Friday, December 14, 2007

Entry for December 14, 2007

Quick entry...

After a quick check of things, using "A Sky Full of Ships" as opposed to "Full Thrust".

2 Reasons:
Star Trek TOS included in lists on other websites

The rules are still in some use. There is a YAHOO site and the full set of rules was just done in 2006. 80% of the "Full Thrust" sites are DOWN!

After getting the rules via download (and spending a whole $7.50) I printed them ad they are quick, easy and good to use. They are about the same as the rules set I used at one of the Cons some years ago. Then I used the Galactic Knight & DLD ship.s This time my Star trek TOS ones. And I can use more of the "GK" ships, if I get more of them to play with. Just have to read the rules, and move the ships around a bit to get the feel back.

Maybe this weekend, I can use Tim & Harold as "guinea pigs" ...errr...playtesters!


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Entry for December 11, 2007

So it appears than PLAN B, Full Thrust Star Trek TOS will be the battle plan. I have everything I need all most 100% ready to go. I have 7 Klingon D-7 's ready, many smaller frigates and 4 Federation Constitiution class ships ready, with 2 more that I could get ready very quicky. I also have 6 Federation Scout/DD ships as well. The scenario I just borrow from the one I did several years ago at a Con. Federation spacedock under attack by the Klingons. Feds defend, Klingons attack. I also found 2 Galactic Knight Terran Super-dreadnoughts and 2 Terran Attack carrier models. Need to see what else I have of other Galactic Knight races in that big blue plastic storage box....

I will order the figures for "TEMPLE" as well so as to have it ready for another Con and just general game-play. I am also going to Tim's tomorrow (hopefully with Mr. Harold) to work on my Colonials, the mass flesh painting on the Fuzzy-Wuzzies and some more priming of newly based figures.


Friday, December 7, 2007

Entry for December 07, 2007

OK - Time for battle plan!

For the Con, I'm getting what I need to "The Temple of Caltiki" and see if I can get it ready enough by the end of the year.

If not, fall back on doing "Full Thrust" Star Trek TOS and send the info to Jose. I doubt, but it is possible, I could also have enough of my Colonial stuff ready to go. So I have 2 fall back plans, one I already have enough stuff (FT-ST TOS), Plan B and a "maybe" Plan C, if Plan A, The Temple falls through, which, give the time left is highly possible. A "Plan D" could be FoW Desert as well. We all have enough stuff and the boards, if they work, will be ready by then.
I've ordered the natives from the War Web I want and just have to figure what I want from "Pulp Miniatures" and order those.

Having another desert FoW game on Saturday with Tim, Mark & Harold. This time the Axis attack and the Allies defend.


Entry for December 20, 2007

Got to use Tim & Harold as playtesters on Saturday (12/15) and did 2 quick games, one using "A Sky Full of Ships" and the 2nd with "Full Thrust". FT was declared the winning, found to be more fun to play and the ships stats were less generic than ASFoS. So FT it is. I also have sent in the write-up to Jose for the Con and have the ships sheets done. All that remains is to do up a sheet for the Space Dock and get some grease pencils. Future FT projects will use the Galactic Knight ships I currently have, with more as needed to fill out the fleets.

I have also gotten all my figs for the "Temple of Caltiki" project. They are in a box, awaiting my pleasure. My Fuzzy-Wuuzies are all standed, based, primed and have flesh painted. Next is a black wash on the skin and painting their clothes. I have to count the number of spear I need and get that underway (spear manufacturing). My British are all most all standed, but not quite. I am very disappointed in the Perry Miniatures Sudan British. Well sculpted, but not well cast. A bit more venting, flash and rough spots that I would have expected from them. They also are not sculpted for easy casting as a figure (IMHO). I may get Castaway Brits (from Australia) in the future. I have not such complaints however, on the Fuzzy-Wuzzies so far. They have been very nice.


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Entry for November 27, 2007

And so Tim and my 1st attempt to use Blue Foam and MDF to make sectional game boards goes down into history (or was it lunacy?) Anyway, further attempts will be made to make them work (who knew that 2' x2' MDF and foam could be such a pain !

I went down to the going out of business sale at The Game Castle in Anahiem and pick a bunch of figs at uber discounts (Reaper 50% off). So I have more un-painted lead and some other stuff.
I just can't get my little brain around painting my Basti for Wargods. My Muse has gone on vacation for far. The Sobeki are primed. And I have been making smoke and dust markers for our FoW desert games (at least that is going great !) And we need to work out what the we are going to run at the Con. I can do the Temple of Caltiki but I need to order the figs to get started on them NOW! Or maybe a something else...Sigh....


Friday, November 23, 2007

Entry for November 23, 2007

OK, so I've got a new bunny, besides all the old ones!

Got an idea inspired for a phone call from Bruce some days ago. He we were talking about the Con in February and if he was going to be there (not sure at this time) and made mention of a older game we did, "Rumble in the Jungle". That stuck in my mind and one morning under the influence of a large cup of coffee and a hot shower, my brain went into over-drive. "Rumble in the Jungle, Part II The Temple of CALTIKI!" And that little idea has had help as I found a older copy of "Wargames Miniatures" magazine with a scenario in it, "The Temple of Toltec" ...hehehehehehhehehehehe I need to get the figures for it (a list in im progress) and I already have the terrain! And as the 1st game was done using CR 2.0, so would this one, as I know the rules very well after all this time. It also works well for a Pulp/CoC type game.

Also sent my order to The War Store for all the Perry Miniatures I want (at this time). I just needed more British & Command for them, plus a Gardner gun & crew. I have all the Fuzzy-Wuzzies I need right now, except Command figures and a mounted Amir, which I got. And some more stuff for my Mid-War FoW Italians forces. German anti-tank guns are always a welcome addition!

A bit of cash was spent ($250.00 approx) as this was their "Black Friday" sale, take an additional 5% off their usually discounted prices.


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Entry for November 13, 2007

Well, the game on the 11th (Sunday) went well. Had a great time even if we did totally finish the game (Turn 4 of 6). Harold lost steam around 3:30pm and had to go home, so we went off to Brookhurst to spend $$ and keep the American economy strong!

As of the end of turn 4 the British won, as they had possession of the of both objectives. If we could have played longer it might have ended differently as we could have had some of our reserves hit the board.. Next time!

Got my copy of "In the Footsteps of Legions" the supplement for "I ain't been shot Mum!" for the Mediterranean and African Campaigns. OK, a little lean on details on the OOB for everyone & some of the material appears to be written as if the reader knows more than they might on the armies, vehicles, etc. involved (Example: 2pdr tank guns have no HE rounds. OK which British tanks have 2 pdrs?? The gun the tank's main gun isn't listed). Suffers from the same problem FoW has, not telling you who had what when during the campaigns. Still some useful info never-the-less.

Need to get my Wargods stuff done & out of the way to work 100% on the new stuff (and old) I have for my Italians. And we need to get going on what we are doing for the game Con in February!


Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Entry for November 06, 2007

Well, before ZZz's time, a quick entry.

