Friday, November 13, 2009

Point of Focus...

28th Bengal at Suakin 1885


Which is what is most important to me in my gaming right now. Which is Colonial gaming. Not that I don't like FoW, but after playing some Colonial stuff, I prefer it. Not sure why, but there it is. My primary gaming focus is going to be Colonial gaming, the Sudan and the North-Western Frontier. Maybe Boers later....

I got my order from The War Store, so now I have all the stuff I need to up-date my MW Italians with the MG's & 47mm ATG's now needed to add to my infantry platoons. I also got more Perry Miniatures - Mounted British Command, more Beja riflemen, British infantry and some Gordon Highlanders to buff up my British. As one of my current projects, the unit of Sikh's, is almost done, then I will start on my Italians. I need to finish the extra artillery staffs (need my 15mm maps) and then it's 47mm's & MG's galore!!!

I have started the horse for the unit of Hussar.


Saturday, November 7, 2009

You say Kharkee...I say Khaki...

And what a paint to try to get right! As shown in the above color plate and photo of the reenacter. And even his blouse and pants are 2 different colors. And of course the dyes faded under the effects of weather, washing, etc.

This photo is from the 1939 "The Four Feathers" and they are wearing the later Khaki uniform in the 1890's and the color is a little bit different again. After some research I found that the British had problems with dyes not being very color-fast (still using natural dye sources) and batches of dyed item were uneven in color, some darker and some lighter in color.

This photo shows some figures I have been working on with different colors that have been put forth as use able for the khaki color of the period. The figure on the left has Vallejo Iraqui Sand 819 <124> on the pants and lower blouse area. The middle figure is Vallejo Green Ochre 914 <119> and the right figure (the officer) is totally in Khaki Grey 880 <115>.

I started with the VJ Khaki Grey but don't like the color and it doesn't appear to match what was worn. So using the power of the Internet I looked up what other people have used, which appears to vary from a "Buff" color to Games Workshop Commando Khaki. To me, the VJ Green Ochre appears to be the closest to the Khaki Drill used on the Sikh uniforms I am trying to paint. It also appears that the British uniforms wear a lighter color that the uniforms worn by the Indian units (maybe they had better dyes in India..) and I have read some British uniforms were dyed in the field. Plus Officers often paid for their uniforms which were of better cloth and dyes.

So aside from mixing my own color, I'll use VJ Green Ochre. Unlike Napoleonic, there are not real "Uniform Police" on this. And the later Khaki color used in World War 1, is very different. I need to get these figures finished ASAP and the 10th Hussars underway.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009


The rifle armed Ansar are done! 30 riflemen + 1 Command figure. I have 30 Ansar Spearmen left to do and then I am out of foot figures (I believe). I also have a a unit of Ansar camel cavalry to do, and I should do them next.

The above photo is of the 10th Hussars, and those I am working on now. Currently I am working on a unit of Sikh's but it has come to a stop temporarily as I try to figure out a khaki color I like. There are no hard & fast rule on the color. The figures in the photo has a darker khaki than some figures I have seen painted...

The photo of the Indian service dress appears a little greener than the 19th Hussars. Other figures I have seen are painted a "Buff" color, which might work for a British uniform as the dye was not as fast and batches varied. Anyway, it's off to Brookhurst to check on Tamiya's Khaki (XF49), which I might use.

I am running a TS&TF game on Adam's "Historical Gaming Day" on Sunday, December 13th at Aero Hobbies and using "The Zariba" scenario from the scenario package for TS&TF 20th Anniversary edition. I have everything right now, with the exception of I might need more stuff for the zariba. I'll use either moss or make bush stands out of that door mat I have...

I may run this one as well at the Con in February.