Sunday, June 24, 2012

What's Done for June!

I'm back! After beginning out of comission for awhile due to a bad back, I am getting better and getting back to work on stuff..

Finished WWI German Infantry & NCO's - Figures by PULP Miniatures German Seebataillon

A close up of the same figures - one guy has glasses!
APE-X Super Villain by REAPER Miniatures - To be used with AE:WWII rules

I am getting more stuff done now that I can sit in a chair for awhile. I am getting started on the few figures I need for my Lord of the Rings Game at the September Game Con. I have started painting Faramir and Damrod, more Morannon Orcs and I need a couple of banners for the Gondorians. I also need several "objective markers" for this battle. A friend of mine has offered to do the terrain on the marker base.  I will be posting pictures soon of the wooden fortress I have that I am going to use for Cair Andros.



  1. Sorry to hear about the bad back, but what a comeback. Love the ape, just brilliant!

  2. Thank You! I did the ape white at the suggestion of a friend as in my years my hair and beard have long since turned white (maybe all those years of wargaming!) and so in honor of my white hair, a white ape.

  3. Love the chaps but that APE is awesome!
    I need to do one for Weird WW2 too.

    NBow following your blog so I miss any future awesomeness!


    1. Thanks for your kind words! As the figures for AE-WWII by Darkson Designs seems to have gone "bye-bye", I got Ape-X as a replacement for the German "Strumaffe" ape for the rules. They are not a bad set of rules for either regular or "weird" WWII. More stuff to follow...

      As for making it a white my hair and beard are white, a friend suggested I do it as a "white" ape.