The Japanese 20mm ATR's are 98% finished, just need their bases label and some spray flat and they are done. Worked on my Basti as well, trying to get them along. The Sebeki are ready for primer (white or black? Maybe Grey?) And then I need to get on my FoW Italians! 88's


Went with Harold to Brookhurst Monday. Boy is starting to crank things out again so it's time I got my motor running again as well.Lots to do. He got a lot of his 28mm WWII standed and primered and has his Germans pretty much finished.
Time to get out of the funk and back in the shaddle again!


Thursday, November 1, 2007

Entry for November 01, 2007

Well, another Halloween has come & gone. Got a lot of kids this time & had fun passing out candy. But on to the important stuff, like the left-over Almond Joys...eeerr...miniatures!

I standed my Japanese aircraft, so that's done. I need to finish my 20mm ATR and then get on my 15mm British and the FoW Italians. I plan to also start on fixing the bases of the figures I got from Trow Thursday afternoon. And my Italian aircraft await as well...

Nice photo of my Japanese Objective Marker!


Thursday, October 25, 2007

Entry for October 25, 2007

To-Tanem finished, got their foam tray home done (with their name on it and everything) and some photos taken. The JP 20mm ATR are almost done. I am giving them their brown & black wash then basing them.Then back to the Italians.

The massive amount of wildfires around here the last few days gave me a big headache (due to the smoke) on Wednesday so I did little in the garage.

Off to Tim's Thursday afternoon with Harold & will hopefully do some filling in work (green stuff) on my Sebeki. After that gets taken care of I can paint them after I finish painting the Basti archers (50% done)


Friday, October 19, 2007

Entry for October 19, 2007

Well, my To-Tanem are finished (maybe I should take some photos...) and the 20mm ATR teams for my Japanese are 50% done. The Basti are "purring" right along. Time to "bite" the bullet on the Sebeki and start filling in the gaps on the heads and arms with green stuff. Then paint them, which should be easier than the Basti. Then my Warband is finished!

Then I need to base my Zeros for FoW (or should I do what JP tanks I have?) and then I believe I should go back to my Italians and get the Italian 88's done. Also the rest of my M13/40 tanks. I may need to replace the barrels on them, they are a bit thin and bend easily. Oh yeah, I can't forget to clean up the bases of my "Trow" Italians and put labels on them.

I'm slowly get what I need to start the massive "SUDAN" project. I currently have 60 Fuzzy-Wuzzies. I need FW Command and about 20 British and their Command. I also need to order stands from Litko and it's "away we go!"


Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Entry for October 02, 2007

"Let All Men Jump Up and shout Hip-Hip Huzzah!"

The last stand of my 15mm Japanese Army is finished!! However, I still have extra stuff, like the 20mm ATR teams that are being worked on now and the Objective Markers. BUT THE ARMY IS FINISHED!

Also, my 1st unit for my Wargods of Aegyptus Warband are just about done, the To-Tanem. And the Sobkei are almost fully assembled, then I need to do some filling in with green stuff & then prime the beasties. Next on the painting list after the To-Tanem are the Basti. And my 15mm Sudan British are whining at me too. And those Romans....


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Entry for September 18, 2007

Mr. Harold wasn't up to going to Tim's so I went without him. Got my To-tanem brushed with dark gray and some other stuff done.

Worked alot on thing today. My To-tanem unit is approx. 50% completed and I need to drill, pin and assemble all my Sobeki figures. The Basti and next and maybe the most difficult to paint, being cat-people and all, to get the way I like it. Must finish the 20mm AA command stand for my Japanese and get the 20mm ATR guys glued on stick & ready for priming.

Got some samples I ordered from Castaway Arts in Australia yesterday. Nice figures, but not nice enough. They work with the OG figs size wise, but the pose or "action" of the figure is lack-luster compared to the OG figs, and they cost more too. So like it or not, OG appears to be the way to go, maybe using CA figs to fill in spots where needed.

Watched my newly arrived copies of "Khartoum" the "The Four Feathers" (1939) to help get me in a Colonial frame of mind. Both great movies in their own ways. All the Mahdist's in Khartoum had Jibbeh's and no Fuzzy-Wuzzies. But LOTS of extras. The Four Feathers had FW and Ansar but not enough of them (IMHO). Still, the combat and uniforms were neat! So soon it's time to get the 28mm Colonial action started (and my 15mm Colonial finished).


Sunday, September 9, 2007

Entry for September 09, 2007


I HATE on-line stores that don't have a decent shopping cart and photos of their products. I was going to buy some sample from GFI of Minifigs Colonial figs and at the end, I have to PHONE-IN my credit card number or mail them a CC/MO for payments. Sorry, this 2007 and there is no need for that, it was bad enought there were almost NO product photos to look at. So I e-mailed them and politely told them I wasn't go to buy from them because of the shopping cart issue (I had live w/o product photos, but it helps to see the mini's). Maybe some good can come from this. I posted a "rant" about the lack of product photos on the TMP forum board under "RANTS" and got a whale of reponses, some pro, some con on the issue. But for me, I am not going to buy sight-unseen unless I have to. I've seen photos of some figs and the little buggers are a crappy figure that I wouldn't want.

I did order some samples from Castaway Arts in Australia, they look good from the photos and if they look as good in hand and match the OG Colonials, I'll have another line to use.
Bed time, off to take Mr. Harold to Tim's for fun & games!


Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Entry for September 05, 2007

And so the Con has come and gone....moving back to where it was before. Had a blast, helping Tim with his table in the Dealer's Room and selling his and Harold's stuff. Didn't get to play FoW tho...but that didn't matter. As the hotel was undergoing much work on the ballrooms, we were stuffed upstairs on the 2nd floor and there wasn't much room for miniatures (or anything else for that matter!)

After the Dealer's Room closed on Saturday and we were all fed (El Pollo Loco for free!) Hugh set up a colonial game, the British trying to get civilians to safety during the Indian Mutiny. I ran a 5 man unit of British and did my best to keep the bloody wogs off of our left flank. I succeeded, but lost 3 men in the process (posthumous VC's). He used a "Free Kriegspiel" form of house rules, quick & fun.

On Saturday I also watched a demo game of "War Gods of Aegyptus" and liked the look of the game and so got a copy of the rules (a copy with some minor printing errors for $15.00) and played a demo Sunday (I won!) using the new Spartans with the play test rules. So I then got a Sobeki (crocodile men) war band as I loved the look of the figures. I guess that "war Gods" and 28mm Colonial are my "Wargames Du Jour" as Tim would say.

I plan to finish my Japanese FoW 20mm AA in the next couple of days. And then do the 20mm ATR's. If the ROF of a stand is what is listed on the equipment list of the Army, no matter how many weapons are on the stand, then I'll just do 4 stands with one weapon each. And then my FoW Japanese are DONEfor the moment (tanks are next on the agenda for them).
And then it's on to WGoE and Colonials..Wwweee! And starting to clear my garage with some ruthlessness!


Sunday, August 26, 2007

Entry for August 26, 2007

Things are getting finished. The 47mm ATG are finished, my artillery staff stand is almost finished, the 20mm AA gun crew got their uniform paint job and I continue to make more palm trees!

