (approx 28) are based and black primed. My 30 Ansar with spears are still in their bag. My 15mm Egyptians also await...

Monday, October 13, 2008

Entry for October 13, 2008

On Gribblees & Bunny's


Had the Gribblees the last few days, have not gotten much painting done. I have simply too many projects open & underway at once, i.e. the following:

FoW German Allies Tanks (80% done)

Basti (70% complete) for my Wargod's army
Heavy Infantry Unit (part of Late Roman Army to sell on e-bay w/Tim-50% done)
Extra stuff for my 15mm PITS 1885 army (Finishing Supply mules but have lots more stuff-Egyptians, etc.)
Extra Italian Tanks so I can field a Campagnia Carri (Tank Company (60% done)
More Ansar (approx 60) & British in 28mm for TS&TF

The Basti are going into hibernation. I might put the Romans into hibernation for now as well. So now to prioritize....

Get the German Tanks finished
Get the Italian Tanks finished
Re-start work on 28mm Colonial OR....
Re-started work on 15mm Colonial
Pick something else I need for my Italian Army (88's. German ATG, etc.) and get it done, ONE THING AT A TIME!

THAT'S IT, no more at this time.


Put on the Anti-Bunny glasses! Anti-Bunny Shield on FULL! Maybe read up on a subject, but NO MORE FIGURES at this time on any new Bunny's! PERIOD! No Bunny's for that matter... my WGADD (Wargamers Attention Deficit Disorder). Concentrate on FoW and Colonial at this time.


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Entry for September 16, 2008

Quick Up-Date….

Some time has past and Strategicon (Gateway 2008) has come & gone. VERY quiet Con as the parking structure is being replaced and that was started at the last moment (i.e. just before the convention) but I had a good time just slumming this Con and playing games as opposed to running one. The Friday night FoW game with Keith, Adam and Tim was great. Yes, the flank my Italians were holding finally fell apart, but it was because the platoons were shot to pieces and the last stand broke of each broke. Watched a great ACW game Saturday and played a AWI game Adam ran on Sunday using the "Patriots & Loyalists" rules. Mark also played in that game till he had to leave.

Played a game with Harold a couple of days ago using a free “quick” rules for British vs. Zulus from Battlegames Magazine. Lots of fun and have to try again with my Fuzzy-wuzzies. Tomorrow I a lot of e-bay stuff to mail, as the auctions I’m doing for Mr. Tim just ended. Lots of foreign buyers, spending a lots of $$. More $$ for him and me. Also have to get back to painting, which has been sporatic of late.


Friday, August 22, 2008

Entry for August 22, 2008

The ACW game on Sunday went very, very well. Mark played the Union and Dave the Reb's while I played host, rules arbitrator, found stuff to mark unit status, etc. Started about 1pm'ish and ended after 8 full turns at 6:30pm. The Union won, keeping the Confederates from the crossroads. Have to do it again soon.

***28mm TS&TF***

Got my last Old Glory batch of Dervishes from The War Web. 90 (sword & spear) plus Command figures and wounded & dead British (wrong uniform-1879 Zulu War) but they are cheaper than Perry Brothers and what the heck. So it's Dervish painting time real soon now. The bulk of my British are done. Nice thing about the Dervish is they are easy to paint, as long as I don't go crazy painting on the patches on the robes.

***15mm PITS 1885***

They are done. I have painted all the forces on my current list so I can play anytime. I have lots more I can paint up & add at my leisure, including a whole big bunch of Egyptians. The supply mules carrying the Gardner guns are not finished, but I can still have a game.
Off to bed soon, it's GW Gamesday tomorrow!!!!


Friday, August 15, 2008

Entry for August 15, 2008

My List of Things to Finish (in no particular order):

Finish the last of my 28mm Colonial British
Paint up the last of my FZ's & Ansar (which are on the way from War Web)
Pack mules for 15mm British for PITS (otherwise ready to play)
Finish Basti for WarGods of AEgyptus
Paint last of my WarGods Warband-Sebeki
Finish Fow Italian & German Allies Tanks
Re-start painting on Roman Army to sell on e-bay
Do up my Italian 88mm ATG's
Do up my Italian Pioneer Platoons
Assemble & paint my Italian aircraft for FoW

I also have a lot of 15mm Colonial I could add to my forces at a later time, such as Egyptians. There is terrain I need to do. It appears I have a mission!

