Friday, August 24, 2012

Objective Markers - Flag Bases

   For my game at  Gateway 2012 coming real soon now, I needed some objective markers for the 1st scenario, the First Assault on Cair Andros. Depending how many of these are secured by either the Good or Bad side will effect troop set-up in the 2nd game. So what to do....


 These are 30mm plastic round bases. I glued in a length of brass rod.  as the centers were recessed, I wanted to add some short of texture help it look good. So a friend of mine, Harold, who is far and away better in using that 2 part epoxy stuff than me, offered his services to make a textured base for not only these but for the bases of the statues.


   I added a Gondorian shield to one and a spear point (of shorts, I told you I'm not very good) on the other. Then black primed them and painted the stones gray & white, poles brown and the Gondorian shield it's usual black & white.

    You can see one of them finished in this photo of what is going to be the ruined keep area. I just printed the flag in color, touched it up with some paint and it's done! The other one will be finished soon. And in my next installment I will cover the statues.


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Assault on Cair Andros

Very soon now, it will be time for the last Strategicon Game Convention for this year, Gateway 2012. And I am running Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Games on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday will be The First Assault on Cair Andros for the Seige of Gondor supplement and on Sunday, the Second Assault.  Here are som photos of what the baord will look like, the area is only 4' x 4'.

One corner of the board has the one remaining intact keep at Cair Andros. Instead of making a keep, a friend suggested just using part of the Minas Tirith set to make it. And it looks good and I believe it will look very good on the table. After all, it has that "Gondorian" look about it.

 Another view of the layout. I like to do a set-up before the Con in order to see have things look and if any corrections are needed. The wooden wall is a fortress I got at a earlier Strategicon Flea Market of all places! I can be set up as a wall or square fort.
 Another view showing the rocks shown in the Layout map. I don't have alot of these but I don't know how important they will be.
 This shot shows the intact and ruined keep (in the other corner) which has one of the objective markers in it (more about these in another bolg). Also visiable is a statue, which is another objective marker,
 Back of the wooden wall. They will be ladders up during the game for the defenders to use.
"Knock - Knock"! Who is it?
 Part of the ruined keep with objective marker. I plan to add more to the area when running the game, like rocks, etc. as this area is "difficult terrain".

The objective markers and the statues are going to be the subject of a "How I did it" bolg real-soon-now. I just have to get the photos, etc. together.