The Executive Decision on the Colonials is on hold till after the Con. Since the Japanese have priority I need to finish them first. I got enough Peter Pig figures to do the 3 stands of "tank hunters" I can have so that can be done as well, but as it's not on my main army list, it's a "after Con" project. The 20mm ATR's are on hold as I don't have enough figures and they are out of the ones I need at Brookhurst. However, that too is not on my main FoW Japanese Army List so it can wait. I do need to re-visit my Italians, to make their air support and DAK allies and the dreaded Italian 88's after the Japanese List is done.

Also got the new Osprey Japanese Tank book in the "Vanguard" series. Very informative on Japanese tanks and where & when used. However, as the war progress, the US just smothered them with 37mm, bazooka and 75mm gun fire from Sherman's and Half-tracks armed with field pieces. As their armor was minimal, you can guess how things went....


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Entry for August 21, 2007

I got my Old Glory Colonials today...PISS CORNS! They are a "Husky" 25mm (abit bigger) than the Ral Partha 25mm and quite unusable together. So a Executive Decision will have to made soon on whether I stick with the Ral Partha Figures (Better casting but not as "Husky" as Old Glory) or to go with the Old Glory, which are not as good a casting but match up better with more current figure lines. I matched the OG Brits vs the Askari Pathan and they matched up well together. I have to see if RP has enough figures in their lines to make it worth my while to use them. Cost wise, they are about the same right now (.85 vs .80/fig), with OG's on sale at The War Web.

My FoW JP 47mm ATG are 90% finished, the 20mm AA crew are on the way and most of the palm trees I have (ordered from a cake decorator shop "Babycakes" and received VERY QUICKLY) are 90% done as well, as are the larger Palm Trees for 28mm figs. On Sunday i went to Tim's and we got the game board we had talked about make well on it's way, with it's edges attached and the sand for texture glues on. Next set is painting it in earth tones and adding flocking.


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Entry for August 14, 2007

My other Colonials should be in a couple of days. I e-mailed The War Web and they said they are on the way. After comparing them to Ral Partha (I hope they are a reasonable match) I can fully plan out my 25mm Colonial Forces.

So for the time being, I plan to stick with WWII 15/25mm and Colonial in 15/25mm as well as my primary periods. That's it. Just paint those Romans to sell for Tim will be my only side project. I am packing and moving everything else out of the way for the time being.
As far as our project for the Con, we have 17 days till the Con, and during that time, 2 weekends. I don't give much for finishing it before the Con, but finish it on time or not, I still want to do it. Build the game board and the whole 9 yards. If we can't get it done for September, then we could do it for February. And we can still just play the bloody game for fun of it as well. Harold is getting better day by day and we can play with him as well.

So tomorrow it's back to the salt mines,to finish my 47mm ATG, and then the 20mm AA guns. Then the Artillery Command Staff stand & then I believe my Japanese as per the list I did are done.


Monday, August 6, 2007

Entry for August 06, 2007

Today the first of my 25mm Colonial sample arrived today. The Ral Partha British, Dervish and Pathans came from "Great Endeavors". Quick shipping!

On first glance, they look good and are "true" 25mm scale. I'll have to see how they hold up against Old Glory. Tomorrow I'll check they out more fully for a more detailed report. And I'll get my Japanese HMG's finished and more underway.


Monday, July 30, 2007

Entry for July 30, 2007

Having a lot of fun with CoD2 multi-player. I am so glad I gave it another try and managed to tweak to work. I just wish the site I like would rotate in more new maps....

And the thought processes on my next project continue. I have also bought some "Old Glory" 25mm Colonials to check them out (hopefully better than the 15mm sometimes were!) Also have been downloading scenarios and terrain building ideas, printing some and putting them in a folder. As far as other things...I believe I will base all my figures on 25mm squares, for two reasons.... 1. Fits in movement trays - 2. The figure doesn't look 'crowded" on the base. 28mm figs look really "crowded" on a 20mm base.

And I can use them based that way for The Sword & the Flame, Rampant Colonialism and most anything, even LotOW (Yes, Legends uses 25mm rounds but it doesn't really matter. Besides, it's easier to get figures lines up with squares and I like the look better.) And I can get 25mm squares by the boatload from Litko.

So when my samples arrive, I'll make some figure comparisons and make some more decisions. One I've made is get this show on the road faster is make 10 figure units to start. TS&TF use 20 man units but that's a s**tload of work and the harder a project looks in the beginning, the easier it is to get distracted and fly off....


Thursday, July 26, 2007

Entry for July 26, 2007

A moth is as a moth does? Or would this be butterfly??? Anyway, after looking at the cost of Askari figs, and answering a question if Ral Partha Colonials are still around (and they are) on a YAHOO Colonial gaming site, my sights have switched from French Foreign Legion back to either the Sudan or Northwestern Frontier for my 25/28mm Colonial project. Great Endeavors carries Ral Parthatha Colonials and the price is reasonable (10 figs for $8.50) so I ordered some samples (sounds familiar already!!) to see how they look. If they look OK, or better if I'm lucky, I'll use them.

Now the matter becomes rules, The Sword & the Flame? Rampant Colonialism? Something else? I'm leaning towards TS&TF as it is a long established set of rules and is still available.


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Entry for July 24, 2007

Had a blast last weekend, going with Tim and his son to see TRANSFORMERS!
The plot was as I expected, but it definitely had what I wanted, which was jaw-dropping CGI scenes of Autobots & Decepticons fighting! I LOVED IT! Now they can most definitely do a live-action MACROSS, BATTLE- TECH, etc. HUZZAH!

Started major thought processes on my next project, after I finish the last bits of my 15mm Japanese List for FoW which appears to be 28mm French Foreign Legion by Askari minatures. I have thought about Perry miniatures, but the cost is prohibitive. Oh yes, I will also finish my 15mm PITTS armies as well. Hopefully I will get back in the garage and to work, if the weather cools down a bit. It gets bloody hot out there and that makes it hard to paint.


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Entry for July 17, 2007

Long time...No Blog! Went on my 7 day Alaskan Cruise in honor of my up & coming 25th Anniversary from June 30th to July 6th. Got back Saturday July 7th with a cold, (which Denise now has) and got the cats back, who also got cold while being boarded. I am at last feeling more human and tried to paint, but got maybe 1 hour worth of work done. Still pooped and have a lack of interest and a bit of a cough left. Hope to get back to work on the last bit I need to do my Japanese list as written ASAP.

HAROLD IS HOME AT LAST!!!!!13months & 9 surgeries later.....

He called me from home last night. He's been home a couple of days and is getting things set up for him to make it easier to move, etc. around the house plus getting into the mood to have guests. Maybe this weekend....

Next Project is to finish my 15mm PITS army. Also do some extras for my FoW Japanese, such as the 20mmATR's, lunge mine teams, etc.


