Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Entry for September 16, 2008

Quick Up-Date….

Some time has past and Strategicon (Gateway 2008) has come & gone. VERY quiet Con as the parking structure is being replaced and that was started at the last moment (i.e. just before the convention) but I had a good time just slumming this Con and playing games as opposed to running one. The Friday night FoW game with Keith, Adam and Tim was great. Yes, the flank my Italians were holding finally fell apart, but it was because the platoons were shot to pieces and the last stand broke of each broke. Watched a great ACW game Saturday and played a AWI game Adam ran on Sunday using the "Patriots & Loyalists" rules. Mark also played in that game till he had to leave.

Played a game with Harold a couple of days ago using a free “quick” rules for British vs. Zulus from Battlegames Magazine. Lots of fun and have to try again with my Fuzzy-wuzzies. Tomorrow I a lot of e-bay stuff to mail, as the auctions I’m doing for Mr. Tim just ended. Lots of foreign buyers, spending a lots of $$. More $$ for him and me. Also have to get back to painting, which has been sporatic of late.