Thursday, December 9, 2010


Got some books I order this week. The Combat History of German Heavy Anti-Tank Unit 653 in World War II, Combat History of the 654th Schwere Panzerjager Abteilung and White Eagle, Red Star, The Polish-Soviet War 1919-1920 & the Miracle on the Vistula.

The two German unit histories are because I would like to build them both as late-war forces for using with Flames of War. I have most of the miniatures I need to build the 654th now. It uses the Jagpanther, a tank I have always liked. The 653rd uses the "Elefant" which is another interesting vehicle. One army at a time...(see previous blog)

I have had an interesting odd historical events, and after getting the "Skirmish Elite" book on it (The Russo-Polish War 1919-Battles of the Borderlands) the history sounded interesting so I wanted to read more about it, just like I did when I got interested in what happened at Wake Island. So I got this book to find out more...yet another project??? SIGH.........


Some Projects are FINISHED!

I have at last finished the Basti for my Wargods of Aegyptus!
They look good - I used the Army Painter "Shade" on them


The Beloved of Sobek and a standard bearer

The Beloved gets it's first green croc color

Italian 47mm anti-tank guns

4 stands of the 6 I need are done - they are now part of the infantry squads
I have at least gotten more stuff done! Re-basing the Dervish Spear unit is done and they are now back in their box. As the change in Flame of War for my Italian Bersaglieri forces, each infantry squad has 2x stands of infantry, 1x HMG and 1x 47mm anti-tank gun. I need to finish 2 more ATG's and the optional (sort of) 20mm anti-tank rifle for each as well (6 ATR's). On the defensive my Italians have alot of firepower, at least if the are assaulted.
Working on other projects has helped, and cleaning up my workbench has been nice. I am not sure if those LOTR Warg riders are not going in the "away" bin for now. I don't like the figures all that much, and I have some 15mm Civil War I have to finish on comission for Dave, finish those Dervish Camels for "Patrols in the Sudan" , other Colonial stuff (the Naval Infantry that are half done) and now that I am building a WarHammer Ancient Battles "Ages of Arthur" army, I need to get going on what little I have so far (6 slingers, some household guard and Command figs). But I also have to order some 20mm square stands for my infantry. I think I will mount the skirmishers on 25mm rounds, which will make them stand out as skirmish only troops, not like light troops that can do both (good idea Tim!)
Back to the painting grind tomorrow and maybe some gaming this weekend, but as Christmas gets closer, I need to decorate the house and other stuff, so as usual for this time of year, gaming takes a back seat.