Monday, December 21, 2009

The Zareba, a Grand Game!

Sorry about the delay, I have been relaxing after Historical Miniatures Gaming Day at Aero Hobbies, which happened on Sunday, December 13th. I was on a painting jag to get everything ready for The Sword and The Flame game I was going to run, getting those British cavalry done in time. They were, finished on Saturday, the day before. And as you can see above, my Anglo-Egyptian forces looked grand in the their zareba.

And here are those Hussars I was working so hard on, charging into some Fuzzy Wuzzys during the game. They had some problems getting to grips with the Madhists that game! If it wasn't the Fuzzy Wuzzy blowing there "Stand & Fight" rolls, I blew my "Charge Completion" roll (rolled a "6" on a d6 and failed..) once. But it was a great game, with just me & Harold playing. I had hoped for more people, but for a 1st time it was a good turnout never the less, with Fields of Glory in 10mm), Flames of War (15mm), ACW (using Johnny Reb II in 15mm) and myself doing TS&TF in 28mm.

That fellow seems to be saying "Follow me and charge the Egyptians, it will be fun!" The scenario was taken from The Sword and The Flame Scenario Portfolio 2000, the one called "The Zareba". It is taken from the 1939 version of "The Four Feathers" and is the nigh time attack on the British zareba. Things get to close quarters quickly as the visibility is reduce to 8" (nighttime, no moon) and regular shooting scores are also only used up to 8". Over 8" everything is a Class IV target, the worst possible score to hit. worked out well and I am going to run this scenario at the February Con. I hope to play it again once or twice more to fine tune it, as per Harold's suggestion during the after game "How-did-it-go?" session. The game was to be for 9 turns, then the sun comes up and it's over. The Mahists didn't totally destroy the AE forces, but gave them a good thrashing, killing or wounding most of the British platoon, the rest fleeing, and reducing the cavalry to 6 figure out of 12. The Egyptians were not badly hurt (still well over half strength) and the Mahdists has lost 2 bands out of 5 (4 spear/sword armed & one rifle armed). One of the remaing FW bands was pretty chewed up (at 1/2) and the riflemen had just been charged in the rear but the remaining cavalry but still were on the table.
For more photos go to:
Lots to see there. Even tho it is Christmas Time, still have to get back to the little metal guys, my Sikhs need finishing, etc.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Point of Focus...

28th Bengal at Suakin 1885


Which is what is most important to me in my gaming right now. Which is Colonial gaming. Not that I don't like FoW, but after playing some Colonial stuff, I prefer it. Not sure why, but there it is. My primary gaming focus is going to be Colonial gaming, the Sudan and the North-Western Frontier. Maybe Boers later....

I got my order from The War Store, so now I have all the stuff I need to up-date my MW Italians with the MG's & 47mm ATG's now needed to add to my infantry platoons. I also got more Perry Miniatures - Mounted British Command, more Beja riflemen, British infantry and some Gordon Highlanders to buff up my British. As one of my current projects, the unit of Sikh's, is almost done, then I will start on my Italians. I need to finish the extra artillery staffs (need my 15mm maps) and then it's 47mm's & MG's galore!!!

I have started the horse for the unit of Hussar.


Saturday, November 7, 2009

You say Kharkee...I say Khaki...

And what a paint to try to get right! As shown in the above color plate and photo of the reenacter. And even his blouse and pants are 2 different colors. And of course the dyes faded under the effects of weather, washing, etc.

This photo is from the 1939 "The Four Feathers" and they are wearing the later Khaki uniform in the 1890's and the color is a little bit different again. After some research I found that the British had problems with dyes not being very color-fast (still using natural dye sources) and batches of dyed item were uneven in color, some darker and some lighter in color.

This photo shows some figures I have been working on with different colors that have been put forth as use able for the khaki color of the period. The figure on the left has Vallejo Iraqui Sand 819 <124> on the pants and lower blouse area. The middle figure is Vallejo Green Ochre 914 <119> and the right figure (the officer) is totally in Khaki Grey 880 <115>.

I started with the VJ Khaki Grey but don't like the color and it doesn't appear to match what was worn. So using the power of the Internet I looked up what other people have used, which appears to vary from a "Buff" color to Games Workshop Commando Khaki. To me, the VJ Green Ochre appears to be the closest to the Khaki Drill used on the Sikh uniforms I am trying to paint. It also appears that the British uniforms wear a lighter color that the uniforms worn by the Indian units (maybe they had better dyes in India..) and I have read some British uniforms were dyed in the field. Plus Officers often paid for their uniforms which were of better cloth and dyes.

