Sunday, August 29, 2010

Time for Plan B

A mess of Pathans - 60 to be exact!

A close-up of the blue clan (Old Glory Pathans)

The boys in purple

Add Image The red clan and our British Officers plus Pathan artillery & crew (Foundry Zanzibaris with cannon and a Pathan Leader (Old Glory)

Another nice shot of the hoard

That Army Painter Quick Shade looks great!
Askari Pathan on the right and Old Glory Pathan on the left

I have gotten half of the figures I need done but I cannot finish the rest of the project before the Con, Gateway 2010 this Labor Day weekend. So I have gone to Plan B, and changed my game. I will be running "The Zareba", using The Sword and the Flame. I ran this scenario back at the February Con. It went well and is a good back-up game. I will have this scenario ready to go by February next year, for Orccon 2011. I plan to get it ready for the HMGS day at Aero Hobbies in October so as to play test it then. I just need to get 60 more Pathans done (and they are well on they're way) a Gatling Gun and some telegraph poles.

I am quite happy with how the figures look after using the Army Painter Quick Shade on them (Strong) and then giving them a coat of Matt spray (in this case it's Games Workshop's) It covers many sins and makes finishing the figure a lot easier. No Golden Demon winners but done to a very acceptable (IMHO) wargame level of painting. And if anyone is wondering, I gave each of the clans a specific color (red, blue, etc) so as to make it easier on the table to figure what figures belong to which Pathan clan, a opposed to marking the bases, which I did with my Dervishes. After using red, blue & purple, I had a bit of trouble in figuring what the next 3 colors I should use but I have sorted out now.

Friday, August 13, 2010

What's Up with those Pathans???

Pathan rifleman stained with Army Painter Quickshade Strong Tone (aka The Dip)

2 Pathan swordsmen that have had "THE DIP!" (I really just paint it on).

One of the above figures that has now been sprayed with clear Matt spray
The rifleman with the same treatment
The other swordsman also sprayed with matt clear coat. All figures are Old Glory.
So how has things been going with my mass Pathan painting? OK I guess. The photos above show some of the first batch of figures after they have been painted and then had a coat of "The Army Painter" Quickshade applied. I use the "Strong" color, which is brown, as you can see. I tried a test figure with the "Strong" shade, which is black, but it was too dark for my tastes on the mostly white clothes on the Pathans. The Quickshade gives the figures a strong glossy coat which, IMHO, looks alot better after a coat of clear matt spray (in this case, it was GW). I am happy with the look. The first 20 are done, as well as all the Sikhs and the Pathan gun & crew.
I had decided to give each Pathan clan a different color on part of their clothes, as this make it easier during game play to know what figures belong to what clan. The "Red" clan is the first to be finished, the blue, green and purple are coming along. However, I need two more colors as I have to do 6 clans (20 figs/clan). I should (HA) have 40 more figures done in a couple of days, barring any delays (like my dentist appt. Friday afternoon...)
Almost forgot! The figures for the 3 British sergeants are also done. However, they are getting a promotion and I am using Officer figures for them in this scenario. This also allows me to use the same figures for later North-West Frontier games.
More photos to follow!~