Monday, April 12, 2010

2 British Sergeants and A Bugler

Here are photos of 2 sergeants & a bugler I have been working on for my British. The 2 smaller figures are Perry's and the larger one is a Reaper mini. They have since had their bases finished and added to my forces. I also finished the 2 extra FoW Italian Artillery Staff and Observers as well as 3 MMG's of the 9 I need to get my Italians up to code. I also then need 9 47mm ATG's and 9 20mm ATR if I want them. Part of the upgrade my Italians got in the new FoW North Africa book.
I have also been working on some 15mm Mahdist Camel Cavalry for "Patrols in the Sudan". The 15mm ACW I have been doing for Dave on commission are done! WHEW! I have been trying, somewhat successfully, to get my partially done projects DONE and out of the way. I still have 5 or 6 LOTR Warg Riders to finish as well as the Bashti Unit for my Wargods Army (Then the Sobeki need doing..)
I have my scenario for the next game con in mind and I have been working on it as well...more to follow!