So aside from mixing my own color, I'll use VJ Green Ochre. Unlike Napoleonic, there are not real "Uniform Police" on this. And the later Khaki color used in World War 1, is very different. I need to get these figures finished ASAP and the 10th Hussars underway.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009


The rifle armed Ansar are done! 30 riflemen + 1 Command figure. I have 30 Ansar Spearmen left to do and then I am out of foot figures (I believe). I also have a a unit of Ansar camel cavalry to do, and I should do them next.

The above photo is of the 10th Hussars, and those I am working on now. Currently I am working on a unit of Sikh's but it has come to a stop temporarily as I try to figure out a khaki color I like. There are no hard & fast rule on the color. The figures in the photo has a darker khaki than some figures I have seen painted...

The photo of the Indian service dress appears a little greener than the 19th Hussars. Other figures I have seen are painted a "Buff" color, which might work for a British uniform as the dye was not as fast and batches varied. Anyway, it's off to Brookhurst to check on Tamiya's Khaki (XF49), which I might use.

I am running a TS&TF game on Adam's "Historical Gaming Day" on Sunday, December 13th at Aero Hobbies and using "The Zariba" scenario from the scenario package for TS&TF 20th Anniversary edition. I have everything right now, with the exception of I might need more stuff for the zariba. I'll use either moss or make bush stands out of that door mat I have...

I may run this one as well at the Con in February.


Sunday, October 25, 2009

I Played Warhammer Ancients!?!

Last weekend (10-18), on Sunday, I and Mark went to the HMGS Mini-Wars game Con in Glendale. I was hoping to play Rorke's Drift game listed, using "The Sword & the Flame". The gentlemen never appeared (nor did he reply to an e-mail I had sent earlier about the game) so Mark and myself decided to play the Warhammer Ancients "Dark Ages Battle" listed, run by some people we know.
The choices were playing Normans or Vikings, I went Viking & Mark went Norman. I was a great game and the Vikings won. Also most of the Viking players (including myself) also fulfilled our "secret" objectives. All in all, I enjoyed playing WAB but I am not running out to get a army.
My primary focus is still on the Colonial period, with WW2 (FoW) being secondary.
The Ansar riflemen should be finished this week, just need to do flesh touch-ups and "flock" the bases. After that, it's the turn of the Sikh's. I also want to finish all the half-done projects around me, including my Wargod's stuff, extra Italian Artillery staff, LOTR Warg Riders, and wounded/dead French Foreign Legion (left over from the Con). I am tried of see them on my workbench, undone.
I also want to get back to painting my 15mm stuff for "Patrols in the Sudan 1885", such as Egyptians, Ansar camel men, etc. to increase what I have to use with that game.
I also just got my copy of the re-print of the "Rough Rider" rules for the Spanish-American War and action in the Philippines (Moro's) from TVAG. Rules are OK, quality of printing isn't great. Trouble is that rules are written in the old style of "you know what I mean" style. Needs more examples and clearer writing style. Some ideas in it are good, but there are rules out now that do as good or better job than this set.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Been very busy. so let's start....

Last Sunday (October 4th) I ran a game of the The Sword & the Flame at Aero Hobbies. It went off better than I had hoped for, given the lack of e-mail response. I thought it would be just me and Mark, but Art & Myelin also wanted to play so I got to GM, which I wanted to do.

1st game Mark took the British, who managed to take on both units of Fuzzy-Wuzzies and cut them down to size. It went quickly, so when we got two more players (Frank & Sam?) I had 5 players for a 2nd game! So I gave the Anglo-Egyptian forces a small 10 man British unit & a full 20 man unit of Egyptians as well as a over CinC figure.

The forces of the Madhi got 3 full units, 2 Fuzzy-Wuzzy spear/sword units and a unit of Ansar riflemen. The FW's got a fairly well times attacked with both units attacking a single unit. The smaller 10 man British unit took the worst of the melees, as well as the attention of the riflemen on a nearby low hill who poured rifle fire into them, as well as hitting the FW unit charging into melee with the British they were firing at!!! (The Mahdi will NOT be pleased!)

