Wednesday, May 25, 2011

More Saxons & Wood Elves

More unarmored Saxons!
Another shot of the same

GW Plastic Lord of the Rings Wood Elves

Yes, I didn't paint the eyes, it's a lot of work.

More plastic GW LOTR Wood Elves, this time with spears

This is just a quick posting of some of the figures I have finished of late. The May game convention (Strategicon), Gamex 2011, is this weekend. As the May con is usually the slowest, I have planed to play games this time and have some fun. I will post photos from the Con next week.

The GW Wood Elves (and as yet un-painted) plastic Rangers were for a game I was thinking of running but decided not to do, at this time. However, they were fun to paint and gave some experience with using The Army Painter Quick Shade (strong) on plastic figures. Not a bad look (IMHO) and helps get things done quickly. They are a VERY matt finish when spray flat finish is applied after the Quick Shade dries.


Monday, May 16, 2011

I'm Coming Home......

Well, I am not running anything at this up-and-coming game Con. For the May Con, I am going to take it easy and play. No mad rushes to finish figures or scenarios. I have a lot of painting on my plate and I need to get more done, like today. Got my Saxon skirmishers (with bows) done and photos to follow. My Flames of War Italians (Mid-War) and now 100% ready to rock. Yes, I still have LOTS more stuff to paint for further List options but the additions to the platoons in "North Africa" (MG's, Anti-tank guns) are all done. HUZZAH!
The top photo is a Italian 20mm anti-tank rifle and the bottom one is the Italian 47mm anti-tank gun. The Anti-tank rifle is extra to have with every squad, but worth the points as to the extra fire-power to stop infantry/tank assaults.

Tomorrow, at our "Paint and Palaver" at Tim's I need to put together my plastic Saxons from Wargames Factory so to speed up (HA!) the process.

Did a play test with harold at Brookhurst Hobbies of the new rules for Ancients, "Clash of Empires". Interesting, but I can't say yet if it's a thumbs-up or down from one game. In some ways they are re-inventing the wheel and many of the mechanics are similar to GW's WarHammer Ancients. More to follow as more games are played...

OK - this part of the post is not about gaming... it's covering one of my favorite shows on Cartoon Networks "Adult Swim" - the ultra-violent and crazy "SUPERJAIL", one of those 15min cartoons Adult Swim has a few of. It's weird and wacky, check it out Sunday nights or on YouTube.

The Warden of SUPERJAIL - a demented "Willy-Wonka"!!!
The opening theme: