Monday, May 16, 2011

I'm Coming Home......

Well, I am not running anything at this up-and-coming game Con. For the May Con, I am going to take it easy and play. No mad rushes to finish figures or scenarios. I have a lot of painting on my plate and I need to get more done, like today. Got my Saxon skirmishers (with bows) done and photos to follow. My Flames of War Italians (Mid-War) and now 100% ready to rock. Yes, I still have LOTS more stuff to paint for further List options but the additions to the platoons in "North Africa" (MG's, Anti-tank guns) are all done. HUZZAH!
The top photo is a Italian 20mm anti-tank rifle and the bottom one is the Italian 47mm anti-tank gun. The Anti-tank rifle is extra to have with every squad, but worth the points as to the extra fire-power to stop infantry/tank assaults.

Tomorrow, at our "Paint and Palaver" at Tim's I need to put together my plastic Saxons from Wargames Factory so to speed up (HA!) the process.

Did a play test with harold at Brookhurst Hobbies of the new rules for Ancients, "Clash of Empires". Interesting, but I can't say yet if it's a thumbs-up or down from one game. In some ways they are re-inventing the wheel and many of the mechanics are similar to GW's WarHammer Ancients. More to follow as more games are played...

OK - this part of the post is not about gaming... it's covering one of my favorite shows on Cartoon Networks "Adult Swim" - the ultra-violent and crazy "SUPERJAIL", one of those 15min cartoons Adult Swim has a few of. It's weird and wacky, check it out Sunday nights or on YouTube.

The Warden of SUPERJAIL - a demented "Willy-Wonka"!!!
The opening theme:


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