In the end, the Anglo-Egyptian forces ran a FW unit off, but the British unit was down to 2 figures, who carried one wounded infantryman and their wounded Officer (possible VC? but they left all the other wounded to the tender mercies of the FW's) into the Egyptian unit, which had formed a square at this time. The square slowly back away off the board as it was felt they couldn't tackle the remaining Madhist's, a damaged unit of FW's and the riflemen, who at best I believe had lost 2 figures.

Overall, everyone had a great time and I did the Happy GW dance at how well it went!

On Sunday Oct. 11th, I went to the mini-con done by Brookhurst Hobbies/ St. Crispin's Irregulars of the Historical Miniature Gaming Society host Hobby Days at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Anaheim on the 2nd Saturday of the month. Not as much as the last time going on, but I decided to play in John's Multiplayer - Fight, Die & re-spawn Battletech game.
Spent the day doing that and had a great time blasting things (at least when I rolled well!) In the above photo were the Mech's I had, and I had fun with the small vehicle I also ran, The "Packrat", armed with a medium laser & SMR-6 missile pack. I got immobilized later, but after I had gotten a luck shot on a nearby Mech and damaged it's gyro. It failed to get up after falling down from that hit right in front of me, facing away. So I hit it with the missiles (laser was KO'd by then) and racked it up good! Have to play this again. Could even use the vehicle rules for the MATAAC stuff.....
Finished all but 5 of the wounded /dead Arab figures leftover from the Con. Also working on right now are the Ansar riflemen and Sikh figures. The riflemen should be done right quick, and I have had Tim make me a copy of 15mm maps for the 2 extra Italian Artillery Staff for FoW I am working on as well. I am getting the extra stuff I need to upgrade my FoW Italians to the new Afrika book for The War Store (have to send the order in!)
Busy Boy am I!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The above are a couple of photos from the 2nd of the "Bridge Too Far" games at the Armory. The Germans are crossing the first bridge and crushing the British defenders. And a photo of the brave Italians in their Semovente 47/32 after tank assaulting some British, crushing 2 stands and the British withdrew in fear!!! Photo's on Photobucket soon...
Quick post this time, with a book review of "Flashman" by George MacDonald Fraiser. Howard & Mark read this series many years ago and enjoyed it. Now, decades later, I picked up the 1st book in the series as I am into the period. Our Hero (Harry Flashman) works his way through India and survives the 1st Afghan War. I am not too sure about this character, he lies, steal and is such a cowardly, rapist poltroon I'm not sure I can get into him. I'll have to read the 2nd book and see if he grows on me. Now I do read the "Ciaphas Cain" 40K novels & he is a bit of a coward & weasel but knows the limits of what he can get away with, being a Commissar. Harry Flashman seems to have NO redeeming qualities whatsoever.
I am hoping to have a "Sword & the Flame" game Sunday at Aero.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Gateway 2009 Over & Done!

And so another Strategicon is over & done. The Battle of Hamunaptra, demo game for Chain Reaction 3.0 (Two Hour Wargames) went very well and the terrain looked great! The French Foreign Legion survived but too some losses. Only had 3 players (one of them Mark) but everyone had a great time so I am happy! The Flames of War game Harold ran (Battle of Prokorovka) I was Chief Helper Monkey on and the players had a good time (Germans won) and it was a great scenario, and can easily be run again at another Con.

Now that I'm not so pressed for time, I will finish the last of the Mounted Arabs & Foot Figures.
After that, I should really get back to & finish my Basti for WGoE and the extra Artillery Staff for my Italians (FoW). I need to go by Brookhurst and get the new AFRIKA book to see what to do with my Italians, as thing have changed in how my army is structured.
Plotting & planning for the February Con is well underway and I plan to do The Sword & The Flame with all my Brits & Dervishes. Just need to figure a scenario and what is need vs. what I have. I also have alot of figures to paint to add to what I have, so I can get started on them. I can also paint more 15mm to add to my Patrols in the Sudan stuff.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wild Weasal Painting

Well, the high double and low triple digit heat wave has not helped my painting. It is difficult to work in the heat and I am very pooped by nightfall, so get less done then, when it is cooler. However, all the FFL, Beni and Rick are done, see above. I plan to really get going on the mounted Turegs tomorrow, Sunday. Most of the horses are done, as well as the regular mounted figures. The Mounted Command is next. Those Old Glory figures can be really crappy, as 3-4 of the mounted swordsmen had to be converted due to sword breakage. One became a standard bearer and should look quite nice when finished. I am NOT going to get into how bad the horses are...Gggrrr....
Also a source of disappointment is the Sabol SD-Combat mat. Really nice look on it, a very 3-D look of a desert but on one of the short ends of the mat, all the way across is repeated their website and "SD-Combatmat" in white letter, 3.5" from the mat end (otherwise I would cut it off . I was thinking of returning it to the hobby store for a refund, but the photo print is just good enough for me to keep it and see if somehow I can cover the printing up.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I Got Books!

