Wednesday, April 20, 2011

HMGS Spring Wars Mini-Con

I went to the HMGS Springs Wars Mini-Con Saturday (April 16th) and Sunday (17th) and had a great time, as you can see above from a couple of photos from the Sword and the Flame game I played in Saturday evening - 1st Dahomey War—the Final Battle of Atchoupa, April 20, 1890.

I played the Dahomey forces and had the unenviable task of trying to do as much damage to the French as I could. Destroying/routing the French Allied tribes gave me no victory points in this. The trouble was attacking the French square and not having his allied forces jump me in the process. At the end of the game (it was getting late) I had gotten to the French square and had killed all the gun crews and most of the infantry in the front but I didn't have enough forces left to exploit that (3 of my units failed their "Charge" roll and didn't close). To see all the photos of this fight and the mega-WarHammer Ancients Romans vs Celts game on Sunday, go to the Photobucket album of my photos at:

I was a blast to play as opposed to run a game for once. This week I have gotten more stuff done with photos to follow.


Friday, April 8, 2011

Quick Update (with pictures!)

Gedriht (pronounced "Yedrict") Command figures

The mighty Saxon Sea Raider leader (needs a name)

Standard bearer

And so they are done! At least that unit. Now as I am only building (for the moment) to 750 points, I have 2x 15 men units and a 8 man skirmish unit left. 8 figures of the unarmored "Geoguth" (pronounced "Doo-guth") are almost finished, just gave them their shade coat (Army Painter "Dip") today. Then a quick base cover of Liquitex and then some flock, etc. DONE!

Got the British Naval crew for the Gatling gun almost done as well, as they got their "shade" coat today as well. Photos of them to follow...