Wednesday, June 10, 2015

What are you Painting?

  Well, I have been getting myself back together (see last post) and working on painting figure for me and for fun (I have finished all my commissions). So I have painting stuff for either - "Songs of Blades and Heroes" or "Lion Rampant"!

  These figures can be used for either game, but I planned on using them with Lion Rampant as Yeoman (I think)

   I am quite happy with the look and using Army Painters Quickshade Strong tone which I use a paint brush to apply to the figures (to be fair, they are cheap brushes you can get from any 99 cent or the like store).

Red Sonja perhaps?

  Both the barbarian ladies are for use with "Songs of Blades and Heroes", which is a fantasy skirmish game using small war-bands. I have watched and play the game and like the rules. And as I have a fair amount of barbarian types from a previous failed project, I have quite a bit to paint up and use.

  And as far as Lion Rampant goes, I am going to be using Teutonic Knights (FireForge plastics) and Russians for that and yes, I have a Alexander Nevsky figure! But for right now, it's the march of the barbarian horde!!!