Some books on back order from The Scholar's Bookshelf have arrived to increase my Colonial library:

"From Korti to Khartum -A Journal of the Desert March from Korti to Gubat and of the Ascent of the Nile in General Gordan's Steamers" By Col. Sir Charles W. Wilson

"With the Camel Corps Up the Nile" by Count Gleichen

"The Battle of Tofrek - Fought near Suakin, March 22nd 1885" under Major General Sir John Carstairs M'Neill

These books author's were there. Could be dry reading but we will see.
The French Foreign Legion in white are 95% done. Photos to follow. Rick's figure is done -Beni's is 95% done. FFL figs are done!
Foot Arabs are based & primed and painting will start forthwith.
Mounted Figures - need to temporarily attached to dowels and primed. All horse have their based trimmed, but the horse still need to filed and trimmed, then based.
Dead & Wounded Legionnaires & Arabs - Arabs are based & primed & FFL are next on the based/prime list. Some of the wounded Arabs have to painted first, then based due to the figures position.

I am going to clear the table, put a mat down and start some solo play testing, using what is finished and just bases for now.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

French Foreign Legion, Beni & O'Connell

Work beings on the figures needed. The first picture is of 2 (almost) finished Askari French Foreign legion (Summer Uniform) behind a wall. The next is a picture of the figure I have started which is becoming Beni (Artizen-Renegade Legionnaires II) and the last is the Reaper figure talked about in a earlier post that I swapped one hand to replace the .45 with a pistol. That will be O'Connell and should be finished in a couple of days. The FFL should also be done right quick. And executive decision was made to paint them in the FFL white Summer campaign uniform. In the movie, The Mummy, some of the soldiers appear to be in that uniform (all white) and others appear to have light tan/brown pants (instead of white). So make it easier to paint, and after asking my wife (a non-gamer who can have good insight if I am over-engineering a project) I went with the Summer uniform for everyone.

Then it's the massive paint of Arabs, on foot and mounted. Time to get the drill out to drill horses & riders for pinning (OH JOY!!) and I have 30+ mounted to do. They are going be painted like the movie, Black robes, white turban and under shirt, maybe with some variation. As I have begun basing dead/wounded Arabs and will base wounded/dead Legionnaires after that. 18 foot figure have been based and primed. They will be painted after the FFL are done.
Terrain - I have everything I need, with exception of a bigger mat (I have a 4x6 and I might need a 5x8).
I also need to start play test ASAP to see about ranges, distances, etc.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Getting Ready for the Gateway 2009

The Semovente's Advance! From the Flames of War game on Sunday (8/9) at Aero Hobbies. It was a bit of a strange game....Germans vs Germans & Italians (Didn't have any Allies to beat on). Due to time constraints the game ended before Turn 6, in a Draw. How, my Italian's did well, rolled REALLY well and were left more alone due to the fact that the Germans players tanks were more of a threat than mine! HA! It was a great game.
My Turegs are all finished (check) and my French Foreign Legion in the classic uniform done (check). Egyptian terrain borrowed from Tim (THANKS!!!) and with the terrain I have should be enough and I plan to play set-up tomorrow. The extra French Foreign Legion in white Summer campaign uniforms (no back-packs) arrived and have been attached to bases and primed grey. Painting them will start tomorrow. Their uniforms will be painted to match the uniforms used in the movie, "The Mummy", in the battle at the ruins of Hamunaptra in the beginning of the movie. White shirt and hat, light brown pants, black leather equipment and boots. The figure for Beni has not arrived yet, but should soon I hope. My re-supply of bases from Litko has arrived today. The figure for Rick O'Connell has been attached to a base, primed and the paint job has been started. Photos to follow.
Not sure, but I may have to paint my foot Berbers figures as well, just in case.


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I've been Busy....

