Saturday, December 31, 2011

What's Up for 2012

The year is just about over, so What's Up for 2012? Well, finish projects that were started in 2011. A partial list might be:
  1. Add more 15mm Colonial for "Patrols in the Sudan 1885" and possible use them in a yet-to-be-determined rule set for large battles.
  2. Finish the unit of 25mm Dervish Camel
  3. Finish 15mm ACW I am painting for pay
  4. Finish painting 25mm Saxon for my WHFB army
  5. Finish my Early War Italian CV33 tankettes
Figures to paint up for use could be:
  1. 25mm Native forces for "The Sword in Afrika"
  2. 25mm Highlanders for the "The Sword and the Flame"
  3. Put together & paint all the plastic Dervish I have
  4. Do up the Early War Italian M11/39 tanks I just got
Also something I will do is keep track of figures I finish in 2012. See how good I am REALLY doing. I am trying (and it is difficult) to finish more of what I have vs. getting more stuff as I see "A Shiny!!" (or a squirrel)
I have a LOT of Pulp figures to do. WWWeeee.......


Sunday, December 11, 2011

More Terrain!

Not much to report on as the Christmas Season is busy, with little time for gaming and as the winter weather has set in, my garage, which I paint in gets too cold to use, a least at night.  However, I have gotten two new terrain pieces from a seller on E-Bay, scuzime at:
These pieces are well worth it, being made of a some heavy, strong material (Hydrostone?)

 Bust of the Pharaoh
                   Shown with 2 Old Glory Dervish (25mm) to give an idea of scale

Side and front view of Sphinx

Either of these are great for Ancients, RPG's, Pulp or Colonial games. I plan to use them when I run the Battle of  Hamunaptra (from the Mummy -1999) which I ran a couple of years ago at the local wargaming con (Strategicon). So if you need something like this or have other terrain needs, please go visit his site at the link above and see his wares!

My painting for my Lord of the Rings game in February continues (slowly) of which I will report on next time.