Sunday, June 24, 2012

What's Done for June!

I'm back! After beginning out of comission for awhile due to a bad back, I am getting better and getting back to work on stuff..

Finished WWI German Infantry & NCO's - Figures by PULP Miniatures German Seebataillon

A close up of the same figures - one guy has glasses!
APE-X Super Villain by REAPER Miniatures - To be used with AE:WWII rules

I am getting more stuff done now that I can sit in a chair for awhile. I am getting started on the few figures I need for my Lord of the Rings Game at the September Game Con. I have started painting Faramir and Damrod, more Morannon Orcs and I need a couple of banners for the Gondorians. I also need several "objective markers" for this battle. A friend of mine has offered to do the terrain on the marker base.  I will be posting pictures soon of the wooden fortress I have that I am going to use for Cair Andros.


Friday, June 1, 2012

Gamex May 2012

Now that Strategicon - Gamex 2012 is over, it's time for a brief report and some photos of the games! But first, a little background - at Haleth's Steading (farm) a group of Rohan Warriors are trying to fend off an attack by forces of Isengard (Uruk-hai and Orcs).  If they can kill 50%+ of the the attackers, that will force them to roll each turn for the game ending, on 1-2 on a d6.

At the rear of the steading, some of the forces of Rohan await the attack of the forces of Isengard

First Blood to the Rohan archers!
Orcs prepare to assault the wall
After several rounds of melee -The Orcs are rolling hot for melee, the Rohan, not so good, even with wall in the way.
After many turns of melee, the Uruks manage to get over the wall...
The courage of Rohan is no match for the Uruk-Hai. One of the farmers comes out to help..too late!
By the way, the Rohan figure in the foreground survived this attack (once) losing the fight and was hit with 6 attacks (!!) , all of which failed to wound! Had he survived, Captain material for sure.

   These are all photos of the Saturday game. The Forces of Isengard won both days, but it was a much more drawn out game on Sunday. Photos for the whole game con can be seen at:

   The Sunday photo also show Erkenbrand (Rohan figure with a white base) at last falling with a ring of dead foes around him surrounded by Uruk-Hai and their captain Gogdush (both had NO Might left during this combat). I have my Good Forces Captains, etc. painted with a white base edge and of course, Evil has a black edge. The Sunday game also had a LOT of tied rolls for melee. As it was just myself and one other player (a great player who has played in my games before) we just rolled of, one d6 each, as opposed to how it is done in the rules. We matched dice rolls on one combat's dice-off  3 times and I stated "If we tie again, our dice will implode!"

  Even tho it was only one player both Saturday and Sunday, they had both played in my LOTR many times before and I had a great time! Quality can be better sometimes than quantity.  My plans for the next Strategicon in September, Gateway 2012, is to run the First and Second Assault on Cair Andros from the Siege of Gondor book. I now have a wooden fort that can be made into a wall I bought at the February con. I just need to see if I have all the figures I need and get/paint those I don't.