Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Entry for January 16, 2008

A quick one, it's late (2am). The Fuzzy-wuzzies are coming along well and maybe a quarter of them are almost finished. I'm awaiting more stands and magnetic bases from Litko to finish basing them, as I have gone with magnetic bases for my Colonials. After the FW, it's the Britishers turn for a paint job. I'm also get a boat load of French Foreign Legion from Hugh (Askari Minis) at Orccon. Here Bunny...bunny....

The 2nd play testing of my game for the Con went very well indeed on Sunday the 13th. Tim (Feds again), Harold and Harold's son Byron (Klingon's). Klingons lost this time but it went much better and some ideas on improve the ship sheets came out which I have since done. Making a few more asteroids. I have enough ships.


Friday, January 4, 2008

Entry for January 04, 2008

Another year's 2008!

Everything is ready for the Con. I have all the ship sheets done, Space Dock is done, wall posters are done. I may or may not make a stand-up sign for the game. I can handle up to 6 players per side (12 total)! However, Ed is running a "All Things Zombie" game the same time I am, so I may/may not not get too many players running against brain-eating zombies. But at least I am more ready for the Con at a earlier date than ever before. I have everything of the "Temple of Caltiki" and plan to start on them soon, as I am well into painting my Fuzzy-Wuzzies & British right now.

Speaking of the Fuzzy-Wuzzies, painting a white on their robes I like is still difficult. However, from 2'+ away they should look fine. Right now they are getting their robes painted, then weapons & shields done. Spears are on order from Neal at the War Store, and should be here soon. Need more bases from Litko (25mm squares) I'm almost out.

Off with Kirstan to a Anime Con for the day tomorrow, then back to painting (hopefully).