Monday, October 13, 2008

Entry for October 13, 2008

On Gribblees & Bunny's


Had the Gribblees the last few days, have not gotten much painting done. I have simply too many projects open & underway at once, i.e. the following:

FoW German Allies Tanks (80% done)

Basti (70% complete) for my Wargod's army
Heavy Infantry Unit (part of Late Roman Army to sell on e-bay w/Tim-50% done)
Extra stuff for my 15mm PITS 1885 army (Finishing Supply mules but have lots more stuff-Egyptians, etc.)
Extra Italian Tanks so I can field a Campagnia Carri (Tank Company (60% done)
More Ansar (approx 60) & British in 28mm for TS&TF

The Basti are going into hibernation. I might put the Romans into hibernation for now as well. So now to prioritize....

Get the German Tanks finished
Get the Italian Tanks finished
Re-start work on 28mm Colonial OR....
Re-started work on 15mm Colonial
Pick something else I need for my Italian Army (88's. German ATG, etc.) and get it done, ONE THING AT A TIME!

THAT'S IT, no more at this time.


Put on the Anti-Bunny glasses! Anti-Bunny Shield on FULL! Maybe read up on a subject, but NO MORE FIGURES at this time on any new Bunny's! PERIOD! No Bunny's for that matter... my WGADD (Wargamers Attention Deficit Disorder). Concentrate on FoW and Colonial at this time.