Saturday, November 13, 2010

I've Been Busy!

Some photos of the test game for "The Patrol", the scenario I am going to be running at the February game Convention using "The Sword and The Flame". This scenario if from the 20th Anniversary Scenario book and the idea is taken from the movie "Gunga Din". 2 Infantry platoons of Indian soldiers back up with a Gatling Gun and 3 British Officers go to a remote village to see why the telegraph is no longer working. It's down because the tribesmen want to get someone to check it out and "crush" them. This game was run at Aero Hobbies on 11-07-2010 as part of HMGS day (every 1st Sunday).

Indian soldiers look down the street at a group of Afghan tribesmen moving toward them.
Afghan tribesmen (Pathans) charge down the street, hoping to survive rifle fire and the Gatling gun (which, lucky for them, jammed!) The vulture, on the edge of the roof, watches & waits for din-din...
Two tribes (clans) of Pathans move around buildings, waiting for the right moment to charge.

Fire-fight & melee at the low wall
The complete set of photos can be seen at:
Now some photos of a WarHammer Ancient Battles game I played with Harold on Saturday, 11-13-2010 at the Games Workshop Battle Bunker in Westminister. Now I am not that into WAB just yet, but it was fun and Harold's opponent for this game was going to be late I believe.

I was playing Greeks vs. ancient Hebrew army

My skirmishers against Light Israelite cavalry, acting as "speed bumps" when they were charged by the cavalry, which they heroically did for 1 turn...

This is a above shot just before the cavalry charged the skirmishers
Light Cavalry, looking for trouble....
So I have had a playtesting one weekend and a WAB game the next. Lots of fun! I have also gotten much painting done, which I will have to up-date my projects on my home page. Everything I need for my game is done, terrain picked out, etc. I hope to get a couple more playtests before February. Some of the ideas the players had about set-up, etc. in the 1st playtest I want to try, as well as a game with 1/2 sized units (10 figures).
I also had a brainstorm on my terrain issues, which was "what do I have?" I will take photos of it all, so I have a catalog of what hills, trees, buildings, etc. I have to use. Should take a day or two but in the end will be very worth it!