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Entry for June 20, 2007

Been awhile hasn't it? Things are moving along, slow but surely. The HMG's are almost finished, as the crew are in the brown/black wash stage, next the 20mm AA. My 70mm arty is done, except the artillery staff stand. Then I believe it's on to the 20mm ATR stands, BUT, my list will be done when the 20mm AA is finished. Everything after that is all the other options I can have in the list. the 3 stands of lung mine/satchel charge AT suicide squads should be fun, as well the other two objective markers (Officer beheading marine and soldiers/coolies)

However...I am thinking about my next project, after getting my FoW Japanese list done. My 15mm PITS army needs to be completed, to make that usable. After that....possibly 28mm Colonial. Still in the "mulling it over" stage, and I was thinking of using The Sword and the Flame rules. They've been around for 20 years, so they must be good. In fact, I ordered a copy of TSatF, The Sword in North Africa and The Sword in Texas. Cover all my bases....

Next week Friday it's off to Alaska for a week of cruising around and seeing the sights. Should be a blast!


Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Entry for June 05, 2007

Well, things are moving right along with my Japanese. The 81mm mortars are almost finished, the Command stand for them is moving right along and I've added a ammo strip to the side of two of my HMG's, which makes them looks lots better. All the infantry now have a ID strip glued to the base, so I can see from the back who's who. The last 2 snipers are underway and the crew for the 47mm ATG's and 20mm AA are primed and ready for uniform color to be applied. maybe some photo's are in order..
Nice screen save above, from CoD2. I found a site with some tweaks for the game which now make it very playable again, much to my great joy. On optimal settings it was such a graphics hog the game slowed up so much as to be almost unplayable. Tweaked now, it plays like CoD UO. Yes, the graphics are not as sweet as they could be, but I can now play it with the computer....slowing...down...

Got my copies of the Mahdist's Source books, Vol. I & II in the mail yesterday. Have not started reading them yet but from just looking at them they were worth every penny of the $60.00 I paid for both of them. Just the thing to get me back in my Colonial grove.

Tim and I saw Harold on Sunday and if he is correct he should be going home sometime this week. I'll believe that when I get the phone call he's home.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Entry for May 30, 2007

Well, Gamex has come and gone, and work on my Japanese, to get them to completion continues. Once again I'm out of medium FoW bases, so I'm calling Brookhurst in the morning to see if they have any. I need them for my heavy mortars, etc.
Well, I need to remember any "special" goodies the Japanese can do and prioritize my targets much better in the future, as that short (but to the point) game I had with Tim's Marines at the Con showed. 37mm guns with canister is mucho deadly! And I need to start a search for more guns, howitzers, tanks for my forces. Always good to have everything in case you need it! I need alot of horses & limbers for my Japanese as well. Something to tow all the guns, etc.

The LOTR games both went very well. The Sunday games was mostly young kids with parents. Some didn't make it all the way through but 1/2 the kids stuck it out, found all the Hobbits and didn't do anything too silly. I wish I could have playing in some of Ed's THW games, but I never got the chance. Watching was fun, I wish my photo hand was steadier so more of the shots would be good. Tripod time!!!

I also picked up some Askari Miniatures as they had really nice 28mm Tuareg's and Pathans. Getting that old feeling of wanting to wander away from my Japs, but I'm not. The Askari Minis get put into a box and put on the projects list for after finishing the Japanese Army list I've done.

Let's see...

Need two more HMG stands
Finish & base my heavy 81mm mortars
Finish & base 20mm AA guns
Do last 2 snipers
3 stands as "Tank Hunter" teams (even if Tim isn't fielding tanks yet, halftraks are good targets..)
I have the stuff for 2 more objective markers
Do 20mm AT gun teams (3 guns/ 1 observer is a team<4> + Command stand)

Maybe more..have to check...bed time


Thursday, May 24, 2007

Entry for May 24, 2007

Printing some stuff right now for our LOTR game and then it's off to bed. THE JAPANESE INFANTRY IS OFFICIALLY DONE! My 70mm artillery will be done tomorrow, as far as the guns themselves. The observation team for them is also done. However, it needs a Command rifle stand (in production) and an artillery staff team (just started). It's a mistake I believe, as the Gun Platoon has NO Artillery staff, just a Observer Team. The Artillery Platoon on the other hand, has a Command Rifle, Observer and Staff team. The Gun Platoon needs a Staff as well, as who does the Observer report to? I plan a Artillery Platoon in future, and I need 4x 75mm and 4x 150mm guns to have all the options. And a Tank Company is in the future as well.

The destroyed Stuart is ready for it's flat finish and it's done. I didn't paint it up as much as I might like, but it's a objective marker and if I get too anal I'll never finish it. 2 of 4 snipers are done. The 47mm AT guns are not going to get finished by the Con, but I'm still going 100% on them to get my basic forces finished. The 20mm AA guns are in production. I forgot about the 81mm heavy mortars which are 60% finished. I'll give it my best shot but I have all of Thursday and part of Friday, so we'll see.

Most everything is together and ready to go. One problem I had not thought of was that I need alot more trays to transport my FoW Japanese. I'll try to be if I can get more at Brookhurst. I need about 4-5 more 1 1/2" trays for the infantry, etc. I'll call and see if they have any. If not, I'll make do somehow. Tim is counting on me to bring as much as I can.


Entry for May 24, 2007

Well, the artillery guns are done, the destroyed Stuart is done. All the rest will have to wait until after the Con, which starts tomorrow. I am also bring all my Italians, so some may act as proxy for what isn't yet finished. But I am going back to it after the Con.

Interesting watching John Wayne in "The Fighting Seebees" and "Back to Bataan". Kind of get me into the FoW Pacific gaming mood. I was also keeping an eye on the Japanese uniforms & equipment and noted for a pair of wartime movies, they looked quite accurate. The uniforms didn't have all the bags, etc. but the ammo pouched and bayonet scabbard looked correct. And the machine guns looked correct as well. As they are in B&W I couldn't tell the uniform color, but it appeared not to be a dark color. The Japanese tanks were of course, mock-ups but didn't look to different from some tanks they did have! And at the end of "Back to Bataan" they used a couple of Stuarts as Japanese tanks. As the Japanese did capture and use some Stuarts in the Philippines, it isn't such a bad scene to watch knowing that. However, the Sherman coming after them....

TTFN - Till after Gamex 2007

Monday, May 21, 2007

Entry for May 21, 2007

Let all men rejoice! let the horns be sounded! THE JAPANESE INFANTRY IS FINISHED (well, except for finishing one last rifle/LMG stand which just needs painting & flocking.) I have to finish the last two HMGS and their Command Stand. I got a lot done today, as I had to get up earlier than usual due to my wife having a tooth pulled while being knocked out. So I had to drive her home and while she was sleeping, I got the 2nd sniper ready to go, attached the destroyed Stuart to it's base after covering it in colored Liqutex, attached & based the artillery (paint and attach the arty tomorrow) and based a Command Stand. I also got 2 of the 47mm AT gun stands under way. I attached a bit of branch as a log for one and the other made a "C" shape in green stuff to which I plugged in paint brush brishess for reeds.

