Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Entry for June 20, 2007

Been awhile hasn't it? Things are moving along, slow but surely. The HMG's are almost finished, as the crew are in the brown/black wash stage, next the 20mm AA. My 70mm arty is done, except the artillery staff stand. Then I believe it's on to the 20mm ATR stands, BUT, my list will be done when the 20mm AA is finished. Everything after that is all the other options I can have in the list. the 3 stands of lung mine/satchel charge AT suicide squads should be fun, as well the other two objective markers (Officer beheading marine and soldiers/coolies)

However...I am thinking about my next project, after getting my FoW Japanese list done. My 15mm PITS army needs to be completed, to make that usable. After that....possibly 28mm Colonial. Still in the "mulling it over" stage, and I was thinking of using The Sword and the Flame rules. They've been around for 20 years, so they must be good. In fact, I ordered a copy of TSatF, The Sword in North Africa and The Sword in Texas. Cover all my bases....

Next week Friday it's off to Alaska for a week of cruising around and seeing the sights. Should be a blast!


Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Entry for June 05, 2007

Well, things are moving right along with my Japanese. The 81mm mortars are almost finished, the Command stand for them is moving right along and I've added a ammo strip to the side of two of my HMG's, which makes them looks lots better. All the infantry now have a ID strip glued to the base, so I can see from the back who's who. The last 2 snipers are underway and the crew for the 47mm ATG's and 20mm AA are primed and ready for uniform color to be applied. maybe some photo's are in order..
Nice screen save above, from CoD2. I found a site with some tweaks for the game which now make it very playable again, much to my great joy. On optimal settings it was such a graphics hog the game slowed up so much as to be almost unplayable. Tweaked now, it plays like CoD UO. Yes, the graphics are not as sweet as they could be, but I can now play it with the computer....slowing...down...

Got my copies of the Mahdist's Source books, Vol. I & II in the mail yesterday. Have not started reading them yet but from just looking at them they were worth every penny of the $60.00 I paid for both of them. Just the thing to get me back in my Colonial grove.

Tim and I saw Harold on Sunday and if he is correct he should be going home sometime this week. I'll believe that when I get the phone call he's home.