Sunday, August 26, 2007

Entry for August 26, 2007

Things are getting finished. The 47mm ATG are finished, my artillery staff stand is almost finished, the 20mm AA gun crew got their uniform paint job and I continue to make more palm trees!

The Executive Decision on the Colonials is on hold till after the Con. Since the Japanese have priority I need to finish them first. I got enough Peter Pig figures to do the 3 stands of "tank hunters" I can have so that can be done as well, but as it's not on my main army list, it's a "after Con" project. The 20mm ATR's are on hold as I don't have enough figures and they are out of the ones I need at Brookhurst. However, that too is not on my main FoW Japanese Army List so it can wait. I do need to re-visit my Italians, to make their air support and DAK allies and the dreaded Italian 88's after the Japanese List is done.

Also got the new Osprey Japanese Tank book in the "Vanguard" series. Very informative on Japanese tanks and where & when used. However, as the war progress, the US just smothered them with 37mm, bazooka and 75mm gun fire from Sherman's and Half-tracks armed with field pieces. As their armor was minimal, you can guess how things went....


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Entry for August 21, 2007

I got my Old Glory Colonials today...PISS CORNS! They are a "Husky" 25mm (abit bigger) than the Ral Partha 25mm and quite unusable together. So a Executive Decision will have to made soon on whether I stick with the Ral Partha Figures (Better casting but not as "Husky" as Old Glory) or to go with the Old Glory, which are not as good a casting but match up better with more current figure lines. I matched the OG Brits vs the Askari Pathan and they matched up well together. I have to see if RP has enough figures in their lines to make it worth my while to use them. Cost wise, they are about the same right now (.85 vs .80/fig), with OG's on sale at The War Web.

My FoW JP 47mm ATG are 90% finished, the 20mm AA crew are on the way and most of the palm trees I have (ordered from a cake decorator shop "Babycakes" and received VERY QUICKLY) are 90% done as well, as are the larger Palm Trees for 28mm figs. On Sunday i went to Tim's and we got the game board we had talked about make well on it's way, with it's edges attached and the sand for texture glues on. Next set is painting it in earth tones and adding flocking.


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Entry for August 14, 2007

My other Colonials should be in a couple of days. I e-mailed The War Web and they said they are on the way. After comparing them to Ral Partha (I hope they are a reasonable match) I can fully plan out my 25mm Colonial Forces.

So for the time being, I plan to stick with WWII 15/25mm and Colonial in 15/25mm as well as my primary periods. That's it. Just paint those Romans to sell for Tim will be my only side project. I am packing and moving everything else out of the way for the time being.
As far as our project for the Con, we have 17 days till the Con, and during that time, 2 weekends. I don't give much for finishing it before the Con, but finish it on time or not, I still want to do it. Build the game board and the whole 9 yards. If we can't get it done for September, then we could do it for February. And we can still just play the bloody game for fun of it as well. Harold is getting better day by day and we can play with him as well.

So tomorrow it's back to the salt mines,to finish my 47mm ATG, and then the 20mm AA guns. Then the Artillery Command Staff stand & then I believe my Japanese as per the list I did are done.


Monday, August 6, 2007

Entry for August 06, 2007

Today the first of my 25mm Colonial sample arrived today. The Ral Partha British, Dervish and Pathans came from "Great Endeavors". Quick shipping!

On first glance, they look good and are "true" 25mm scale. I'll have to see how they hold up against Old Glory. Tomorrow I'll check they out more fully for a more detailed report. And I'll get my Japanese HMG's finished and more underway.