Saturday, March 20, 2010

To Zulu...

Or not to Zulu, that is the question! In reality, the question is what next? While I am still going to add units to my Sudan Armies, (Arab Cavalry/Camelry, etc.) what next should I do? Go to the Zulu Wars? Or to the Northwest Frontier and the Pathans??
After some thought, I decided to start work sometime soon on the Northwest Frontier (NWF), for the following reasons. The Khaki uniform works not only for the NWF but also the 2nd Boer War and everything else thereafter. I have some Pathans and some British in 25mm already, so it's a easy start. And the uniforms for the British are easy, it's just how much I want to do on the Pathans!
More to follow...

Monday, March 15, 2010

From the Workbench

Here are three figures, the taller one is from Reaper's "Chronoscope" range British sergeant that is uniformed for the Zulu War, so I cut down and filed off the sleeve & pant embroidery and painted it for the Sudan. The other two figures, the bugler and sergeant are Perry miniatures.

A close up of the Reaper figure. It's almost done and will be used as a Sergeant-Major to go with my Captain when I field enough British troops to warrant a Captain & Sgt. Major (British Company -2 platoons). I still need a Colonel if I ever field a Infantry Battalion (2 Companies).

The two Perry minis - looking good - Almost finished!

Confederate Artillery being done on commission for a friend.

Confederate Artillery crews - photos not too good...

More reb artillery crews and their Commander. Then I have infantry to do. As of today the artillery crews & guns are finished and the infantry is almost finished. My first batch of Italians to upgrade my FOW Mid-War Italian Army are almost finished. I believe they need their black & brown wash. The next (and last) batch of HMG squads are primed and I'll start on them tomorrow. Then I have like 9 47mm ATG to do. The Italian list was changed in the newest NORTH AFRICA book adding a HMG & a 47mm ATG to each infantry group, So a full Company has 3 groups, so 3 HMGs & 47mm ATG a Company. I'd better double check how many Companies I have now & what I need again. I might be about to have a infantry Company w/ 3 platoons.
The other thing on my mind is how many 28mm Sudan figures do I need? I believe that due to numbers, I might be coming up against a wall as to how many 28mm figures I can get on a 4' x 6' gaming board. During the game at the February convention I noticed that having 5 Mahdists bands (20 figs/band x 5 bands = 100 figures) and 40 Anglo-Egyptian forces infantry figures plus a unit (12) of Cav the gaming board was a bit crowded. It maybe possible that around 200 figures maybe that wall. So I will have to go to 15mm to do really large scale games. And I have rules for that, "The Gatling's are Jammed" looking the best so far. "Patrols in the Sudan 1885" I don't thing can be used for massive games. I have a copy of "800 Fighting Englishmen" on the way which can be used for large games, but I don't know if it's for 28mm or 15mm or both. I can sell get more 28mm units that I use, like more British & Mahdist Cavalry & Camelry (Mahdist & British Camel Corp.) and another Gardner Gun and Mahdist Artillery to have for various scenarios.