Friday, April 20, 2007

Entry for April 20, 2007

Well, three more bases almost done. And like 15 more sticks of infantry primed, base coated and the uniform painted. Some of these Old Glory tho, have serious issues. I mean, mold lines, just a general bad casting, etc. Might finish out the last of the infantry with Peter Pig if I need to, and I'm going to check and see before I got toBrookhurst.

Also getting my paints squared away. I'll use GW for everything I don't need Vallejo for, ie. military uniform colors, etc. Everything else will be GW paints, it makes it all easier to store, etc. And as a lot of the paint schemes I use/follow are based on GW paints...

Having fun painting my Blacktree "Fellowship" LOTR figures as a break from Japanese. They are getting done quickly and the fun of painting them helps me cope with what seems endless infantry figures.But that phase is coming to a close so I need to get the rest underway. Artillery first I believe, then Hv Mortars and the HMG's. After that, whatever's left. I think I'll get some tanks as well, just for fun in the near future.

After the Japanese are finished? What projects await!?! Necrom Monolith, Necron C'tan Nightbringer, wreaked shuttle....


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