Working on painting French Foreign Legion for my 2 Hour Wargames demo at the next game convention. As the game is based on the fight in the beginning of "The Mummy" - 1925, Hamunaptra, Egypt - A garrison of the French Foreign Legion is cornered at the ruins of Hamunaptra by a roving band of Tuareg (Arab) warriors. Deserted by their colonel , the Legionnaires fight on under there American Captain Rick O'Connell. So begins the battle at Hamunaptra portrayed in The Mummy (1999). Will the Tuaregs slaughter the Legionnaires? Will O'Connell and Beni survive? Come find out!

I have 20 FFL done, I might need more. My mounted Arabs on the way, and I have a bag of foot figures as well. I need to get figures for Beni and O'Connell. I have a good idea of what I want, I just have to get them.

This is the figure I want to get for O'Connell. It's by Reaper (#50032) and after watching that part of the movie and checking still photos it's not a bad match. He has two .45's out near the end of the combat scenes and I might change on of the guns for a revolver (Reaper sells separate weapons). Artizen has some "Renegade Legionnaire" figures that will work for Beni. I just jhope Brookhurst has the figures, otherwise I have to order them ASAP!
Tim appears to have some terrain I can use, so I need to get going so I can playtest this!

Monday, July 13, 2009

654. Schwere Panzerjager Abteilung

This is going to be my German Late War army for Flames of War. I might still build a generic Late War German Forces at a later date, but this list, found in Wargames Illustrated #261, is based around one of my favorite tanks, the Jagdpanther, with Stug assault guns in support. And I have gotten some of the vehicles I need already- 2 Jagdpanthers, 2 StuG G's and one Sd Kfz 7/1 (quad 20mm AA gun). This list is a small one and I can get all the variables without spending a fortune.

There is a book about the 654. Heavy tank Battlion (not cheap-$100.00) but lists all the forces, camo patterns, etc. used by this battlion, which fought the whole war. One nice thing about the 654th is they fought at Kursk and then were moved to France for R&R. So I could get the tanks needed to field the 654th at Kursk (lots of Elefants!) for Mid-War and use the other Normandy list for Late War. Double duty!
Had fun on Friday (July 10th) playing a FoW Mid-War lists at Aero. Due to who arrived with what it was Germans vs Germans + Italians. I ended up against Tim, which worked out OK, except I set-up some of my forces to cover both objectives on our side, and I was stretched too thin. I should have left the other objective to be protected by the other player on my side, but as he had little infantry, that is why I did it. Oh well........Game and learn!
Time to load the photos into Photobucket.
Also talked to Tim about re-starting the monthly games schedule. Howard had said something about it, and in a way his right. But this way we game play whatever we want (FoW, WAB, AWI, ect.) and Aero Hobbies would be a good central place to have many of the games, as we have more people than just us (Adam-Harold-Frank(s)-Art-Mark N, etc.) we could get to play. Have to talk to Harold and Mark S. in the next few days. This could get our gaming enthusiasm back up, as it has been on the wane of late.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Got Those FoW Late War Blues....

So what to some time I was going to build a generic Late War German Force for Flames of War. In the newest issue of Wargames Illustrated (#261) has a Late War German force -654. Schwere Panzerjager Abteilung (654th Heavy Tank-Hunter Battlion) in Normandy July 1944. Normally I would not use LW heavy tanks/assualt guns but this unit is built around one of my favorite vehicles of the war, the Jagdpanther (others are Hetzer and Jagdpanzer). It looks like fun, and not alot of vehicles as Jagdpanther Platoons are very expensive, points wise! Then you can get either Stug's or Marders for support, artillery and infantry. So I may get another copy of the magazine in order to cut the pages out of the article. JA!!

Here are some photos from my Workbench. Some female ganger types (Void figures) I got with a female GW Necromonda gang some time ago. the rest of the gang are still being worked on. Next are some of the Askari French Foreign Legion figures (Officer & two Legionnaire's) I am painting and the next 2 are Redneck Militia figures that are 50% done. MUST PAINT MORE!!
The French Foreign Legion are about 50% done and I have to order the mounted Old Glory Arabs and dead/wounded FFL & Arabs.
I also picked up the new Flames of War "Mid-War Monster" book/codex/whatever. Has a couple of things that will help my Italians out, if I can use them.
Looks like there is going to be a FoW game at Aero Hobbies on Friday so I need to bring my Italian's as it appears top be a Mid-War battle.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Demo Game for next Strategicon

I've gotten my French Foreign Legion (Askari) figures attached to a base, primed and some Dark Flesh (as a base) painted on. I need to check the painting guide to see how to set-up assembly line of painting in order to get them done ASAP.

