Thursday, March 22, 2007

Entry for March 22, 2007

Well, the Lt. Mortars for #1 Platoon are finished, and I think #4 Platoon is finished except for the Lt. Mortars, which I will get done ASAP. This makes #1 Platoon the first utterly finished Platoon I have!!! That leave most of #2 Platoon and all of #3. Or course that's all infantry and the heavy weapons are next, but they are fewer in number and sound be finished much quicker (HA!)

I have been thinking about rules for LotOW WII weapons all day and trying NOT TO BE distracted from my Son's of Nippon and my Colonials. Got one more stand of Dervishes done. I need to see what I have vs. what I need. Time to write up another list, and check it twice!Maybe go to Timmy's tomorrow, we will see. If not, back to the painting grindstone.

The garage has come alone quite nicely, I might add. Got it more squared away and freed up some space. Need to replace that plastic storage stand with one of the metal ones, which are far stronger. Also need to figure out figure storage again, as the plastic roll-away's hold a fair amount, but if I put them in the foam trays and then into the roll-aways, I can hold more per drawer it appears. Also need homes for the small plastic storage cases I already have, or condense them down into one or two big cases.


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