Seems a difference between the Infantry and the Tank Company listings. On the tank I get 2 more AT guns (total of 4) and I get 4 20mm AA guns. I'll have to see if I'm lucky and can find anything at the Con, but I'm not holding my breath

Back to the little metal men tomorrow!


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Entry for May 16, 2007

MORE STANDS.....4 MORE STANDS! 2 Rifle + 2 Rifle/LMG stands and the infantry is done! Should have it in the next 2 days, the figures are almost ready for washes and I will have extra, but I could need those for teams with my A/A guns, etc. The crew for the 70mm arty is about ready, and the heavy mortars, which I switched from Old Glory to Peter Pigs figures due to my gag factor, are well on the way, even after having a WTF!?!moment when two sticks hit the floor. Lots of fun trying to find 15mm figures, primed in black, under my work area after they popped off the painting stick and ran away

Markers for the caverns in the "Hobbit Hunt" game were started today. They are skull piles from Reaper Miniatures and a quick dry-brush of bone here, white there and some brown & black washes, done, with numbers on the bottom. Found we needs these after the test game on Sunday, May 13th. Much talk and ideas bandied about. Best part was when Gandalf had to go toe to toe with a Cave Troll and almost got made into wizard paste. He lost much of his FATE points right then!

Oh yeah, almost forgot! Two sniper stands are done and I need to talk some photos of my lads. The crashed Zero object marker is done as well, the destroyed Stuart is coming long.


Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Entry for May 08, 2007

As you can see my crashed Zero objective marker is well on it's way. And In the background you can see the fuzzy image of a wreaked Stuart....

Much done today, one sniper is finished, 2 more 95% so. Tomorrow I base 5 more stands of infantry and then...9 more stands till the infantry is fini! And 5 more stands of infantry are almost ready for basing in a day or two. Plus the artillery is moving along quickly. Still bloody hot but things are progressing. The 47mm AT guns are next and maybe a Japanese atrocity objective marker .


Entry for May 08, 2007

I'm back. Yes, It's been awhile but with my wife's birthday and other real life things happening, I haven't been doing as much as I should. Also, I was in a MAJOR funk. Part of it was the Blacktree Designs LOTR Fellowship figures coming out look good to the eye but sucky-suck to the camera. Also just plain Larry's-in-a-funky-piss-ant- I-don't give-a shit-about anything- mood.

Now that that's over with, I went to do some serious painting yesterday and some today, but having the garage door repairman by killed a lot of the earlier part of the day. And this Bloody 90* + hot weather!?! Paint dries on the brush before I can get much done. Paint 1-2, rinse brush in water, 3-4, paint 1-2, etc. I plan to spend tomorrow on the job and getting stuff done.

And as far as infantry, 2nd Platoon needs (I think) 3 more stands of riflemen, 2 more rifle/light MG teams. 3rd Platoon has maybe one stand done, so it's 6 stands riflemen & 6 stands rifle/LMG teams and it's done. The artillery is coming along, and I've started on my 47mm AT guns. The Hv mortar teams are mounted on sticks to be primed. Then it's check the list for what's left. Time to double check & up-date the list.

Oh yeah, I need to get the shot down Zero objective marker done. I have the two marines in the scene painted back from Tim so I'm ready to get going, I just need to figure out if I should add the base texture material and then add the plane or glue the plane down and then add the texture coat. Tim?? I've also started to paint the destroyed Stuart for the other, I may add some dead Japanese around it.

As Tim mentioned in one of his blogs, April 30th, Monday, I got to ride in a B-17. The Collins Foundation has a B-17, B-24 and a B-25 they take around the country and sell rides on. Yes, It was $425 for a 30 minute ride, but it was fantastic! I couldn't get past the radioman/navigators area forward, but I could get by into the waist past the ball turret. I took a great video of what I could see and it was well worth it and something I've always wanted to do. I has a great deal more respect for those brave men who flew in them into combat over Germany, trying to move & fight & fly inside that metal shell. I guess it helped to also be 20 something and shorter than me running around in there.


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Entry for April 24, 2007

3 stands more done - I have put on sticks, primed and painted the uniforms on the last of my infantry! I just need to paint the leather, canvas and guns, touch-ups, and then it's off to the washes and bases and DONE! I have laid out the artillery (figures, bases, etc.) and my heavy mortars so I can file and attach to sticks. I also removed the floats from my Zero float plane (1/144th scale by Kaiyodo) to make it as a objective marker. The floats came off easily and I took a chance and sawed open the canopy to remove the pilot figure. I believe I will have to leave the wings intact as the feel solid and breaking one off (as could happen in a crash) it wouldn't look good. I can either put the cut canopy piece off to one side or just leave it off. It's not wide enough to put on as if the canopy was opened. Should look good when I'm done. I need another objective maker for my Japanese...may be a destroyed Sherman??? And the surrendering British!

The Blacktree LOTR Fellowship figures look great and I am very happy with the paint jobs. I'll take photos when finished. Then it's on to the Games Workshop Fellowship figures!!!
One thing I need to remember is to get back on to the figures I'm paint up to have Tim sell. After the Japanese, I believe it's a 28mm project. I want to paint large figures again, even tho I still need to finish my Colonial 15mm stuff. That should be easy....


Friday, April 20, 2007

Entry for April 20, 2007

Well, three more bases almost done. And like 15 more sticks of infantry primed, base coated and the uniform painted. Some of these Old Glory tho, have serious issues. I mean, mold lines, just a general bad casting, etc. Might finish out the last of the infantry with Peter Pig if I need to, and I'm going to check and see before I got toBrookhurst.

Also getting my paints squared away. I'll use GW for everything I don't need Vallejo for, ie. military uniform colors, etc. Everything else will be GW paints, it makes it all easier to store, etc. And as a lot of the paint schemes I use/follow are based on GW paints...

Having fun painting my Blacktree "Fellowship" LOTR figures as a break from Japanese. They are getting done quickly and the fun of painting them helps me cope with what seems endless infantry figures.But that phase is coming to a close so I need to get the rest underway. Artillery first I believe, then Hv Mortars and the HMG's. After that, whatever's left. I think I'll get some tanks as well, just for fun in the near future.

After the Japanese are finished? What projects await!?! Necrom Monolith, Necron C'tan Nightbringer, wreaked shuttle....


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Entry for April 10, 2007

Tim, as they call him, says "The End is near!" For me as well, the end is in sight, at least for my infantry. 2 of the 4 Platoons are full finished and all the 2 man stands of Light Mortars for every platoon are finished. Platoons #2 & #3 are the last. Some of the stands for #2 & #3 are done, so I need 18 more stands and all the infantry is finished. Sounds like a lot but it isn't. I just need tyo get the figures on the stick, primed and get going!

Half my HMG's are done, I want to jazz up the last two stands. Then 4 stands of artillery and the AA guns and just about the whole list. I can do up the snipers and tank hunters at my leasure, but I won't. I'll keep working on that till I'm done as well, but my Japanese will be in a playable state by then.

The game on Sunday (April 8th) at Mark's with John was a blast from the past. His micro-armor game is easy to pick up on and we just played to the last tank. I'm sure he went easy on us noobs but future games should be alot of fun, like the micro-armor games of old. Darn it tho, I forgot my camera!


