Sunday, January 28, 2007

Entry for January 18, 2007

Taa Daa! More Japanese are at least primed, base coated and then give a light coat of Middlestone and are thus on the way! Also. I have re-listed the Goblin units on e-bay and put the two x 4 man sets of Chiltern figures (British 8th Army Riflemen <4> & Bren Gunners <4>) I have painted so far up for sale. And I hope they go well! I will try to get more painted stuff up for sale soon, but the Dervishes and Japanese are 1st on the list.

I have started a test bed base for the Japanese and have try to make them look good, you know, leaves, rocks, etc. Pacific Island is very different from the desert bases I have done for my Italians.

Some depressing news yesterday came in a phone call..more later. Trying not to think about it, as the main event is some time in the future but still....

Wish it wasn't so damned cold...makes it very difficult to work in the garage and I get cold and paints/glues don't act right when it's 40* so I can work best only in the daylight going to Tim's tomorrow and working in his garage I guess I should dress up like Nanuk of the North! LOL!


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