Thursday, April 24, 2008

Entry for April 24, 2008


The Mahdi of Sudan and the Death of General Gordon by Fergus Nicoll
Interest book which covers the life of the Mahdi from all sources, even his biographers, after filtering out as much of the PRO/CON of whoever is writing about him. One of the best parts of the book is the information on early life of the Mahdi and battles fought, which are for the most part ignored in other books, giving a wargamer such as myself information to use to re-fight these battles, of which there are several. The part about General Gordon is brief, as so much has been written about him by other sources and what's in the book is about the interaction of the Mahdi and Grodon's correspondence as they wrote a couple of letters to each other during the seige of Khartoum.

***The Sword and the Flame 25mm***

All the Fuzzy-Wuzzies except the 6 riflemen and the Command figures are done. Currently working on 2 batches (2 x 10 figs) of British as a charge of pace. British are easier in some ways as that "paint all the white, all the black, etc." on each figure. I have approx 30 (?) British infantry and then the Gardner Gun. Oh yeah, the 3 mounted Amirs for my Mahdists.

***Patrols in the Sudan 15mm***

Finished the 2 British Officer Command stands. Now the Naval Riflemen and the Gardner guns and everything on the list is done. Then on to he all the extras, such as Egyptian and Sudanese infantry and painting all the all Fuzzy Wuzzies Hugh gave me. With the Egyptians I can do the Egyptian Uprising in 1881.

And for those wondering about the photo, it's a Call of Duty 2.


Sunday, April 13, 2008

Entry for April 13, 2008

Just a quick post about the Flames of War Tournament I went to at Aero on Saturday <4>. I made it through all 3 rounds (it was a very HOT day in the store) and won at least one battle, the last one. And of a possible Minimum 3 / maximum 18 points, I got at least 8, maybe 9. Not bad. I had a couple of tactical mistakes, but I learned alot.

Mark made it round 2 and had to leave (too bad). Harold didn't make it even to watch. My other troops didn't do too badly, but the M13/41 tanks I need to find a better use for. Their gun isn't up to the task of dealing with American tanks, at least on front-on shots. I have the maximum amount of Semovente 75/18's SP guns I can have. HHhmmm......


Thursday, April 3, 2008

Entry for April 03, 2008


"Imperial Vanities - The Adventures of the Baker Brothers and Gordon of Khartoum" By Brian Thompson.

This book is about the entwined stores of these 3 Victorians. 2 of them were brothers, Samuel & Valentine Baker and of course Charles "Chinese" Gordon. Mostly about the Baker brothers, very much the "Gentlemen Adventurers" it is a interesting look into the events that shaped them and Gordon. The fate of Valentine Baker and Gordon were entwined in the Sudan, Samuel in Africa. Also making an appearance is Fred Burnaby, also a "Gentlemen Adventurer" in his own right, who dies at the battle of Abu Klea in 1885.

Overall an interesting book for insights into the Baker Brothers & Gordon.


A little bit more done. The 4 stands of British Foot Scouts are 90% done, and the Officer stands are 75% done. Then I need to do the Gardner Gun stands. I am also making extra Fuzzy Wuzzy stands from the figures Hugh gave me. I got some Egyptian Infantry to make later, in case I want to use them with British Officers or battles from the Egyptian Revolt in 1882.


The next to last batch of FW spearmen are 90% done. Then the Command and Riflemen. I am also working on my Tuareg Arabs from Askari. They are maybe 70% finished.


I need to put my Italians back in to work schedule. I have my 88's, finish up the DAK tanks I got from Tim, my German AT guns and the extra Italian tanks I have. Also several aircraft are whining at me. After I finish the Fuzzy Wuzzys, the Italians need to be put back in.