Friday, April 26, 2013

So Much for March....

   Real world and other I have not posted for a while. And I am not going to run a game at the next Strategicon game convention in May as I am not going to be able to stay at the hotel and may only be there one day. Why? $$$! Got to get my budget in line, wife is worried about money during the summer as she is a teacher and is doing summer school but it is less hours and therefore less $$. But I should be back in action for September. This will also give me time to get my Osgiliath terrain in better shape and fine tune the scenario.....

   But enough of that! Hope about some WWI British in Africa miniatures!

                                                           British Officers

   I have finished my British and as of this post have finished my Germans, having just done the last of the Officers (photos to follow). I have also been working on more LOTR Orcs and trying nearly 100% to be a "good gamer" and finish up as much of my back-log of projects as I can AND try not to get more figures (HA!!). So with my WWI figures done I have gotten that one off the list. Currently I am finishing up a unit of 15mm Dervish Camel riders for "Patrols in the Sudan 1885" and some 25mm Dervish I had started to round out my Dervish forces in 25mm. I also have like, 6 old GW LOTR Warg Riders (the old metal ones) also nearly done. So hopefully my back-log will be a little less, but I am sure, never finished (My plastic Saxon Army for "Hail Caesar" just look at me with big, pup-dog eyes....

   Next post, photos of the WWI German Officers!