Friday, March 16, 2007

Entry for March 16, 2007

Thursday saw another 6 stands finished, I should see what I have vs. what I need to finish the frakkin' infantry. The I start on the heavy mortars, etc. but that's a lot less to do. I need to Then finish my AB41's, the rest of my M13/41's and the German tanks I got from Tim (or at least see what I need to make a more uniform group of tanks).

Of course my Colonials need finishing and I hope when I can give them more attention, I care more. Right now I don't care about them as much ad the Japanese FoW army is monopolizing my time.

I went to see Mr. Harold on Wednesday, still not leaving the hospital it seems anytime soon. SIGH....But he did a very nice thing. He got me a starter set for the Axis and Allies game. Rules are a quick read and don't hurt the brain. He got it for me so he and I could play it when he gets (if ever it seems) out of the hospital and back home. The miniatures are easy to get but as they are that strange random way they do pre-paint figures in a box, and of course like the collectible card games are Common, Uncommon, Rare and Ultra-Rare or some such rot. However, being 15mm, if you can get the stats for the cards, you can get a 15mm figure/vehicle to stand in easy enough. The are a good match with Peter Pig 15mm (I checked) and it's easy to get them and one infantry figure to a stand, a Peter Pig bag becomes 8 stands of infantry. Just stand them on a small (1/2") washer. Tim wants me to get a starter set for him tomorrow when I got to Brookhurst. He'll like it and he can play it with his son quickly and easily.

Time for bed (2am) and I need to pack for my trip to Tim's for another Paint & Prattle session. Then it's off to Brookhurst and then a quick (!?!) trip up the 405 to the valley..


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