Saturday, March 31, 2007

Entry for March 31, 2007


Very lazy this week, got little done. Have to try to do better this weekend. I have several stands of light mortars almost finished, I need to get them touched-up and given their washes and then standed. Still, platoon #4 needs only one more rifle stand, a Command stand and it's three 2-man stands of light mortars and it's finished. Platoons #2 & #3 need all their stands done. But then, THE BLOODY INFANTRY IS FINISHED!! The rest is alot easier to do. I also need to light a fire and finish the Mahdist's and get the Brit's underway. They will be really easy to do in blocks, uniforms grey serge, bluff on the helmets & some straps, black shoes.
Then it's time to play!

From that gentleman, Warpainter, who does such great FoW stuff he sells on e-bay, I got a "how-to" on cutting bases. Could have gotten the info & tool cheaper I'm sure, but it does show you how and it's not that hard to cut your own bases out of plastic stock. You could even cut your own FoW bases as well. As long as they are the proper size, having the beveling on the base edge doesn't matter. And for cutting bases for something like DBA/DBM, you could cut what you need in a hour or two.


Thursday, March 22, 2007

Entry for March 22, 2007

Well, the Lt. Mortars for #1 Platoon are finished, and I think #4 Platoon is finished except for the Lt. Mortars, which I will get done ASAP. This makes #1 Platoon the first utterly finished Platoon I have!!! That leave most of #2 Platoon and all of #3. Or course that's all infantry and the heavy weapons are next, but they are fewer in number and sound be finished much quicker (HA!)

I have been thinking about rules for LotOW WII weapons all day and trying NOT TO BE distracted from my Son's of Nippon and my Colonials. Got one more stand of Dervishes done. I need to see what I have vs. what I need. Time to write up another list, and check it twice!Maybe go to Timmy's tomorrow, we will see. If not, back to the painting grindstone.

The garage has come alone quite nicely, I might add. Got it more squared away and freed up some space. Need to replace that plastic storage stand with one of the metal ones, which are far stronger. Also need to figure out figure storage again, as the plastic roll-away's hold a fair amount, but if I put them in the foam trays and then into the roll-aways, I can hold more per drawer it appears. Also need homes for the small plastic storage cases I already have, or condense them down into one or two big cases.


Sunday, March 18, 2007

Entry for March 18, 2007

Well, I did up a check-list of what I need done for my FoW Japanese and checked off what is finished. Bummer..... Platoon #1 is finished except for the Lt Mortars (which will be finished tomorrow), a couple of stands for Platoons #2 & 3 and Platoon #4 is 75% finished. Looks like I scatter gun it, not using the marked sticks for figure painting in numerical order. I need two more stands of HMG's and they are done but NOTHING ELSE is!?! I need to speed up the process.

Order a bunch of cheap Osprey books from that site Tim e-mailed me about. The extra 20% discount at the end was SWEET! Also put myself on the list for Volumes #1 & #2 of the Mahdist Wars Source books when they are ready. More info on the Sudan! YIPPEE!
Also re-working the garage (AGAIN) to maximize my storage space. Coming along nicely and I will work on it some more tomorrow and work on my Japanese as well, painting and finishing the 3 stands of Light Mortars for Platoon #1, all while doing laundry. Then for my next trick, a rabbit out of my butt....


Friday, March 16, 2007

Entry for March 16, 2007

Thursday saw another 6 stands finished, I should see what I have vs. what I need to finish the frakkin' infantry. The I start on the heavy mortars, etc. but that's a lot less to do. I need to Then finish my AB41's, the rest of my M13/41's and the German tanks I got from Tim (or at least see what I need to make a more uniform group of tanks).

Of course my Colonials need finishing and I hope when I can give them more attention, I care more. Right now I don't care about them as much ad the Japanese FoW army is monopolizing my time.

I went to see Mr. Harold on Wednesday, still not leaving the hospital it seems anytime soon. SIGH....But he did a very nice thing. He got me a starter set for the Axis and Allies game. Rules are a quick read and don't hurt the brain. He got it for me so he and I could play it when he gets (if ever it seems) out of the hospital and back home. The miniatures are easy to get but as they are that strange random way they do pre-paint figures in a box, and of course like the collectible card games are Common, Uncommon, Rare and Ultra-Rare or some such rot. However, being 15mm, if you can get the stats for the cards, you can get a 15mm figure/vehicle to stand in easy enough. The are a good match with Peter Pig 15mm (I checked) and it's easy to get them and one infantry figure to a stand, a Peter Pig bag becomes 8 stands of infantry. Just stand them on a small (1/2") washer. Tim wants me to get a starter set for him tomorrow when I got to Brookhurst. He'll like it and he can play it with his son quickly and easily.

Time for bed (2am) and I need to pack for my trip to Tim's for another Paint & Prattle session. Then it's off to Brookhurst and then a quick (!?!) trip up the 405 to the valley..


Monday, March 12, 2007

Entry for March 12, 2007

Well, the FoW game here has come and gone and a good time was had by all. We got one quick game (armor vs armor) in, went to Brookhurst, ate, came back and had another quick armor vs armor game. The Italians lost both games but I learned alot, and it was fun. Must do it again soon.

Too damned hot today and no painting. Monday is laundry so I will try to get some done then. The garage needs a re-organizing again, so I need to get that underway. Bloody weather, it's as hot as it gets during the summer. Need to work on the Japanese as they won't finish themselves.


Thursday, March 8, 2007

Entry for March 08, 2007

Got all done yesterday, have 4 more stands that need painting then flocking tomorrow and 4 more sticks are ready for basing. ON ROLL! boo ya! Still more to do but the end, at least of the infantry is in sight...way the heck down there! The Command stands should be easy. And each platoon gets 3 stands of grenade dischargers, but the are 2 man stands each and are starting along quite well already.

On the HMG's, I'm giving up on the ammo tray. Too fiddley and easy to break. 2 more stands of them and 1 Command and it's done. I have the HMG's done, just need 2 crew w/ammo. Then it's off to do my artillery, 20mm A/A guns and Heavy Mortars.

Now talk of 28mm WWI looms in the future....and this weekend is FoW with Tim and Mark....


Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Entry for March 07, 2007

Another nice CoD 2 screenshot with me armed w/a BAR. Anyway today (IE March 6th) was a good day for the Japanese Army. 2 bases flatted and 4 more infantry bases + one Command base to be sprayed in the morning. And more! 4 sticks of figure just needing brown & black washes and then they'll be ready for bases! So the Infantry are maybe 40 - 45% done? More sticks of figures need to made, primed and gotten under way.
And the HMG's are 50% done. I think I'll leave the ammo clips off the gun and finish the last two bases. Too easy to break off, so I'll just put brass next top the gun. It would work better in 25-28mm but in 15mm, it's too small to be worth it.

Also doing any experiment with a spare Dervish figure as I am not happy with how the white on their jibbeh is coming out. The washes just don't look the way I want on them...I'm trying a light to medium grey undercoat with a white heavy dry-brush to see what I get. And after the Mahdists, it's the turn of the British in their grey serge uniforms. They'll be a snap!


Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Entry for March 06, 2007

Well, go the 4 sticks on the bases, just have to wait till the Liquitex is dry. Tried to give a couple of hours and then work with it, but no go, still to soft and a figure tried to come off.
So in the morning spray flat two bases and flock the rest and get more underway. And figure out what I might want to do with the HMGs. I am think of gluing on a ammo strip to the gun but maybe to fiddley a thing to do. Break off too much. Check my pro-type later. Maybe just add spent brass to the stands.

The talk about using Legends of the Old West for other periods is going well. Just have to figure out how WWI weapon work within it.


Sunday, March 4, 2007

Entry for March 4, 2007

Well, the Japanese Infantry grind on! I have one base ready to be spray flatted, one ready for dry brushing and then foliage, and 4 sticks of figures ready to be based! So it's onward and upward we go. And I need to finish the last 2 HMG bases, give them a Command Stand and it's done!!

It's fun on the LotOW WWII site Tim set up. Looking at the rules and working out stuff. As I am NOT getting into another project just yet....I can look at stuff, make ideas & suggestions but no figure work....just yet.

Copied the 4 page quick n' dirty Warhammer Colonial. Look like a snap to re-work to LotOW, but to do it in 28mm.


Monday, February 26, 2007

Entry for February 26, 2007

Back to the Japanese FoW grindstone today! I also need to take photos of the little buggers and send them to Tim, as per his request. Have to see Harold this week and get passports for our cruise. Busy week this week. I also need to to get the only supplement for Legends of the Old West I don't have. Need to get those Colonials done! I'm a busy man so it's off to bed!


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Entry for February 20, 2007

And now Orccon 2007 is over. No, I didn't get all my Japanese finished but I am still working on them and will get them finish ASAP, as well as my Colonials. Off to Tim's this Friday I believe..
Not 100% happy with the NUTS! game, but all those that played said they had a great time, so whether I liked how it went isn't that important I guess. I would have done it a little bit differently, but hey, it's Bruce's mat, figures, scenario so he gets to run it his way. Difference of gaming philosophy at work here. Both the Saturday and Sunday games ran till the cow's came home but the players (all of them Saturday and most Sunday) made it to the end. And thus was the threat of the 88mm AT gun ended!

Picked up Warhammer Historical's "Legends of the Old West" and a couple of the supplements. Great Wild West game based on the LOTR system and can be used for French & Indian, ACW, WoI, etc. I'm going to put it on the "ideas" list for future consideration. Could be used for space as well, just replace armor saves with adds to Toughness, Light Armor +1 and Heavy Armor +2, Powered Armor +3, etc .


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Entry for February 13, 2007

Still trying but I think I'm not going to get real close to finishing my entire Japanese Force by the Con. I got more medium bases from Tim to work with but life is getting in the way. Denise was off work today (some President's birthday) but she broke a tooth! Looks like an tooth with a really old filling gave up the ghost. Being a Monday (plus a holiday), the dentist wasn't in and didn't respond to a emergency page message. So maybe tomorrow she can get it taken care of.

Still, I have got to go to the grocery store tomorrow but then it's back to the garage for more figures to file & get ready for priming. Some stuff is ready to be based and so it will be done! Not slowing down on this. If not by the Con then soon thereafter. to bed

PS - Screenshot from CoD2 above.

Entry for February 13, 2007

As Tim, so he is called, said In his blog it is coming down to the wire. As he does his stuff different, he has more stuff based and I have more completed bases, as far as infantry goes. Tomorrow I will have 3 more stands spray flated and finished with two more in short order!
So it's back to them tomorrow and I have to get the wall signs ready for our NUTS! game at the Con. I need to get whatever I am going to take and sell ready to go.

Bummer yesterday as Denise broke a tooth! One of her teeth with a really old filing gave up the ghost at lunch and today she went to the dentist and got it worked on. After much muss & fuss, a temporary crown and next appointment, a root canal and a crown. I sympathize as I have had 3 such operations in my life. Still it really hurts and is not fun, the day before Valentine's Day I guess we'll make it up later...

Also need to get my completed bases in order (2x Rife + 2x Rifle/MG) per squad to see where I'm at. I might have a platoon fully finished, so STAY TUNED!


Thursday, February 8, 2007

Entry for February 08, 2007

Brookhurst doesn't have any more medium FoW bases & I'm down to my last 4! So I guess it's time to work on the Command stands and artillery when I use them up. They said maybe the middle of next week, which would be just before the Con. Currently I have 6 infantry stands and 2 Command Stands done and will have one HMG stand done by Saturday. Tomorrow I can get 1-2 more infantry stands based. I can also get more figures ready on painting sticks and primed and ready to be based. At least one good bit of news is that it's not too hard to cut the damn " good luck" flags off the rifle on some of the infantry as too many of the figures were sculpted with it. I mixed some of the Tamyia Flat Earth paint with the remains of the Vallejo basing putty and that's working very well. I was worried that the Tamyia paint, which dries REALLY quickly, would dry out even when mixed with the basing material in a sealed container. But it didn't and that idea is working to make it quicker & easier to base my Japanese.

I'm also getting more Mahdists done and then can start on the British right after and have at least that gaming project finished . Actually not finished per I just built the example list given in the rules and can still do more units that can be bought in later games. So of course I will need Madhist arty, cavalry and more Brit cavalry and Camel corps.

This Sunday it looks like DBM at Mark's with Dave and Tim. Should be fun. May rain tomorrow and as I'm going to Tim's in the afternoon, could be a problem. We'll see...


Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Entry for February 07, 2007

So the boggy banquet at Johnny Reb's has come & gone and was great as usual. Today WAS going to get more done but Karen's kids came by as they had forgotten their keys so I let them in. Ended up being their awhile, as Ian picked my brain about gaming ideas and Ciorstan wanted to show me the artwork she had done so far and ask my opinion on it. She's become as good artist in pencils and arcylics but she is trying too hard to get it right in one go. Told her it takes time to learn to get it right. She had problems she said with the skin and hair color so I told her I have had problems as well. Takes time...

So I posting this after midnight I'm now 50.....BFD. Doesn't get the figures done so I have to get on the stick so it's off to bed and be a paintin' fool tomorrow! I have ONE, count it ONE squad done so far... frakkin' infantry....


Sunday, February 4, 2007

Entry for February 04, 2007

OK - Looks like Tim (as he is called by many) is on a roll so I had best get a MOVE ON! I have to get my infantry organized in a platoon/Squad/team set up in order to get a handle on things. I have only two Command stands and ONE rifle team stand done....MUST WORK FASTER!

Denise will be out & about with Karen today (due to the time this is being written-1am) so I can paint all day till she returns in the evening. Then it's off to Johnny Reb's for beer & beef ribs!!!

So TTFN as it's ZZ's time!

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Entry for January 31, 2007

Manic day today! Got lots done, got two command and one infantry stand almost finished. One the Infantry stand I added the paint to the Liqitex and then covered the stand, adding the figures in as I went. Worked well and I also tried my hand at adding tall grass/reeds to a bases. Once I get more figures finished on their painting sticks I can base them wholesale and then get to the other stuff!

