Saturday, December 31, 2011

What's Up for 2012

The year is just about over, so What's Up for 2012? Well, finish projects that were started in 2011. A partial list might be:
  1. Add more 15mm Colonial for "Patrols in the Sudan 1885" and possible use them in a yet-to-be-determined rule set for large battles.
  2. Finish the unit of 25mm Dervish Camel
  3. Finish 15mm ACW I am painting for pay
  4. Finish painting 25mm Saxon for my WHFB army
  5. Finish my Early War Italian CV33 tankettes
Figures to paint up for use could be:
  1. 25mm Native forces for "The Sword in Afrika"
  2. 25mm Highlanders for the "The Sword and the Flame"
  3. Put together & paint all the plastic Dervish I have
  4. Do up the Early War Italian M11/39 tanks I just got
Also something I will do is keep track of figures I finish in 2012. See how good I am REALLY doing. I am trying (and it is difficult) to finish more of what I have vs. getting more stuff as I see "A Shiny!!" (or a squirrel)
I have a LOT of Pulp figures to do. WWWeeee.......


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