Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Entry for January 31, 2007

Manic day today! Got lots done, got two command and one infantry stand almost finished. One the Infantry stand I added the paint to the Liqitex and then covered the stand, adding the figures in as I went. Worked well and I also tried my hand at adding tall grass/reeds to a bases. Once I get more figures finished on their painting sticks I can base them wholesale and then get to the other stuff!

Seems you need to first cut the grass material from the brush or whatever you are using and then tape the end over to keep it together, then drill a hole(s) of the size you want and then put a drop of glue in and holding the materiel put in the hole. Not what I did. I first time I drilled the hole, drop of glue and just pinching the grass ends together put them in the hole. It works, but on the thinner FoW bases the hole goes all the way through the base. So I covered the bottom with tape to keep the glue from going everywhere.

On the thicker bases I am using for the Colonial figures, you don't have to drill all the way through. You could on the FoW bases drill holes and feed the material through with the end taped together, glue the top and later cut the extra on the bottom flush with the base. Tim will get to see it tomorrow when I go over for a" paint & palaver" session.
Took pictures of stuff so have to add it to the album!


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