Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New Figures & Finished Figures


   7 of these Italian CV3/33 tankettes for my Early War Flames of War Italian Army. Normally they are armed with twin MG's, but some had the MG's removed and replaced with a 20mm Anti-Tank Rifle for a little extra punch.

These in the bottom photo have the 20mm ATR.  These really are sardine cans (very little armor) with treads and have hatches only the top. Thus turning them upside-down, you couldn't get out. Against infantry they are OK, but against anything with a gun bigger than a MG they are toast! Next in line are the M11/39 tanks...

   In this rare color photo you can see one, twin MG in a small turret and a 37mm gun in a hull placement. Again, good against infantry and maybe very lightly armored vehicles but not against a proper tank. Still, it's what they had and one must make the best of it.


  Some figures from Mega-Miniatures at: http://www.megaminis.com/   I got these from the FANTASY Town Folk, with the exception of the "Aging Wizard" from the FANTASY- Human NPC list. I wanted these figures for village types for some of my Lord of the Rings games.
                                From Left to Right: Yelling Man - Woman with Bucket - Bar Keeps Wife

 Left to Right: Aging Wizard - Traveler with Staff - Farmer with Pitchfork

Left to Right: Boy throwing Rock - Boy with Sling - Child with Toy Horse

   The Child with the Toy Horse is great! After all, every Rohan child should have a toy horse, if not a real one. Have to get these painted! I plan to do a playtesting next month of my scenario for my LOTR game for the May game con. It is based on the 1st scenario from the "Scouring of the Westfold", Rohaners defending a farming stead from Uruks & Orcs from Isengard. I have a couple of adjustments to make in forces, as the 1st time I did this it was not right. With wall, ect. the defenders have alot of cover to take into account so I need to adjust the Evil forces up (that's what playtesting is all about!)


Thursday, March 1, 2012

What's up?

Ok -I have been out of touch for awhile (had a sinus attack for over a week) but I am almost back to normal and have been getting back to painting. Since my last post we have started a new project "Tanga 1914" playing skirmish level WWI in German East Africa. I have the figures and have started to prime & paint (blog to follow)......

  In February on 17th-20th was Orccon Wargaming Convention presented by Strategicon. On both Saturday and Sunday I ran Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle game "The Siege of Minas Tirith".

  In the above photo the wall is shown as the forces of Mordor (2 siege towers, orcs and the Witch King on Fell Beast) advance toward the wall under fire from the Gondorian trebuchet and siege bolt thrower. The game had a 12 turn limit and the Evil forces had to get 2 of 3 objectives to win, one of which was to kill Gandalf.

In this photo the Witch King has gone after Gandalf ("I am your death old Man...") and the trebuchet in the left of the picture has taken 2 points of damage.

  Now the forces of Mordor are storming the wall trying to get a foothold....

  The siege towers are at the wall and the orcs have gotten on to it but time runs out for Mordor. All these pictures are from Saturday and Gandalf ended the game with 1 Might, 1 Fate and 1 Wound left. Mordor lost as well on Sunday but Gandalf limped away with nothing but 1 Wound left. He spent most of the game running away from the Witch King after he got to the wall and kept trying to get the Fell Beast to eat Gandalf for lunch!

  To see all the photos I took go to:

  I had 8 players on Saturday and 7 on Sunday, which was a good turnout. Now what LOTR game to run for the May Con....