Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Orccon 2010

Strategicon, Orccon 2010 is over. My scenario went over well, both Saturday & Sunday. Here are some of the Saturday photos....
The set-up for the Anglo-Egyptian Forces-The Cavalry (10th Hussars) were moved outside before play started (shown in the next photo). The Anglo-egyptian forces need only last till the end of Turn 9.....
Opening moves - The Cavalry is seen in the top of the photo set up outside the Zareba. One band of Fuzzy Wuzzys have come on the board near the Zareba and moved in, each band having a torch in order to set it on fire. Another band have come on (Mahdist appearance was random around the board).
All of the Mahdist forces are on the board. In the top of the photo the Hussars have charged the Dervish riflemen, taking 2 casualties in the process. The Zareba has been set on fire and is burning away (each section burns 3 turns and the fire is rolled for each turn to see how far the fire burn each turn).

As the Zareba burns, the British & Egyptian forces re-form into squares to defend themselves from the inevitable Dervish charges when the Zareba burns away. Being in a square gives them a bonus in close combat.

The Fuzzy's charge in the instant a section of the Zareba burns away. Who will the close combat?????
The British!!! But many brave soldiers are dead or wounded. And more Mahdist forces are waiting....
Another band of Fuzzy Wuzzy wait for their turn as the section of the Zareba in front of them burns...
Another band gets ready to charge in on the left of the photo-a close up of a Fuzzy band.

The Hussars charge a band of Fuzzy's that were going to charge against the British. The Fuzzy's failed their roll to stand against the charge and fall back. "RUN AWAY!!"

The Egyptians get ready for a Ansar band to charge them. Their Officer gets them to stand!

The last of the British infantry go toe-to-toe with a greatly reduced Fuzzy band. They will lose this fight and the survivors will rout away.

The band that fell back from the Hussar's is rallied by their Sheik and charges them! "DEATH TO THE BRITISH!!"
Victory to the Mahdists! The Sheik looks on as he has won against the Hussars. Much of his band had lost the fight but were not killed, however the Hussars have bravely died to a man! (The wounded were killed when the Fuzzy-Wuzzy reformed after winning the combat.)

The Ansar Swordsmen charge the Egyptians as time is running out (On the last turn of the game). If they win this fight the forces of the Mahdi will win the game!

The Ansar appear to have lost! However, the mounted Amir, the over all Commander of the Mahdists forces and a single sword man continue the fight in the hopes of winning, Allah willing!!

Alone, outnumbered, the Amir, Afridi Nadim, fights on, Against the Egyptian Officer and the last of the Egyptian soldiers. Victory or Death!!!! The British CinC, Captain Smyth Crumpington, was in the melee, but was not killed, just fell back (lost the combat). If he had been killed or wounded, the British would have had to make a Major Moral check.
The Egyptian Officer has fallen in combat, but so has the Amir! Thus the Egyptian have won the day!!!! (And the game)! They also saved the reputation of Captain Smyth Crumpington (losing a fight and running away looks bad).

The Sunday game was good as well. Not quite the down-to-the-wire the Saturday was (game was won on the last turn) but the Mahdist players called it at the beginning of Turn 9 (game would end at the end of Turn 9) as they just couldn't defeat the remaining British/Egyptain's before the end of the turn. Just picked up two players both days, my Co-GM, Mark playing as well. Everyone had fun and after the game, I asked what was right and what was wrong about the game. It was all good, no negatives, which is good after all the play testing I did.
I will post these photos and more from the Con on photobucket soon. I think I will just play at the March HMGS day at Aero Hobbies (March 7th) and get something up for April. I am also getting back into painting in order to clear my painting table of past half-finished projects and the ACW figures (15mm) I am painting for Dave for $$.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

From the Workbench..and my Workbench

Those rocky terrain by Gale Force 9 "Battlefield in a Box" I gave some desert color dry-brushing and some flocking so I can now use them with my desert mat. I plan to use the large one shown for my game at Strategicon, Looking Good! And now my workbench....

My workbench is a mess. I have too many half-completed projects sitting around it that are driving me batty. So I am going to get them done & out of the way. Those LOTR Wargs are have painted and need to be finished and are underway. One picture shows the "Redneck Militia" that are 2 steps away from done, and those Basti (Wargods) that have been sitting around for a least a year now. And 2 Japanese pillboxes are waiting to be finished...and the list goes on. Not really that bad. Also show are 3 British Colonial figures that I can get done really quick. The figures on Popsicle sticks are 15mm ACW rebs, 15mm Italians for FoW and some 15mm Ansar Camel Cavalry.