As far the gaming Con goes, this time round I'm going just to play. Sounds strange, but as Bruce isn't able to attend plus I have nothing ready at this late date.

his coming Sunday, Dave wanted to have a game, of something historical, in honor of his birthday. It could be ACW, but we will see.


Monday, July 21, 2008

Entry for July 21, 2008

Star Wars...Nothing but Star Wars!"

A couple of weeks ago I found on the TMP a link to some simplified Full Thrust rules for Star Wars universe using the WOTC miniatures. They are simple, easy and use a peg board for the ships making marking damage and movement very simple. After running after this bunny and spending approximately $300.00 on the pre-painted minis (which made things easy but the fact they are "collectable" minis makes the price very high on some of them) and ordering the space matt they used in the rules (which was run at 2007 Historicon) I am now working on the ship peg boards in between working on colonial figs. I should have things ready to go in a week or 2. I had to order the colored plastic rods to cut for the pegs (Lite Brite pieces don't work as you can't just order a couple of colors of them ) and I am working on the ship sheets. It's a good side project that doesn't involve painting ANYTHING!!!! The ship sheet I just have to print, glue to foam card and punch the peg holes. Fighter sheets just need to be numbered, printed glued, etc.

Back to the painting table tomorrow........British Infantry await......


Saturday, July 5, 2008

Well, the 4th of July has come & gone and I had a BBQ & fireworks party here, and got a fair amount of people to show. Tim & Lynda, Hugh & Janice, Mark, The Williams, Mary & Steve, Steve Allen , Harold, his son Byron and Genie & her sister. Far too much food, LOTS of fireworks and I believe a grand time was had by all. Got so good photos of us all, having to delete only 1 photo of Mark being a dork while the picture was taken.Been a long time (far too long IMHO) since we all get together for a BBQ or the like.

*** The Sword and the Flame 28mm***

Almost finished my first batch of British, I have to paint the base then clear coat and they are done! Then start another batch of 6-8.

*** Patrols in the Sudan 15mm***

The Naval Riflemen and Nordenfeld gun crews are just about finished, which I believe finishes my current list of forces and we can play! I have some Egyptians, but I'll start on them later. I have other figures (Wargods, etc.) on my painting desk to finish.


Friday, June 20, 2008

Entry for June 20, 2008

A quick update.....

***28mm TS&TF***

The Madhists are finished. The Banner bearers are done as well the musician's (drums). The first batch of British will be finished very soon. a sample of OG British are on the way, I found that OG had British other than Zulu period British, from the Boer War. If useable, they are cheaper than the Perry minis (30 figure for $24.00 from War Web vs. War Store Perry's which are 6 for $13.99)

***15mm PITS***

Need to get back to them. The Gardner gun, crew and Naval Infantry are almost finish. That means I have all the figures for the list done. I have extra figures (British, Egyptians & Fuzzy-Wuzzies) to add to my forces. I also need to finish my dead British & Madhists markers. Oh yeah, Scouted & Jammed markers as well, but I can proxy them for now.
Also I have been getting the bulk of my figures in foam trays for easier storage & transport. Most of my LOTR figure are done, I need to do the LOTR cavalry and start getting my Sci-Fi figures in trays. But I ordered more from The War Store as getting them from Brookhurst is spotty at best. I am also ordering via the Internet more of the right type of storage boxes for the foam trays.

It's also bloody damn hot (triple digits)...and I don't want to do anything.And a rash on the left wrist isn't getting any better.....


Thursday, May 8, 2008

Entry for June 08, 2008

GAMEX 2008

Gamex 2008 has come and gone with another great game - LOTR this time. Lots of nice photos and everyone had a good time.

First batch of 28mm Perry British are almost done. Last of the Fuzzy-Wuzzies are there. The two flag bearers have been given flags as should be done ASAP! Then it's on to the rest of the British and I HAVE TO finish my 15mm...too many bunnies!


Thursday, April 24, 2008

Entry for April 24, 2008


The Mahdi of Sudan and the Death of General Gordon by Fergus Nicoll
Interest book which covers the life of the Mahdi from all sources, even his biographers, after filtering out as much of the PRO/CON of whoever is writing about him. One of the best parts of the book is the information on early life of the Mahdi and battles fought, which are for the most part ignored in other books, giving a wargamer such as myself information to use to re-fight these battles, of which there are several. The part about General Gordon is brief, as so much has been written about him by other sources and what's in the book is about the interaction of the Mahdi and Grodon's correspondence as they wrote a couple of letters to each other during the seige of Khartoum.

