Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Entry for January 23, 2007

Now is the time for all good men (me) to paint their Japanese Army forces! Got a bit done today as it's Monday (laundry day) but plan to get a fire under my ass tomorrow. Now that I have finalized my paint scheme:

Vallejo Paints-

Primed: Black
Base Coat: <872>Chocolate brown (#149)
Uniform: <882> Middle Stone (#118)
Leather & Shoes: <875> Beige Brown (#135)
Helmet: <921> English Uniform (#141)
Canvas Equipment: <884> Stone Grey (#104)

Not all of the helmet I'll paint brown as some of the sources (Osprey Men-at-Arms) show that the helmets for the most part were the same color as the helmets. Some the caps as well. For the most part, I'll do what looks good. I am also still working on my Colonials, the Fuzzy-Wuzzies are almost done, the rest are getting going. The other warriors wear the jibbahs, which are white with colored patches (square) on them. That's going to be rub. Painting the colored patches will be a pain. Even the British will be easier as their equipment is either buff or white in color.

Getting the bases looking good is the next hard part of the Japanese. Tim and I decided that Tamiya Flat Earth XF52 is the base color on the bases with a drybrush of GW "Bleached Bone" and then the grass, etc. To get the tall stuff to stick up as tall grass will be a learning experience.
The other fun thing is I have been off the St. John Wort for a couple of weeks. It's a natural anti-depressant but it still has the effect of making you not depressed but also not care about anything like a prescription Rx. I have more energy but I have to keep an eye on my moods, so to catch myself if I get tweeky or upset. So far, so good!

TTFN for now...

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