Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wild Weasal Painting

Well, the high double and low triple digit heat wave has not helped my painting. It is difficult to work in the heat and I am very pooped by nightfall, so get less done then, when it is cooler. However, all the FFL, Beni and Rick are done, see above. I plan to really get going on the mounted Turegs tomorrow, Sunday. Most of the horses are done, as well as the regular mounted figures. The Mounted Command is next. Those Old Glory figures can be really crappy, as 3-4 of the mounted swordsmen had to be converted due to sword breakage. One became a standard bearer and should look quite nice when finished. I am NOT going to get into how bad the horses are...Gggrrr....
Also a source of disappointment is the Sabol SD-Combat mat. Really nice look on it, a very 3-D look of a desert but on one of the short ends of the mat, all the way across is repeated their website and "SD-Combatmat" in white letter, 3.5" from the mat end (otherwise I would cut it off . I was thinking of returning it to the hobby store for a refund, but the photo print is just good enough for me to keep it and see if somehow I can cover the printing up.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I Got Books!

Some books on back order from The Scholar's Bookshelf have arrived to increase my Colonial library:

"From Korti to Khartum -A Journal of the Desert March from Korti to Gubat and of the Ascent of the Nile in General Gordan's Steamers" By Col. Sir Charles W. Wilson

"With the Camel Corps Up the Nile" by Count Gleichen

"The Battle of Tofrek - Fought near Suakin, March 22nd 1885" under Major General Sir John Carstairs M'Neill

These books author's were there. Could be dry reading but we will see.
The French Foreign Legion in white are 95% done. Photos to follow. Rick's figure is done -Beni's is 95% done. FFL figs are done!
Foot Arabs are based & primed and painting will start forthwith.
Mounted Figures - need to temporarily attached to dowels and primed. All horse have their based trimmed, but the horse still need to filed and trimmed, then based.
Dead & Wounded Legionnaires & Arabs - Arabs are based & primed & FFL are next on the based/prime list. Some of the wounded Arabs have to painted first, then based due to the figures position.

I am going to clear the table, put a mat down and start some solo play testing, using what is finished and just bases for now.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

French Foreign Legion, Beni & O'Connell

Work beings on the figures needed. The first picture is of 2 (almost) finished Askari French Foreign legion (Summer Uniform) behind a wall. The next is a picture of the figure I have started which is becoming Beni (Artizen-Renegade Legionnaires II) and the last is the Reaper figure talked about in a earlier post that I swapped one hand to replace the .45 with a pistol. That will be O'Connell and should be finished in a couple of days. The FFL should also be done right quick. And executive decision was made to paint them in the FFL white Summer campaign uniform. In the movie, The Mummy, some of the soldiers appear to be in that uniform (all white) and others appear to have light tan/brown pants (instead of white). So make it easier to paint, and after asking my wife (a non-gamer who can have good insight if I am over-engineering a project) I went with the Summer uniform for everyone.

Then it's the massive paint of Arabs, on foot and mounted. Time to get the drill out to drill horses & riders for pinning (OH JOY!!) and I have 30+ mounted to do. They are going be painted like the movie, Black robes, white turban and under shirt, maybe with some variation. As I have begun basing dead/wounded Arabs and will base wounded/dead Legionnaires after that. 18 foot figure have been based and primed. They will be painted after the FFL are done.
Terrain - I have everything I need, with exception of a bigger mat (I have a 4x6 and I might need a 5x8).
I also need to start play test ASAP to see about ranges, distances, etc.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Getting Ready for the Gateway 2009

The Semovente's Advance! From the Flames of War game on Sunday (8/9) at Aero Hobbies. It was a bit of a strange game....Germans vs Germans & Italians (Didn't have any Allies to beat on). Due to time constraints the game ended before Turn 6, in a Draw. How, my Italian's did well, rolled REALLY well and were left more alone due to the fact that the Germans players tanks were more of a threat than mine! HA! It was a great game.
My Turegs are all finished (check) and my French Foreign Legion in the classic uniform done (check). Egyptian terrain borrowed from Tim (THANKS!!!) and with the terrain I have should be enough and I plan to play set-up tomorrow. The extra French Foreign Legion in white Summer campaign uniforms (no back-packs) arrived and have been attached to bases and primed grey. Painting them will start tomorrow. Their uniforms will be painted to match the uniforms used in the movie, "The Mummy", in the battle at the ruins of Hamunaptra in the beginning of the movie. White shirt and hat, light brown pants, black leather equipment and boots. The figure for Beni has not arrived yet, but should soon I hope. My re-supply of bases from Litko has arrived today. The figure for Rick O'Connell has been attached to a base, primed and the paint job has been started. Photos to follow.
Not sure, but I may have to paint my foot Berbers figures as well, just in case.


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I've been Busy....

Working on painting French Foreign Legion for my 2 Hour Wargames demo at the next game convention. As the game is based on the fight in the beginning of "The Mummy" - 1925, Hamunaptra, Egypt - A garrison of the French Foreign Legion is cornered at the ruins of Hamunaptra by a roving band of Tuareg (Arab) warriors. Deserted by their colonel , the Legionnaires fight on under there American Captain Rick O'Connell. So begins the battle at Hamunaptra portrayed in The Mummy (1999). Will the Tuaregs slaughter the Legionnaires? Will O'Connell and Beni survive? Come find out!

I have 20 FFL done, I might need more. My mounted Arabs on the way, and I have a bag of foot figures as well. I need to get figures for Beni and O'Connell. I have a good idea of what I want, I just have to get them.

This is the figure I want to get for O'Connell. It's by Reaper (#50032) and after watching that part of the movie and checking still photos it's not a bad match. He has two .45's out near the end of the combat scenes and I might change on of the guns for a revolver (Reaper sells separate weapons). Artizen has some "Renegade Legionnaire" figures that will work for Beni. I just jhope Brookhurst has the figures, otherwise I have to order them ASAP!
Tim appears to have some terrain I can use, so I need to get going so I can playtest this!