***The Sword and the Flame 25mm***

All the Fuzzy-Wuzzies except the 6 riflemen and the Command figures are done. Currently working on 2 batches (2 x 10 figs) of British as a charge of pace. British are easier in some ways as that "paint all the white, all the black, etc." on each figure. I have approx 30 (?) British infantry and then the Gardner Gun. Oh yeah, the 3 mounted Amirs for my Mahdists.

***Patrols in the Sudan 15mm***

Finished the 2 British Officer Command stands. Now the Naval Riflemen and the Gardner guns and everything on the list is done. Then on to he all the extras, such as Egyptian and Sudanese infantry and painting all the all Fuzzy Wuzzies Hugh gave me. With the Egyptians I can do the Egyptian Uprising in 1881.

And for those wondering about the photo, it's a Call of Duty 2.


Sunday, April 13, 2008

Entry for April 13, 2008

Just a quick post about the Flames of War Tournament I went to at Aero on Saturday <4>. I made it through all 3 rounds (it was a very HOT day in the store) and won at least one battle, the last one. And of a possible Minimum 3 / maximum 18 points, I got at least 8, maybe 9. Not bad. I had a couple of tactical mistakes, but I learned alot.

Mark made it round 2 and had to leave (too bad). Harold didn't make it even to watch. My other troops didn't do too badly, but the M13/41 tanks I need to find a better use for. Their gun isn't up to the task of dealing with American tanks, at least on front-on shots. I have the maximum amount of Semovente 75/18's SP guns I can have. HHhmmm......


Thursday, April 3, 2008

Entry for April 03, 2008


"Imperial Vanities - The Adventures of the Baker Brothers and Gordon of Khartoum" By Brian Thompson.

This book is about the entwined stores of these 3 Victorians. 2 of them were brothers, Samuel & Valentine Baker and of course Charles "Chinese" Gordon. Mostly about the Baker brothers, very much the "Gentlemen Adventurers" it is a interesting look into the events that shaped them and Gordon. The fate of Valentine Baker and Gordon were entwined in the Sudan, Samuel in Africa. Also making an appearance is Fred Burnaby, also a "Gentlemen Adventurer" in his own right, who dies at the battle of Abu Klea in 1885.

Overall an interesting book for insights into the Baker Brothers & Gordon.


A little bit more done. The 4 stands of British Foot Scouts are 90% done, and the Officer stands are 75% done. Then I need to do the Gardner Gun stands. I am also making extra Fuzzy Wuzzy stands from the figures Hugh gave me. I got some Egyptian Infantry to make later, in case I want to use them with British Officers or battles from the Egyptian Revolt in 1882.


The next to last batch of FW spearmen are 90% done. Then the Command and Riflemen. I am also working on my Tuareg Arabs from Askari. They are maybe 70% finished.


I need to put my Italians back in to work schedule. I have my 88's, finish up the DAK tanks I got from Tim, my German AT guns and the extra Italian tanks I have. Also several aircraft are whining at me. After I finish the Fuzzy Wuzzys, the Italians need to be put back in.


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Entry for March 25, 2008

Book Review!

"Operation Albion -The German Conquest of the Baltic Islands" by Michael B. Barrett
Very interesting book on a little known operation in WWI. The Germans perform a amphibious operation to invade the Baltic Islands of Osel, Dago, Moon & Worms. This operation involves German Battleships, torpedo boats, Zeppelin's, bicycle troopers. The Russians are currently suffering during a provisional government just before the Bolshevik Revolution, and army morale and willingness to fight is very low.

Well written with enough info for wargamers, I recommend it for WWI fans.

***Patrols in the Sudan 15mm***

All my Dervishes are finished (for my starter army) and the British are almost finished. I made a small boo-boo as the British units can be up to a maximum of 7 bases, PLUS the Sergeant & Officer stands. In the Dervish units the Leader stands are counted toward the maximum number of bases allowed in a unit.

I have a lot of Fuzzy-Wuzzy's in 15mm (Hugh gave me a bag of them) and I might use Old Glory for more Brits, Egyptians & Sudanese to add more bases in case I want a larger battle.

***The Sword and The Flame 25mm Figures***

Almost all of the spear armed Fuzzy-Wuzzy's are done. The next to the last batch is 80% done and then one last batch of 8 remain. Then a group of 8 rifle armed figures (do I need more riflemen ) and the Command figures, the Leaders, Drummers and flag bearers. I need to try to get better pictures of them. If I want more figures for this army I might use figures other than Perry Miniatures, such as Castaway or Old Glory (for more Dervishes, Sudanese & Egyptians).

