Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Entry for March 25, 2008

Book Review!

"Operation Albion -The German Conquest of the Baltic Islands" by Michael B. Barrett
Very interesting book on a little known operation in WWI. The Germans perform a amphibious operation to invade the Baltic Islands of Osel, Dago, Moon & Worms. This operation involves German Battleships, torpedo boats, Zeppelin's, bicycle troopers. The Russians are currently suffering during a provisional government just before the Bolshevik Revolution, and army morale and willingness to fight is very low.

Well written with enough info for wargamers, I recommend it for WWI fans.

***Patrols in the Sudan 15mm***

All my Dervishes are finished (for my starter army) and the British are almost finished. I made a small boo-boo as the British units can be up to a maximum of 7 bases, PLUS the Sergeant & Officer stands. In the Dervish units the Leader stands are counted toward the maximum number of bases allowed in a unit.

I have a lot of Fuzzy-Wuzzy's in 15mm (Hugh gave me a bag of them) and I might use Old Glory for more Brits, Egyptians & Sudanese to add more bases in case I want a larger battle.

***The Sword and The Flame 25mm Figures***

Almost all of the spear armed Fuzzy-Wuzzy's are done. The next to the last batch is 80% done and then one last batch of 8 remain. Then a group of 8 rifle armed figures (do I need more riflemen ) and the Command figures, the Leaders, Drummers and flag bearers. I need to try to get better pictures of them. If I want more figures for this army I might use figures other than Perry Miniatures, such as Castaway or Old Glory (for more Dervishes, Sudanese & Egyptians).

***Flames of War***

Tim went up to a private tank museum up north (Lucky Dude) and is in a FoW mood. I need to get back to my FoW figures to pad out my Italians . I have more aircraft, 88's, and other AT guns. After I finish my 25mm Colonials, I will get back to them. Need to list what I have & need to do in what order....


I have almost eveything I need for my Therians, a couple of more types of Golgoths, a couple of Infantry types & I have enough. Time for a list....