Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Entry for January 10, 2007

So many Japanese (15mm) so little time! Now that the bulk of my Japanese have arrived I get to work on them! THRILL! RAPTURE! But first I need to do a couple of test figures to get the paint scheme right for the uniforms. And figure the color for the bases...make palm leaves from green stuff....

And of course, all the Mahdists and British for my colonial game (Patrol's in the Sudan-1885) in 15mm as well. I have 10 bases of Fuzzy-Wuzzies (Melee armed) and 8 bases of riflemen done so far. I think I'm 2 bases short in my spear/sword armed FW's. Now it's on to the Ansar, spear/sword and rifle armed. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I've one FW leader base 90% done.
Also have just about finished painting a set of 4 Bren gunners from those grossly over sized figures I got from Chiltern. Gaa....they are about 30mm! I have finished 4 riflemen and when I finish the Bren gunners I am going to put them and the riflemen up on e-bay and start on more of them. They are too big for my tastes but should (HA!) sell better if they are painted. I also have a Black Orcs Command set I will start on soon to finish and sell as well.

Tomorrow at Tim's I think I'll work on the Colonials and get more Japanese glued down on large Popsicle sticks to be primed/painted. In have like a dozen primed and the flesh applied so far.


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