Thursday, February 28, 2008

Entry for February 28, 2008

***28MM Sudan Up-Date***

Approximately 40 Fuzzy-Wuzzies infantry are done, with one Leader figure. About 30 more left, then 6 riflemen and Command figures (Leaders, drums & flags bearers). My painting job is good for gaming but not "Golden Demon" winners but that's OK as I'll them done a decade earlier. No "eyes" on them either. All my British (except the Gardner Gun) are currently standed and the test figure looks good. They will be easy to paint and I should have them done in short order.

***28mm Other***

Askari miniture test figure underway (Tureg). Easy to paint, Blue or Black headwear and white undershirt. Modeling of Askari figures are OK, but not great. However, they are about the only figures of the type, French Foreign Legion and their enemies.

***15mm Sudan Up-Date***

All the Dervishes I need for my list I believe are done (have to double-check!) and have gotten most of my British infantry painted. Three stands of riflemen with sargeants are almost done. Then the Gardner Guns & crew and Command (Officer) stands.

Painting the 28mm figures has helped me with the 15mm and vice versa. I need to get WGoE Basti done as they stare at me sitting on my painting bench. As well as the unit of Ancients sitting there as well.


Friday, February 1, 2008

Entry for February 01, 2008

***28mm Sudan Update***

Well things are moving along on the Fuzzy-Wuzzy front. The first batch (approx. 35 figures) are ready to be sprayed with Gloss and then with Matt - Thus are finished! Which means they are only 40 (approx) figures left, as well as the 3 mounted Emirs I just got today (back order from The War Web). Then the British are the next to be painted. I also got the last of the British I ordered last year (Bloody Perry Mini's from the UK). Those spears from The War Web helped alot, as opposed to making them myself from scratch. I'll need more of those for those Roman's I am working on to sell on e-bay.

***15mm Sudan Update***

I have also started working on my 15mm Peter Pig Sudan figures. I have to finish the British, which are very nearly done. Then check on what else I have to do in 15mm - I have some mounted figures (camels) and make some scouts. Then I am ready to play with the 15mm figs.

***AT-43 Update***

All my AT-43 figures now are marked so I know they are mine...a red "L" on the bottom and the edge has been painted with GW Codex Grey. I need some more "Red Blok" figs and the "Red Blok" army book to round out my force.