Monday, July 30, 2007

Entry for July 30, 2007

Having a lot of fun with CoD2 multi-player. I am so glad I gave it another try and managed to tweak to work. I just wish the site I like would rotate in more new maps....

And the thought processes on my next project continue. I have also bought some "Old Glory" 25mm Colonials to check them out (hopefully better than the 15mm sometimes were!) Also have been downloading scenarios and terrain building ideas, printing some and putting them in a folder. As far as other things...I believe I will base all my figures on 25mm squares, for two reasons.... 1. Fits in movement trays - 2. The figure doesn't look 'crowded" on the base. 28mm figs look really "crowded" on a 20mm base.

And I can use them based that way for The Sword & the Flame, Rampant Colonialism and most anything, even LotOW (Yes, Legends uses 25mm rounds but it doesn't really matter. Besides, it's easier to get figures lines up with squares and I like the look better.) And I can get 25mm squares by the boatload from Litko.

So when my samples arrive, I'll make some figure comparisons and make some more decisions. One I've made is get this show on the road faster is make 10 figure units to start. TS&TF use 20 man units but that's a s**tload of work and the harder a project looks in the beginning, the easier it is to get distracted and fly off....


Thursday, July 26, 2007

Entry for July 26, 2007

A moth is as a moth does? Or would this be butterfly??? Anyway, after looking at the cost of Askari figs, and answering a question if Ral Partha Colonials are still around (and they are) on a YAHOO Colonial gaming site, my sights have switched from French Foreign Legion back to either the Sudan or Northwestern Frontier for my 25/28mm Colonial project. Great Endeavors carries Ral Parthatha Colonials and the price is reasonable (10 figs for $8.50) so I ordered some samples (sounds familiar already!!) to see how they look. If they look OK, or better if I'm lucky, I'll use them.

Now the matter becomes rules, The Sword & the Flame? Rampant Colonialism? Something else? I'm leaning towards TS&TF as it is a long established set of rules and is still available.


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Entry for July 24, 2007

Had a blast last weekend, going with Tim and his son to see TRANSFORMERS!
The plot was as I expected, but it definitely had what I wanted, which was jaw-dropping CGI scenes of Autobots & Decepticons fighting! I LOVED IT! Now they can most definitely do a live-action MACROSS, BATTLE- TECH, etc. HUZZAH!

Started major thought processes on my next project, after I finish the last bits of my 15mm Japanese List for FoW which appears to be 28mm French Foreign Legion by Askari minatures. I have thought about Perry miniatures, but the cost is prohibitive. Oh yes, I will also finish my 15mm PITTS armies as well. Hopefully I will get back in the garage and to work, if the weather cools down a bit. It gets bloody hot out there and that makes it hard to paint.


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Entry for July 17, 2007

Long time...No Blog! Went on my 7 day Alaskan Cruise in honor of my up & coming 25th Anniversary from June 30th to July 6th. Got back Saturday July 7th with a cold, (which Denise now has) and got the cats back, who also got cold while being boarded. I am at last feeling more human and tried to paint, but got maybe 1 hour worth of work done. Still pooped and have a lack of interest and a bit of a cough left. Hope to get back to work on the last bit I need to do my Japanese list as written ASAP.

HAROLD IS HOME AT LAST!!!!!13months & 9 surgeries later.....

He called me from home last night. He's been home a couple of days and is getting things set up for him to make it easier to move, etc. around the house plus getting into the mood to have guests. Maybe this weekend....

Next Project is to finish my 15mm PITS army. Also do some extras for my FoW Japanese, such as the 20mmATR's, lunge mine teams, etc.