Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Entry for January 30, 2007

Well, the Cybermen from Doctor Who looks nice (see photo above)

Well, got two Command bases almost finished. The figures are done being painted, are on the stands with the stuff put on, need to tomorrow paint them and drybrush before adding grass. I'm now follow Tim's advice and getting my figures in team/squad order, rounded up my snipers and gotten the Japanese Suicide Anti-Tank squads rounded up as well. And I need to get the HMG's together too... SIGH.....then the AT guns...artillery..AA...

Good news on the Colonial front! The Fuzzy-Wuzzies are almost done and the other Madhists are coming along nicely. Then it's on to the British.

One nice thing is after all these 15mm figures, I have a lot of fun painting 25-28mm. I am working on a couple for sale and it's a treat. Making me re-think a lot about using smaller scales.
Mark is having a game of Ancients on Feb 11th (Sunday) at his place. I'll go and push stuff around, could be fun. Hope it happens.

TTFN...For Now....

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