Seems you need to first cut the grass material from the brush or whatever you are using and then tape the end over to keep it together, then drill a hole(s) of the size you want and then put a drop of glue in and holding the materiel put in the hole. Not what I did. I first time I drilled the hole, drop of glue and just pinching the grass ends together put them in the hole. It works, but on the thinner FoW bases the hole goes all the way through the base. So I covered the bottom with tape to keep the glue from going everywhere.

On the thicker bases I am using for the Colonial figures, you don't have to drill all the way through. You could on the FoW bases drill holes and feed the material through with the end taped together, glue the top and later cut the extra on the bottom flush with the base. Tim will get to see it tomorrow when I go over for a" paint & palaver" session.
Took pictures of stuff so have to add it to the album!


Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Entry for January 30, 2007

Well, the Cybermen from Doctor Who looks nice (see photo above)

Well, got two Command bases almost finished. The figures are done being painted, are on the stands with the stuff put on, need to tomorrow paint them and drybrush before adding grass. I'm now follow Tim's advice and getting my figures in team/squad order, rounded up my snipers and gotten the Japanese Suicide Anti-Tank squads rounded up as well. And I need to get the HMG's together too... SIGH.....then the AT guns...artillery..AA...

Good news on the Colonial front! The Fuzzy-Wuzzies are almost done and the other Madhists are coming along nicely. Then it's on to the British.

One nice thing is after all these 15mm figures, I have a lot of fun painting 25-28mm. I am working on a couple for sale and it's a treat. Making me re-think a lot about using smaller scales.
Mark is having a game of Ancients on Feb 11th (Sunday) at his place. I'll go and push stuff around, could be fun. Hope it happens.

TTFN...For Now....

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Entry for January 18, 2007

Taa Daa! More Japanese are at least primed, base coated and then give a light coat of Middlestone and are thus on the way! Also. I have re-listed the Goblin units on e-bay and put the two x 4 man sets of Chiltern figures (British 8th Army Riflemen <4> & Bren Gunners <4>) I have painted so far up for sale. And I hope they go well! I will try to get more painted stuff up for sale soon, but the Dervishes and Japanese are 1st on the list.

I have started a test bed base for the Japanese and have try to make them look good, you know, leaves, rocks, etc. Pacific Island is very different from the desert bases I have done for my Italians.

Some depressing news yesterday came in a phone call..more later. Trying not to think about it, as the main event is some time in the future but still....

Wish it wasn't so damned cold...makes it very difficult to work in the garage and I get cold and paints/glues don't act right when it's 40* so I can work best only in the daylight going to Tim's tomorrow and working in his garage I guess I should dress up like Nanuk of the North! LOL!


Friday, January 26, 2007

Entry for January 26, 2007

Got a lot of work on figures today.
Lined up all the Japanese figures mounted on sticks and painted all the leather (Beige Brown) on the figures. Next, paint all the canvas bags, etc. Two test figures (one Japanese/one Mahdist) for washes being worked on as well. Did the brown today, tomorrow a light black wash. Working on my Mahdists and then the Jap infantry. Made a executive decision today on the jibbeh worn by much of the Mahdist army. The collar has a black edging with a triangle point down on the front (see the photo above). Trying to do this on a 15mm figure.....naaa! Too hard to do and many of the figures due to the way they were sculpted

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Entry for January 23, 2007

Now is the time for all good men (me) to paint their Japanese Army forces! Got a bit done today as it's Monday (laundry day) but plan to get a fire under my ass tomorrow. Now that I have finalized my paint scheme:

Vallejo Paints-

Primed: Black
Base Coat: <872>Chocolate brown (#149)
Uniform: <882> Middle Stone (#118)
Leather & Shoes: <875> Beige Brown (#135)
Helmet: <921> English Uniform (#141)
Canvas Equipment: <884> Stone Grey (#104)

Not all of the helmet I'll paint brown as some of the sources (Osprey Men-at-Arms) show that the helmets for the most part were the same color as the helmets. Some the caps as well. For the most part, I'll do what looks good. I am also still working on my Colonials, the Fuzzy-Wuzzies are almost done, the rest are getting going. The other warriors wear the jibbahs, which are white with colored patches (square) on them. That's going to be rub. Painting the colored patches will be a pain. Even the British will be easier as their equipment is either buff or white in color.

Getting the bases looking good is the next hard part of the Japanese. Tim and I decided that Tamiya Flat Earth XF52 is the base color on the bases with a drybrush of GW "Bleached Bone" and then the grass, etc. To get the tall stuff to stick up as tall grass will be a learning experience.
The other fun thing is I have been off the St. John Wort for a couple of weeks. It's a natural anti-depressant but it still has the effect of making you not depressed but also not care about anything like a prescription Rx. I have more energy but I have to keep an eye on my moods, so to catch myself if I get tweeky or upset. So far, so good!

TTFN for now...

Monday, January 15, 2007

Entry for January 12, 2007-Invasion of the 15mm Japanese!

Work on my 15mm FoW Japanese Army is now working up to full speed...err...short of. Tim had a idea of using a white primer base on his USMC but I may/may not try that. I have found 3 cans of brown spray paint I can use as a base for my Japanese, if I follow the paint guide for Japanese uniforms from Resistant Rooster's. So I can prime my figures in brown (and why NOT??). The color of choice for the uniforms is Vallejo Middlestone, as the Japanese uniforn color is too yellow for my tastes.

I also have gotten more Fuzzy-Wuzzy's so I can have enough for the units I am building for PITS-1885. They should take a day or so to finish, if I can get out to the garage this weekend and if it doesn't get any bloody colder, as it makes it hard to paint & glue anything (stuff acts strange in cold weather). Also need to start on the other Mahdists.


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Entry for January 10, 2007

So many Japanese (15mm) so little time! Now that the bulk of my Japanese have arrived I get to work on them! THRILL! RAPTURE! But first I need to do a couple of test figures to get the paint scheme right for the uniforms. And figure the color for the bases...make palm leaves from green stuff....

And of course, all the Mahdists and British for my colonial game (Patrol's in the Sudan-1885) in 15mm as well. I have 10 bases of Fuzzy-Wuzzies (Melee armed) and 8 bases of riflemen done so far. I think I'm 2 bases short in my spear/sword armed FW's. Now it's on to the Ansar, spear/sword and rifle armed. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I've one FW leader base 90% done.
Also have just about finished painting a set of 4 Bren gunners from those grossly over sized figures I got from Chiltern. Gaa....they are about 30mm! I have finished 4 riflemen and when I finish the Bren gunners I am going to put them and the riflemen up on e-bay and start on more of them. They are too big for my tastes but should (HA!) sell better if they are painted. I also have a Black Orcs Command set I will start on soon to finish and sell as well.

Tomorrow at Tim's I think I'll work on the Colonials and get more Japanese glued down on large Popsicle sticks to be primed/painted. In have like a dozen primed and the flesh applied so far.