Monday, January 15, 2007

Entry for January 12, 2007-Invasion of the 15mm Japanese!

Work on my 15mm FoW Japanese Army is now working up to full speed...err...short of. Tim had a idea of using a white primer base on his USMC but I may/may not try that. I have found 3 cans of brown spray paint I can use as a base for my Japanese, if I follow the paint guide for Japanese uniforms from Resistant Rooster's. So I can prime my figures in brown (and why NOT??). The color of choice for the uniforms is Vallejo Middlestone, as the Japanese uniforn color is too yellow for my tastes.

I also have gotten more Fuzzy-Wuzzy's so I can have enough for the units I am building for PITS-1885. They should take a day or so to finish, if I can get out to the garage this weekend and if it doesn't get any bloody colder, as it makes it hard to paint & glue anything (stuff acts strange in cold weather). Also need to start on the other Mahdists.


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