Sunday, April 19, 2009

Entry for April 19, 2009

Another quick post....

Played FoW at Aero Hobbies today...played with Late War Russians! I didn't run any tanks (real tanks with proper armor & gun & everything! ) but ran infantry and rolled for aircraft. We had WAY TOO many points on that table, as we ran out of time before some people had to leave to get past turn 3 but it was a BLAST! US + Germans vs. Russians-The General Patton fantasy scenario.

Have to set a date and get a The Sword and the Flame game done!
Photo is of my MG and Infantry team trying to deal with assaulting US tanks.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Entry for April 03, 2009

Quick update-
Bersaglieri Demolisher (Pioneer) Platoon are finished. Just need base labels.
Perry British - slow-mo on these, but still over 50% done.
15mm Egyptians-Peter Pig 60% done, Old Glory Egyptians primed & flesh added. Worst OG figures I have yet worked on.
25mm OG Egyptians - Primed & flesh added.
Need to start: BF Semovente 47/32's.
Work up a couple of FoW lists to try against Harold. Must remember advice from Tim & others. If we start using 1700/1750pt. lists, makes life easier. Off to Aero to watch & photograph the WAB game there tomorrow-Saturday.