Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Entry for January 31, 2007

Manic day today! Got lots done, got two command and one infantry stand almost finished. One the Infantry stand I added the paint to the Liqitex and then covered the stand, adding the figures in as I went. Worked well and I also tried my hand at adding tall grass/reeds to a bases. Once I get more figures finished on their painting sticks I can base them wholesale and then get to the other stuff!

Seems you need to first cut the grass material from the brush or whatever you are using and then tape the end over to keep it together, then drill a hole(s) of the size you want and then put a drop of glue in and holding the materiel put in the hole. Not what I did. I first time I drilled the hole, drop of glue and just pinching the grass ends together put them in the hole. It works, but on the thinner FoW bases the hole goes all the way through the base. So I covered the bottom with tape to keep the glue from going everywhere.

On the thicker bases I am using for the Colonial figures, you don't have to drill all the way through. You could on the FoW bases drill holes and feed the material through with the end taped together, glue the top and later cut the extra on the bottom flush with the base. Tim will get to see it tomorrow when I go over for a" paint & palaver" session.
Took pictures of stuff so have to add it to the album!


Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Entry for January 30, 2007

Well, the Cybermen from Doctor Who looks nice (see photo above)

Well, got two Command bases almost finished. The figures are done being painted, are on the stands with the stuff put on, need to tomorrow paint them and drybrush before adding grass. I'm now follow Tim's advice and getting my figures in team/squad order, rounded up my snipers and gotten the Japanese Suicide Anti-Tank squads rounded up as well. And I need to get the HMG's together too... SIGH.....then the AT guns...artillery..AA...

Good news on the Colonial front! The Fuzzy-Wuzzies are almost done and the other Madhists are coming along nicely. Then it's on to the British.

One nice thing is after all these 15mm figures, I have a lot of fun painting 25-28mm. I am working on a couple for sale and it's a treat. Making me re-think a lot about using smaller scales.
Mark is having a game of Ancients on Feb 11th (Sunday) at his place. I'll go and push stuff around, could be fun. Hope it happens.

TTFN...For Now....

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Entry for January 18, 2007

Taa Daa! More Japanese are at least primed, base coated and then give a light coat of Middlestone and are thus on the way! Also. I have re-listed the Goblin units on e-bay and put the two x 4 man sets of Chiltern figures (British 8th Army Riflemen <4> & Bren Gunners <4>) I have painted so far up for sale. And I hope they go well! I will try to get more painted stuff up for sale soon, but the Dervishes and Japanese are 1st on the list.

I have started a test bed base for the Japanese and have try to make them look good, you know, leaves, rocks, etc. Pacific Island is very different from the desert bases I have done for my Italians.

Some depressing news yesterday came in a phone call..more later. Trying not to think about it, as the main event is some time in the future but still....

Wish it wasn't so damned cold...makes it very difficult to work in the garage and I get cold and paints/glues don't act right when it's 40* so I can work best only in the daylight going to Tim's tomorrow and working in his garage I guess I should dress up like Nanuk of the North! LOL!


Friday, January 26, 2007

Entry for January 26, 2007

Got a lot of work on figures today.
Lined up all the Japanese figures mounted on sticks and painted all the leather (Beige Brown) on the figures. Next, paint all the canvas bags, etc. Two test figures (one Japanese/one Mahdist) for washes being worked on as well. Did the brown today, tomorrow a light black wash. Working on my Mahdists and then the Jap infantry. Made a executive decision today on the jibbeh worn by much of the Mahdist army. The collar has a black edging with a triangle point down on the front (see the photo above). Trying to do this on a 15mm figure.....naaa! Too hard to do and many of the figures due to the way they were sculpted

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Entry for January 23, 2007

Now is the time for all good men (me) to paint their Japanese Army forces! Got a bit done today as it's Monday (laundry day) but plan to get a fire under my ass tomorrow. Now that I have finalized my paint scheme:

Vallejo Paints-

Primed: Black
Base Coat: <872>Chocolate brown (#149)
Uniform: <882> Middle Stone (#118)
Leather & Shoes: <875> Beige Brown (#135)
Helmet: <921> English Uniform (#141)
Canvas Equipment: <884> Stone Grey (#104)

Not all of the helmet I'll paint brown as some of the sources (Osprey Men-at-Arms) show that the helmets for the most part were the same color as the helmets. Some the caps as well. For the most part, I'll do what looks good. I am also still working on my Colonials, the Fuzzy-Wuzzies are almost done, the rest are getting going. The other warriors wear the jibbahs, which are white with colored patches (square) on them. That's going to be rub. Painting the colored patches will be a pain. Even the British will be easier as their equipment is either buff or white in color.

Getting the bases looking good is the next hard part of the Japanese. Tim and I decided that Tamiya Flat Earth XF52 is the base color on the bases with a drybrush of GW "Bleached Bone" and then the grass, etc. To get the tall stuff to stick up as tall grass will be a learning experience.
The other fun thing is I have been off the St. John Wort for a couple of weeks. It's a natural anti-depressant but it still has the effect of making you not depressed but also not care about anything like a prescription Rx. I have more energy but I have to keep an eye on my moods, so to catch myself if I get tweeky or upset. So far, so good!

TTFN for now...

Monday, January 15, 2007

Entry for January 12, 2007-Invasion of the 15mm Japanese!

Work on my 15mm FoW Japanese Army is now working up to full speed...err...short of. Tim had a idea of using a white primer base on his USMC but I may/may not try that. I have found 3 cans of brown spray paint I can use as a base for my Japanese, if I follow the paint guide for Japanese uniforms from Resistant Rooster's. So I can prime my figures in brown (and why NOT??). The color of choice for the uniforms is Vallejo Middlestone, as the Japanese uniforn color is too yellow for my tastes.

I also have gotten more Fuzzy-Wuzzy's so I can have enough for the units I am building for PITS-1885. They should take a day or so to finish, if I can get out to the garage this weekend and if it doesn't get any bloody colder, as it makes it hard to paint & glue anything (stuff acts strange in cold weather). Also need to start on the other Mahdists.


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Entry for January 10, 2007

So many Japanese (15mm) so little time! Now that the bulk of my Japanese have arrived I get to work on them! THRILL! RAPTURE! But first I need to do a couple of test figures to get the paint scheme right for the uniforms. And figure the color for the bases...make palm leaves from green stuff....

And of course, all the Mahdists and British for my colonial game (Patrol's in the Sudan-1885) in 15mm as well. I have 10 bases of Fuzzy-Wuzzies (Melee armed) and 8 bases of riflemen done so far. I think I'm 2 bases short in my spear/sword armed FW's. Now it's on to the Ansar, spear/sword and rifle armed. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I've one FW leader base 90% done.
Also have just about finished painting a set of 4 Bren gunners from those grossly over sized figures I got from Chiltern. Gaa....they are about 30mm! I have finished 4 riflemen and when I finish the Bren gunners I am going to put them and the riflemen up on e-bay and start on more of them. They are too big for my tastes but should (HA!) sell better if they are painted. I also have a Black Orcs Command set I will start on soon to finish and sell as well.

Tomorrow at Tim's I think I'll work on the Colonials and get more Japanese glued down on large Popsicle sticks to be primed/painted. In have like a dozen primed and the flesh applied so far.