***Flames of War***

Tim went up to a private tank museum up north (Lucky Dude) and is in a FoW mood. I need to get back to my FoW figures to pad out my Italians . I have more aircraft, 88's, and other AT guns. After I finish my 25mm Colonials, I will get back to them. Need to list what I have & need to do in what order....


I have almost eveything I need for my Therians, a couple of more types of Golgoths, a couple of Infantry types & I have enough. Time for a list....


Thursday, February 28, 2008

Entry for February 28, 2008

***28MM Sudan Up-Date***

Approximately 40 Fuzzy-Wuzzies infantry are done, with one Leader figure. About 30 more left, then 6 riflemen and Command figures (Leaders, drums & flags bearers). My painting job is good for gaming but not "Golden Demon" winners but that's OK as I'll them done a decade earlier. No "eyes" on them either. All my British (except the Gardner Gun) are currently standed and the test figure looks good. They will be easy to paint and I should have them done in short order.

***28mm Other***

Askari miniture test figure underway (Tureg). Easy to paint, Blue or Black headwear and white undershirt. Modeling of Askari figures are OK, but not great. However, they are about the only figures of the type, French Foreign Legion and their enemies.

***15mm Sudan Up-Date***

All the Dervishes I need for my list I believe are done (have to double-check!) and have gotten most of my British infantry painted. Three stands of riflemen with sargeants are almost done. Then the Gardner Guns & crew and Command (Officer) stands.

Painting the 28mm figures has helped me with the 15mm and vice versa. I need to get WGoE Basti done as they stare at me sitting on my painting bench. As well as the unit of Ancients sitting there as well.


Friday, February 1, 2008

Entry for February 01, 2008

***28mm Sudan Update***

Well things are moving along on the Fuzzy-Wuzzy front. The first batch (approx. 35 figures) are ready to be sprayed with Gloss and then with Matt - Thus are finished! Which means they are only 40 (approx) figures left, as well as the 3 mounted Emirs I just got today (back order from The War Web). Then the British are the next to be painted. I also got the last of the British I ordered last year (Bloody Perry Mini's from the UK). Those spears from The War Web helped alot, as opposed to making them myself from scratch. I'll need more of those for those Roman's I am working on to sell on e-bay.

***15mm Sudan Update***

I have also started working on my 15mm Peter Pig Sudan figures. I have to finish the British, which are very nearly done. Then check on what else I have to do in 15mm - I have some mounted figures (camels) and make some scouts. Then I am ready to play with the 15mm figs.

***AT-43 Update***

All my AT-43 figures now are marked so I know they are mine...a red "L" on the bottom and the edge has been painted with GW Codex Grey. I need some more "Red Blok" figs and the "Red Blok" army book to round out my force.


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Entry for January 16, 2008

A quick one, it's late (2am). The Fuzzy-wuzzies are coming along well and maybe a quarter of them are almost finished. I'm awaiting more stands and magnetic bases from Litko to finish basing them, as I have gone with magnetic bases for my Colonials. After the FW, it's the Britishers turn for a paint job. I'm also get a boat load of French Foreign Legion from Hugh (Askari Minis) at Orccon. Here Bunny...bunny....

The 2nd play testing of my game for the Con went very well indeed on Sunday the 13th. Tim (Feds again), Harold and Harold's son Byron (Klingon's). Klingons lost this time but it went much better and some ideas on improve the ship sheets came out which I have since done. Making a few more asteroids. I have enough ships.


Friday, January 4, 2008

Entry for January 04, 2008

Another year's 2008!

Everything is ready for the Con. I have all the ship sheets done, Space Dock is done, wall posters are done. I may or may not make a stand-up sign for the game. I can handle up to 6 players per side (12 total)! However, Ed is running a "All Things Zombie" game the same time I am, so I may/may not not get too many players running against brain-eating zombies. But at least I am more ready for the Con at a earlier date than ever before. I have everything of the "Temple of Caltiki" and plan to start on them soon, as I am well into painting my Fuzzy-Wuzzies & British right now.

Speaking of the Fuzzy-Wuzzies, painting a white on their robes I like is still difficult. However, from 2'+ away they should look fine. Right now they are getting their robes painted, then weapons & shields done. Spears are on order from Neal at the War Store, and should be here soon. Need more bases from Litko (25mm squares) I'm almost out.

Off with Kirstan to a Anime Con for the day tomorrow, then back to painting (hopefully).