Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"The Patrol"at HMGS Mini-Mini Wars 6/25/2011

Here are some photos and a brief "After-Action-Report" on my game of The Sword and the Flame at Historical Miniature Gaming Society (HMGS) Mini-Mini Wars "The Summer Offensive" on Saturday, June 25th, 2011-The scenario is called "The Patrol" and is based on the scene in the movie "Gunga Din" where a force of Indian soldiers lead by British Officers go to the Village of Tantrapur to see why the telegraphic communications have stopped. Of course, a powerful Chieftain has amassed several clans of Afghani to destroy the Britsh and their lackeys!

Above are a couple of shots of the table just after the terrain was set-up
Looking toward the Village of Tantrapur - The calm before the storm!
Some of the Afghani Forces - 4 clans of 20 figs each

The Anglo-Indian forces, led by the brave British Officers - and a Gatling gun!

"Look Sahib! Afghani come!"

A brave (but foolish) Afghani clan charges the Gatling gun! My dice rolling for movement failed me - Indeed, it was a "EPIC FAILURE" of rolling 6" of charge movement on 4d6!!

A Indian Soldier discusses his future with a vulture....

"CHARGE!!! DEATH to the British and their lackeys!!" And they did indeed charge up the stairs...and were shot & melee'd to death. The Indian soldier's +2 for defending a building helped a little...

The Afghani's had an old brass cannon "Old Achmed" - Which randomly generated a bit too close to the Indian soldiers (See the above photo of "Ready..AIM") and suffered for it before getting to fire one shot. The next turn the last crewman was shot to pieces...

The Gatling gun crew was shot up but the didn't make it before it was re-crewed....OUCH!

The Gatling gun and a Indian soldier unit. The next turn they re-manned the Gatling gun, much to the Afghani's displeasure!

The Indian soldiers have a good position, re-manned the Gatling gun as a group of Afghani charge up the road at them. The vulture waits...for another meal...

A view from fortunes of war!above of the same scene. The Afghani are about to get shot up by the Indian's and the Gatling does a number on that other Afghani clan charging them.

It was a good game, even with my dice rolling for movement failing me a few times...fortunes of War! Also the one "Event" card drawn during the whole game effected 2 of my units, bad Hummus! So they shot/Meleed and Moved badly due to illness. Again, I was not favored by Allah to drive the foreigners out of Afghanistan! Maybe next time.....

The Perry Miniatures Co. is coming out with plastic Fuzzy-Wuzzys. I have pre-ordered some, 4 boxes of 40/box from Brookhurst Hobbies. with them, I will be set for Fuzzy-Wuzzys!