I was going to use some post-apocalyptic figures for the Two Hour Wargames Demo I hoped to run. I have some Games Workshop Necromunda figures I had planned to use and had started painting them when the change of plans occurred, to instead as a demo game use the Askari FFL figures vs. Mounted Arabs (See beginning of the movie THE MUMMY). I still have to get some mounted arab types, but they will have to Old Glory as Askari doesn't make any horse mounted arabs yet.


Friday, May 15, 2009

Entry for May 15, 2009

What's Up?
Well, my Semovente 47/32 are done (photos taken)-Some trees and approx. 15mm haystacks are done (need to take photos). My Old Glory 25mm Egyptians are 80% done and I just got my flags (from the Flag Dude) in the mail today, so I can finish the standard bearers. Those flags are great! I am going to buy any flags I need in the future from him.
The gaming convention is next weekend, and all is going well. Bruce has everything ready, got my hotel room and I plan to bring my FoW Italians and some Colonials, maybe the 15mm's, as they would be easier to bring and take terrain as well. And Harold and I have played Patrols in the Sudan 1885 at least once.
I'm going to run a Colonial game next Con (Sept. 4th - 7th) The Sword and the Flame. Have to start planning now. Using a scenario from the scenario book I got for The Sword & the Flame makes it easy. Just need to see what figures the scenario needs vs what I have.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Entry for May 6th, 2009

Miniatures Up-date!
All my regular 15mm Peter Pig Egyptians are done, with the exception of the sergeants & Officers, who are nearly finished. The Old Glory 15mm Egyptian's are glued to sticks and primed. I'm going to finish the PP Egyptians 1st, the 25mm OG Egyptians and my FoW Semovente 47/32 (which are nearly finished). Then it's on to painting the OG 15mm Egyptians, basing the Ansar rifleman and something FoW (aircraft? Italian 88's? Captured 25 lbers? Not sure yet) Also need to find something that helps me paint camels.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Entry for April 19, 2009

Another quick post....

Played FoW at Aero Hobbies today...played with Late War Russians! I didn't run any tanks (real tanks with proper armor & gun & everything! ) but ran infantry and rolled for aircraft. We had WAY TOO many points on that table, as we ran out of time before some people had to leave to get past turn 3 but it was a BLAST! US + Germans vs. Russians-The General Patton fantasy scenario.

Have to set a date and get a The Sword and the Flame game done!
Photo is of my MG and Infantry team trying to deal with assaulting US tanks.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Entry for April 03, 2009

Quick update-
Bersaglieri Demolisher (Pioneer) Platoon are finished. Just need base labels.
Perry British - slow-mo on these, but still over 50% done.
15mm Egyptians-Peter Pig 60% done, Old Glory Egyptians primed & flesh added. Worst OG figures I have yet worked on.
25mm OG Egyptians - Primed & flesh added.
Need to start: BF Semovente 47/32's.
Work up a couple of FoW lists to try against Harold. Must remember advice from Tim & others. If we start using 1700/1750pt. lists, makes life easier. Off to Aero to watch & photograph the WAB game there tomorrow-Saturday.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Entry for March 13, 2009

All the Old Glory Ansar swordsman are finished! Taa Daa! The last 9 Perry British are almost finished. The test model I did using Buff on the straps that I used to paint white, then stain with "Flesh Wash". The "Flesh Wash" on the Buff looks better. So in the future that's how I will paint them. The 25mm OG Egyptians are all filed, attached to bases and primed (Grey). They are next, to take a break from painting Ansar. When they are finished then I'll do the OG Ansar spearmen.
My FoW Italian Demolisher platoon is almost finished. I need to give them a touch-up paint job on rifles, etc. give them a black/brown wash and a final touch-up (uniform, flesh, whatever). The it's on to basing them! AVANTI SAVOIA! Then, FoW wise, my L6/40's & Semovente 47's.
The 15mm Peter Pig Egyptian infantry are filed, mounted on sticks and primed. Next is double checking the 15mm OG Egyptians to see if I am going to use them. The bayonets on the figures and poorly cases and can bend/break off easily. But I have them (30 figures) and LOTS of them. I also need to file and attach to sticks the Command figures.
The Egyptian figures will be VERY easy, as the infantry uniforms are white, with a red fez and black belts & shoes. Officers & artillery crew are in a dark blue uniform, red fez, black belts & equipment. A nice break from white with patches...